grown-ish Season 2, Episode 17 | Black Culture is Pop Culture | Freeform

Yo. What’s poppin’, my people? This is your boy, V-Didge. And we out here in these Cal U streets. [Aaron] Mm-hmm. Oh God, what is that? [Aaron] Who taught him that? [Doug] Told you. Oh, see? Look, look. Right there, Vivek just built the best defense for himself. Black people don’t let dogs kiss them on the mouth. That’s just not a thing that we— Aight. Cool. But none of the rest of that seems suss to you? Come on. I mean, sure. Yeah, Vivek as a human makes me feel very suss, conflicted, confused about a lot of things. But as a black person? No. And besides, he’s a minority, dude. He can’t steal from us. It still doesn’t give him an all-access pass, ’cause he’s not white. But it does give him a limited-access pass because, as a minority, we know what it’s like to have to assimilate. We don’t trust cops, we know the difference between a well-seasoned piece of meat and that bland-ass bullsh*t white people cook for Thanksgiving. What the hell is a tur-duck-en? Okay, I’m sorry. But bro, if you’re not black, right? It doesn’t matter how similar our taste buds or our hardships are — you stay in your lane, I stay in mine. It’s simple. But how can you tell which lane is which when everyone’s trying to be us? Black culture is pop culture. It’s not Vivek’s fault that the lines are so blurred. You know? [Cheering] What is that? It turned up a bit. What’s happening? Wave Cap Wednesday. These n***as about to be seasick. You hear me? Uh, I don’t know about that one. Come on, light skin. Come on. Come on. Don’t let me down. Don’t let daddy down. He won. He won that one. Hold on! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Whoa. Whoa. [Rafael] Hold up. What? [Rafael] Here we go. Here we go. The lines aren’t so blurry now, are they?

100 thoughts on “grown-ish Season 2, Episode 17 | Black Culture is Pop Culture | Freeform

  1. Doug is so extra. If he’s not doing anything that is legit offensive I wouldn’t say shit

  2. I understand y’all doing a remake of Wave Cap Wednesday. Ok cool. But did y’all forget there were black women in those original Wave Cap videos as well?

  3. I found out that the guy who plays Vivek is actually Filipino. And then the show time and time again portrays its only Asian character as a joke who can't get a girl. A show that prides itself on its "wokeness" and social commentary should do better.

  4. Please don't come at me but I feel like the real problem is that they're saying if Vik listen's to rap, wears gucci, and gets waves then he's appropriating. It's like saying black people can dress, wear their hair a certain way, and listen to certain type of music. If anyone else does it then doing it not because they like because they're a wanna be. This even effects black people. Because although my parents are immagrents from central Africa, I was raised in the getto(not saying it's black thing, it's just defined as being a minority thing), and I am a dark skinned girl. Kids at school always tell me that I act and talk like I'm white. Because I don't do the stereotypical "black things" that Vik is doing that makes me less of a black person.

  5. Doug was being extra in my opinion. Honestly though, this show should do better. The actor who plays Vivek is NOT South asian at all. They should cast someone who is Indian to play an Indian guy. Or, they should have had the actor playing Vivek represent his own race.

  6. They finally give vivek an episode and this is what they focus on 🤔

  7. That is not funny, this man is trying to assimilate waves, when his natural hair fits in with the mainstream standard of beauty, mean while we as black people had to get perms, durrags, and other hair altering products just to fit into that standard of beauty and now because its a fad you want to be included in that struggle, our hair is not pop culture it is our history

  8. Love Vivek. I didn't have his problem since I hung out with black and other nerds. None of us were cool. We were anti cool.😜

  9. No cap Doug was being a whole bitch this episode then wen he stopped to Vivek talking bout he gonna check him that just crushed him all he was tryna do was have fun and actually fit in like everyone else so the fact that doug pointed him out for no reason was a dub bro u was wrong for that one

  10. Can anyone tell me what song they (Vivek on the dance floor) was rapping too? Googled the lyrics & I still can't find it.

  11. Y’all got me fucked up with these wave cap Wednesdays😂😂😂

  12. That’s how I feel when I say that as a mixed race girl I feel blacker than white, nobody can accept that. Seems like I can never be black enough nor can I ever be white enough, I’m in the limbo lol

  13. I like that they brought this on the show cuz wave checks are fun to watch but also cuz it is something ppl talk about from time to time

  14. I honestly don't get the big situation about the waves. I'm black and I grew up around all minorities. There were some Latinos that also cared about waves too. There is nothing wrong with a guy who takes care of his hair, no matter the race.

  15. Everybody saying Doug is “overreacting” when he’s definitely just speaking the truth. Vivek will appropriate anyone’s culture to fit in.

  16. Pls does anyone know the song Vivek was rapping to ? Pls help

  17. The wave check killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Did anybody else see waves on vivek's head cause?…..

    Yeah I didn't 😂

  19. Uhhhh vivecs an immigrant hes gona assimilate to the culture and when the culture around him is black …… ?

  20. What the heck is going on here?🤨😂what is he showing when he pulled of that wrap he's got European hair their was not waves to show

  21. They actually are doing this over waves that is the exact same thing that happens in my school

  22. This just shows u how weird males are🤔lol😂😂😂😂😂

  23. From my own experience growing up latinos pretty much are the ones that get the pass, if you're asian or middle eastern it's more of a gray area lol

  24. Forget Vavek what happend when the car pulled up in the last episode

  25. Ok the wave thing kinda got me but I'm not seeing what doug deal is like you complaining but what do you even know bout vivek? All the time he have yall back yet you trying be at him like this?

  26. WuTang Clan and Nicky Minaj appropriated Asian culture. Rappers of the 90s simulated Italian mafia stereotypes. Lil Nas X is appropriating country music culture. SLIPPERY SLOPE my brothas

  27. What Doug, Jazz, and the rest them excluding Aaron and Ana (ironic that it was those two) dont know is that by saying that Vivek was appropriating black culture, they actually stereotyped black people and put us in a box where there are " certain requirements to be black" or "black people act a certain way". That's why the term "Oreo" ( I have been called this during my middle school years) even exists because it shames people for not acting "black enough". To me, being black is just rocking the melanin that you were given in any way, shape or form. It doesn't matter what you wear or what music you listen to cause every one is an individual and have individual taste. This applies to all races

  28. finally somebody brings wave checks on national tv. lmaooo!! 👏🏾😂

  29. I’m offended that they’re tryna say what vicec’s doing in his Instagram story is black culture.

  30. This was the funniest episode of Grownish so far. I loved how it wasn’t centered on Zoey and gave the other characters an opportunity to shine.

  31. I kinda see what Doug is saying, but like Aaron said, it's not Vivek's fault that the lines are blurred.

  32. As a South Louisianian, born and bred, I will not tolerate any disrespect shown toward Turducken 😁………… especially calling it "bland"!

    BTW – Speaking of well-seasoned pieces of meat. Black people…….. medium-rare, never well done!

  33. DC needs to be a permanent cast member😂😂 he said one word and I started laughing

  34. tbh idc about cultural appropriation i just don’t get offended and i don’t see what’s wrong with vivek’s actions

  35. I'm sorry Doug being to sensitive he is making Drake look like Denzel from training day. Also Doug is ONLY in the group because he is dating one of the twins.He would have a argument if Vivek was throwing around the N word and black face. But to be honest he is just showing love to the only people that embraced him and accepted him.

  36. I feel like a big thing this show is ignoring is that all the other black people in the dorm have accepted Vivek. Throughout the entire episode they were dancing with him, hyping him up, even calling him the N-word. That entire crowd has accepted him as part of their community and why shouldn't they? That dorm is basically Vivek's home, his friends are all black, of course he is going to pick up on their culture.

  37. This is stupid. Doug should have talked to Vivek first , not everyone in the entire group than Vivek.

  38. Wayment his waves was not all that. The other guys was fresher.. can't we have anything.. lmao

  39. One you can't blame him it's obvious they're gasing him up two is that Wave cap hype a thing? It's not in my college I mean people have caps but we don't stand around like a cypher.

  40. What's gotten into Doug? Wasn't it just last year that Jazz and Sky had to check him on his addiction to snow bunnies, now he's turned into Stokely Carmichael all of a sudden? Who appointed him gatekeeper of the culture?

  41. This was honestly the dumbest episode I've seen. They could've done a much better job at approaching this subject but they decided to go the lazy route.

  42. This scene is hilarious! It's so relatable to those that understand it. Lol

  43. Quick question… since all the things vivek did that are commercially broadcast-ed are him culturally appropriating…. does that mean that all profit generated by other groups other then black will not accepted because if they get a wave then a fade its culturally appropriating, listening and appropriately dancing to rap /mumble (whichever floats your boat) then listening to folk music is culturally appropriating…. but anyway less of a question, more of a statement…. with how society is currently so against being labeled and being told how to behave do we ourselves Know what culturally appropriating means… and i have to say the biggest racists the biggest culturally appropriates the biggest problem are people that create distinct lines around themselves and others… if you cant see the difference between doug and vivek well accept that vivek is like the sweetest honest kid around and doug is plainer then a piece of dry toast then i feel like you on the right track… Grown-ish don't over-sale us on the "we woke" mantra its not whats being perceived anymore.

  44. I feel like yea Vivek has always done alot of stuff similar to black people but this episode i feel like they forced it and made it worse than usual? Doug was really tripping this episode especially because he just got in the friend group.

  45. I still think it's weird that Vivek is a former successful drug dealer, who can't get girls. Doesn't make sense. #Drake

  46. Why is Doug complaining is it that big of a deal can someone explain?

  47. Vivek’s waves tho’ 😂🤣😂
    DC’s reaction when Vivek took his wave cap off!! 😂😂😂

    Leave Vivek alone!

  48. Best episode ever!!!!!! My favorite part beside the theme of the entire show, " he thought today was Wednesday…" with the 30 seconds of funk beat… they killed it… I love this show!!!!!

  49. My man if one black man is angry while a whole group of black men around him isn’t then your the problem not him

  50. Vivek meant no harm though that’s the thing like I get what Doug was saying but all they had to do was just talk to him and bring it to his attention instead of assuming he was stealing. I mean the majority of the group is black people except Ana & Nomi. Your friends influence how you act like who you hang with. But this topic of this episode was important because there are people stealing other people ethnicities but not giving them credit and for black people especially it happens a lot but wearing waves and dressing like us I wouldn’t call that appropriating everyone gets waves these days lols its a Hairstyle 😂🤷🏾‍♀️. But I do appreciate the topic. Cause a lot of people wanna claim and act black but if they were put in a situation like police and shit they’re soo quick to switch back.

  51. I don.t really care for diggy character in this show they don.t know what his racie is for all they know he could be just mixed with a black father and a white mother
    Even if he not that he indain witch is black so really he is black I think he jelouse of him because vivek is a underdog but he still liked and give no fucks

  52. People are too sensitive now a days this dude is just having a good time around the people he enjoys no harm in that. Honestly if he was white I would not be offended either. He’s not being disrespectful, degrading, or stealing black culture he’s embracing it.

  53. I disagree with the culture thing. I mean the boy goes to a black school and has all black friends. He's gonna enjoy the culture. I don't see black culture as this "let me hold it all for myself" thing. That's not the problem. And yeah I know how white people are with their stealing selves but we ain't got no time to micro manage that. STOP KILLING US. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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