grown-ish Season 2, Episode 17 | Cultural Appropriation 101 | Freeform

I’m sorry. I just don’t even see the big deal. Why can’t people just dress the way that they wanna dress or talk the way they wanna talk or do their hair the way they wanna do it? I mean, I don’t care that Doug is always dressed like my 50-year-old Cuban uncle, Pepe. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Okay, there is nothing flattering about picking and choosing elements of my life that you want to take. My body. My music. My hairstyles. All of a sudden, all of these white girls are rocking cornrows and wanna call ’em “boxer braids,” and everyone’s acting like they’re making a brand new trend or something. Then we’re the ones who get penalized for it. Yeah. Okay, okay. But isn’t black culture so much bigger than cornrows and unlaced sneakers? I mean, it feels like you guys are minimizing the entire culture by focusing on something so trivial. But it’s not trivial to us. At all. Because it’s all we got. This is a culture that we’ve been forced to create because the first one was robbed from us and now it feels like we’re at risk of losing it again.

34 thoughts on “grown-ish Season 2, Episode 17 | Cultural Appropriation 101 | Freeform

  1. I think that they made points, even about Vivek. Just because he doesn't have malicious intent don't mean it's not a little sus. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Its culture vulture cause its demonized until other races say it's cool and ok.
    It's only cool and ok when they want to steal it and use it

  3. This was my Favorite Episode of Grownish. Finally, a show that acknowledges how white people still profiling and stereotype us. And yet steals elements of our culture and make it seem that they created it.
    P.S. I know Vivek is not white

  4. Speaking as a black person Kim K does irritate me and I feel like her and her sisters need to tone it down sometimes I love Iggy Bella is beautiful and that third chick 😒 the hell did she come from seriously😑

  5. This show is so full of itself, but what do you expect from somebody like Kenya Barris? The man only sees color and nothing else.

  6. And white girls darken their skin to look like latinas? They do traditional Mexican braids, they play Latinx music, they wear catholic gold necklaces because they’re “trendy” now. Honestly I get it, the show wants to focus on African American culture, but don’t make Anna out to be this ignorant Latina who doesn’t realize the way cultural appropriation affects HER OWN CULTURE. I’m honestly tired of this superficial Latinx culture she portrays and then says absolutely nothing about the issues her own ethnicity & race face. WE HAVE ISSUES TOO, TALK ABOUT THEM MORE.

  7. Hmm, as a black girl. I am so amazed at this conversation. They had some valid points. But how does a culture grow? First we have to appreciate our culture.

  8. I get what they are saying, however, it it cultural appropriation when black girls dye their hair blonde or wear blonde wigs and weaves? or red ones? or wear grey or blue contacts? if you're gonna call. something out, call it all out. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I dont see.why they haven't dragged ana yet like drag her and wake her up

  10. Black women we wear blonde weave in our hair to emulate white women ,

    and we also bleach our skin to look like Caucasian women.

  11. Poor people in the US, some worry for the most idiotic and unnecesary stuff, hope this chapter be an exaggeration, i dont think black people be so whiny as they portrait them here

  12. TBH nothing about culture matters to me
    When will any of this matter 100 years from now when the human race is close to extinction
    It won't the only thing we need to focus of is keeping our plant alive
    Us black people talk about how we are treated so unfairly but you say things like this
    It doesn't make sense to me
    I don't understand it
    This is coming from a black female also

  13. As a black woman I don’t respect the Latin girl or the brown girl. She clearly does not know what it like to have something you’ve created and then been taken away and renamed it to fit your people and benefit off of it. If you don’t know about black culture or care to learn about it then stay away from us. Because without blacks everything would be in pure restrictions. We give you non colored people life. So thank us.

  14. This is why we should all separate so we couldn't know about each other's cultures and steal it, if y'all have friends from different races, it wouldn't be a bad idea to open your mouth and ask "Does my outfit insult you?"! No more dreadlocks for y'all white dudes and no more of our kimono, Ao Dai, etc. for Nicki Minaj's video. Nicki my love, I'm not gonna lie that you do inspired the Queen inside of me so much and how much your music amazed me, but girl, 👏DROP👏 THE 👏 KIMONO 👏 and this is for you too Ri Ri babe, that was NOT how Chinese princesses dressed! Sounded good? Or does my Asian heritage deserves to be violated?

  15. Assimilation and Appropriation are two separate things.
    Black people assimilate to western culture to survive in a society where white features are the standard for jobs, entertainment, relationships etc. Not to mention the hundreds of years of conditioning black folk to hate their natural features.
    Appropriation on the other hand is the taking of aspects of another culture and claiming it one's own when it isn't.

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