grown-ish Season 2, Episode 17 | Is Vivek Celebrating or Appropriating? | Freeform

Ay, ay, ay. Peep your boy. Look, he knows all the words. ♫ I know you want to ride with me shorty. Road to success and I’m swerving lanes like I’m Tory … ♫ And since when has memorizing rap lyrics been a crime? I didn’t say that it was. But I guarantee you, when that N-bomb drops, he’s not gonna stop rapping. Look. ♫ … no average pension. So, I’ma make you get the point, but I ain’t no statistician. ♫ What are you idiots doing? Waiting on Vivek to drop the N-bomb. Because he’s a cultural approrpiator. Alleged cultural appropriator. Thank you. Doug has been trying to convince us all day. Fun. I feel like we missed a lot. Here it comes, here it comes. ♫ … roll with the winner. Can’t hate me if she choose— young n***a — can’t lose. ♫ Dammit, Rafael! Every time. Wait, I don’t get it. Why do you guys think Vivek is appropriating? Think about it. From the Gucci he rocks, to the music he listens to. Right! All the drugs that he deals. Huh? Uh, which have absolutely nothing to do with black culture at all. Right. Right. But neither is rocking Gucci. We didn’t create that. If anything, the guy’s guilty of flexing too hard, not robbing us of our culture. If you ask me, I say he’s just celebrating, not appropriating. Okay, but none of y’all find it weird that, out of all the things he celebrates, it’s our sh*t? Maybe those are just his preferences. Oh, Sky. No. We have to stay woke. I mean, knowing the deep history of fetishization of black culture and especially black women — as an ally of the struggle, I find it deeply problematic to excuse Vivek’s behavior. Do you want to take this? No, no. I’ma sit shot-gun on this one. Okay, Nomi. So, as an ally of the struggle, would you consider your own behavior problematic? Because I would. Some would say you’re very similar to Vivek. I mean, you hang out with the mostly black crew, you’re rocking bamboo earrings— And apparently, now you give lectures to black people on how to stay woke. Oh my God. I’ve failed as an ally of the diaspora.

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