Grown-ish Season 2B “Zoey Finds Out About Ana & Aaron” Promo (HD)

Ana and I, we’ve been kicking it. Kicking it, like, how? Naked. The number one rule of Girl Code is … don’t date anyone your homegirl has been in a relationship with. All due respect, Aaron technically is not your ex. Never trust anyone who starts with, “All due respect.” That’s right behind, “I have tons of black friends, but …”

73 thoughts on “Grown-ish Season 2B “Zoey Finds Out About Ana & Aaron” Promo (HD)

  1. Well I'm all about black love and I definitely don't won't Ana& Aaron to workout sorry but not sorry Zoey &Aaron would be a power couple I'm praying the writers make this happen in the future.

  2. She should have chosen Aaron in the first place. I don’t like her and Luca together .

  3. Yeah I get it… the "girl code"…but y'all weren't in a relationship and Aaron didn't even smash…if this was Cash…ok… girl code was broken but this nigha, Aaron, was friendzoned…..soooooooo

    The only wrong I see was that she heard it from Aaron as opposed to Ana… and I'm dying of the clips showing her in bed alone like she dont got a whhhhhooollleeeeee dude….Zoey = mediocrity

  4. I’m with Zoey on this one she lost her v card to him & obviously ana knew she was doing wrong otherwise they wouldn’t be hiding it.

  5. Why does there need to be a title for Zoey to have justification to be mad? Zoey and Aaron liked each other a lot! AND she confided with Ana about her feelings for him on multiple occasions. Ana is a snake to me. Friends should not deal with people you talked to, slept with, or dated. Period 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Omg zoey is acting like the twins pety as hell for no fucking reason i really don't like these characters zoey needs to transfer and make new friends

  7. Girl Code is stupid, coming from a girl herself. I said what I said. Just because they didn't work out with you doesn't mean they can't work out with someone else

  8. Na she wrong ! At the end of the day she strolled talked about him to here and she still fucked with him no

  9. The reality is they were never together. They never hooked up, it was never more than a crush while also keeping in mind she was feeling Luca & cash at the time so what let’s say she didn’t choose Luca or Arron (excluding cash cause they actually dated) she now has claim over them & the right to be mad if Ana or one of the twins decide to date Arron or Luca because she had a crush? People like to twist things like the guy code or the girl code to fit their needs at the time when the rules are generally very clear from the beginning.

  10. Zoe needs to fuckin chill. From what I remember Aaron was holding out for her and she chose the budget Jaden Smith look alike so she needs to have several seats.

  11. Ana is wrong and for y'all to say zoe is overreacting is why you probably don't have female friends ana lied and was sneaking behind zoeys back to mess with Aaron zoey and aaron had a thing without a lable he's off limits regardless yes she chose Luca in the end but her friend lied to her she's hurt by her friend cause she lied instead of being upfront

  12. Why aren’t there any Darkskin lead characters in this show????

  13. So we. It going to talk about Aaron’s face when he was sleeping in the bed with her. He better be happy or is this o ….nah I ain’t gon spoil it for y’all . I mean not unless y’all want me to. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Anna is in the wrong. Yes they didn’t date but she still knew how much Zoey liked him so she should of just found someone else. If my best friend did this, I would be mad also.

  15. Okay people in the last few episodes of season two Ana was trying to tell Zoey what was going on between her and Aaron but Zoey always got distracted and running off somewhere else. Know your damn facts because it's really Zoey's fault that Ana didn't get to say anything to her face to face

  16. It’s college and they were never official it happens everyday… but you should know how your friend would handle the situation and be upfront to avoid drama…

  17. Zoey have been obsessing over Aaron since Blackish to Grownish . Stayed up nights to Ana talking about him and was even dragged around like a bootu call by him . Who the heck does that to a friend ?! That's purely disgusting and messed up .

  18. Zoey has not reason to be upset. They were never in a relationship to begin with. She didn't care about him. She already as a Boyfriend! And Ana has been a great friend to her. Don't be a hater, they are happy!!!

  19. Good for Ana. Aaron is fine 😍 I’m here for this. I hope they become a couple

  20. This hurt me how y’all going to do zoey like that … drop them both like a bad habit

  21. Wait wait so let me get this straight you talk to somebody tell all yo favs about them nothing ever happens and you move on right
    Your best friend gets to know this person and they both catch feelings and act upon them
    Your bestie is just supposed to give up their happiness just because you got the person first
    I could not be friends with you if you put a boy/man in between and don’t care about my happiness

  22. Ana is wrong plain and simple but I liked them better as a couple but I feel like the writers gonna forced them together so they won't last

  23. But ana really crossing friends code isn’t she? Joey maybe acts dramatic, but here she’s right. If she had told her feelings before she did any actions. It wouldn’t be such a big deal. But? How can you fool around with your bff biggest crush?

  24. Zoeys character has already chosen 2 guys over him cash and Luca his whole enemy . She can allow herself to complete the ultimate disrespect to Aaron but can’t even handle what she dishing out

  25. Hey remember that time Zoey and Ana went to a party and Ana got pissed drunk and threw up on herself and instead of being a good friend and staying with her and helping her out Zoey left her at the party aah those were good times now you remember that Zoey cause compared to that this "betrayal" is nothing.

  26. Didnt she do the same thing on The secret life of the American teenager

  27. Any female who literally thinks that what Anna did was right I would not want to be your friend…I confessed my feelings to you about this guy showed you even the messages he sent me and you went and did that you a straight up h*e for that Anna and you even encouraged me to choose him when I could not decide….Then Aaron he should not have messed with her friend either but then again him and Zoey ain't as tight as Anna the h*e who actually shares an apartment with her but looking at Aaron's face in the promo the one thing I can say about this relationship is that IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS #zoeycutthatbitchloose

  28. Y’all keep in mind, Ana told her to pick Aaron when zoey had to pick between Luca, Aaron and Cash. And she picked Luca😤🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️don’t understand why she’s pisses but👌🏿

  29. Yea zoey dated or did whatever with Aaron first but in the end she chose luca… she should feel a type a way but I personally love ana and aarons whole vibe more they seem to fit better

  30. I get it would be little weird for Zoey, but remember that Zoey chose Luca over him and that fact that she and Aaron was never in a relationship. Zoey had her chance. So Aaron and Ana are free to date anyone that want to. This shouldn't matter since Zoey is already in a relationship with someone else.

  31. Damn girl code every female has broken girl code if u are a side chick you breaking girl code if u entertaining your friend ex and still friends with them u broke girl code…. If you are jealous of your friend you broke girl code if you talk about your friend to another friend or a friend you know your friend doesn't care for you broke girls code. So like I said before damn girls code

  32. Am a chick and I never get this rule we broke up if I have moved on and my friend is interested have a go at it could work in the end I want my friends happy

  33. Zoey about to lose Luca too if she keep crying over Aaron like she owns him. Aaron probably thinks Zoey is a psychopath since she's the one who chose not to be with him. Ana probably realizes that having girlfriends is a pain in the ass cause they'll switch on you even for dick they ain't had.

  34. If Ana didn't think she was wrong, she wouldn't have been hiding it

  35. Is it just me does anyone think Francia Raisa (Ana) too old to be playing a teen?

  36. yall arent taking luca into account he saw Ana and Aaron and didn't say anything to Zoey why? because they have each other so if she goes to him trippin over another guy what does that even look like?

  37. The reason Ana was afraid to tell Zoey is because of how shes overreacting rn BUT Ana should've been the one to tell her not Aaron

  38. Honestly lowkey, I’m glad you’re doing the storyline because do you know how common this actually happen!!!! you try to be mature about it ,or you just don’t know how to feel how to approach it, people tell you one thing, you feel a different way; it just happens and you don’t know what to do; i’m honestly interested to see how this will play out even though we all got our own opinions how that should be handled LOL

  39. I wouldn’t be upset that they were together. I’d be more upset that they felt the need to hide. It’s totally okay for her to date Aaron but just be straight up with it.
    If I was feeling somebody or dating them and we broke up and my friend started dating them I would be cool with it. Shoot they need to find happiness too. Just be straight with me. Don’t lie to spare m feelings.

  40. I’m sorry but zoey is selfish she couldn’t figure out what dude she wanted and kept playing back and forth soooo

  41. Zoey and Aaron were never really in a relationship. It was never official. Yes, they had mutual feelings but Zoey ended up picking Luca. They didn't cheat on each other.

  42. I experienced this exact situation. I had a friend we wasn’t as close since I switched schools. Anyway she wanted to ask me if she could talk to the guy or what not. Me and the guy haven’t been in a relationship. I told her yes lol idc, I don’t like him or have a crush on him anymore. We kissed about one time and that was that. I didn’t care who he dealt with. Lol it was a situationship so I feel like zoey is really upset because she must still like him now Ana should’ve told her sooner

  43. So ana is basically the villain of this season….soon enough her and Zoey are gonna fight because zoey and Aaron are gonna kiss and ana is gonna walk in on them then yh…the rest is history

  44. I’m not on either side first Zoey and Aron didn’t date and she chose Luca even when he “met her parents” wasn’t to convince to let her go to the same college but Anas also wrong cuz y’all in a friend group u knew zoey had mad feelings for him plus what if y’all don’t even work out and u did all this for what

  45. * THIS IS JUST MY OPINION * Zoey is not wrong for feeling the way she does maybe a little because she is now in a relationship with Luca but Anna is zoey’s best friend she knew the drama she went through with Aaron she knew how strongly zoey liked him she stood up nights crying and talking to Anna about him she saw for the most part what zoey went through that right there makes aaron off limits to Anna unless zoey says it’s okay because zoey is gonna have feelings about this regardless if she’s in a relationship with Luca because Aaron was a boy zoey crushed on hard for a longgg time even kissed and stuff but gave up because he started to feel the same for zoey or admit his feelings to late so by the time she made her decision she wanted something new and got with Luca Anna knew how hard that decision was for zoey so aaron was off limits period in my opinion and the fact that Anna hid the whole thing from zoey she knew it was wrong in the first place but kept going anyways I mean you can’t help who you like or what ever but at least be honest and make sure it’s okay first now if Anna would have talked to zoey about it before it got serious and zoey still got mad then zoey is wrong and obviously doesn’t know what she wants

  46. I’m sorry but not sorry for Zoey. She shouldn’t be mad at Ana for dating Aaron since she chose Luca. And tbh she’s being a total B-R-A-T bout it cuz her being mad is so much more than just your friend dating whom. She’s more upset that her daddy cut her off cuz of the choices again SHE MADE!!!!!
    I know the title of the show is grown-ish & young adults can make mistakes along the way but part of growing up is OWNING 2 ur mistakes & Zoey better own up to hers sooner rather than later cuz I’ve already seen enough crybabies IRL & I don’t need anymore on tv.😤

  47. If you're dating someone else, you shouldn't care that your. Ex- crush is with someone else.

  48. Zoey wanna be a hoe so badd…..she NEVER knows what she wants! aaron isnt even her EX

  49. Okay just now watching the episode and…. Why is Zoey mad? If your in love with Luca then go be with him.. And if you mad that Anna and Aron together then Zoey still got feelings for him. Get over it y'all wasent really a Relationship so I don't see why u won't be happy for them. Also Anna tried to tell Zoey she was always so busy.. Don't bash me just sayen how I feel.

  50. Tbh zoey is dead wrong in this scenario. Her two main arguments are; we had a thing, and why did she keep it from me fro so long? 1: ZOEY NEVER HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH AARON!! And even if she did it shouldn’t matter because she’s with luca it’s no longer her business and she’s basically spitting in lucas face by making it a big deal. 2: she tried telling you for so long but you were always fucking your life up so much and being so dependent on your friends to fix your problems you wouldn’t take the time to listen to what she had to say. No matter what side you take zoey was in the wrong and she’s being extremely toxic to everyone

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