grown-ish Season 3 | Official Trailer | Freeform

Okay, pause. Did she just interrupt our strut? No. She would not do that. Junior year, bitches. Your girl’s officially an upperclasswoman. I cannot believe that you did all of this for me. Well, it was actually to pay tribute to the long-standing history of black students getting shut out of white universities. But, yeah. It was also for you. And we’ve got College’s Grim Reaper is knocking at your door, demanding your red Solo cup. I wasn’t ever trying to be your friend. I was in love with you. I was in love with you, too. How are all these guys so into you? I do not— I’m baffled. No. Like five months pregnant big. Oh my God. Is Zo-Zo with child? Please don’t tell me my baby is pregnant. That’s terrifying. It could be any one of us. We’re having a house baby!

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