Guide sellers with the Studio from Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

The world of sales is transforming. Buyers
are more informed and engage with sellers later in the sales process. They demand more
personalization, product knowledge, and proactive outreach from sellers. To be successful, Sellers
need to influence the buying process with a deeper understanding of their customers
and the right action at the right time. Sales organizations can support their sellers
with the Studio from Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. With Studio, sales managers and operations
teams create suggested actions based on best practices, sales process alignment and available
data insights. Then, the suggestions are exposed to the sellers at just the right time during
the sales process. Sellers need to follow up with many leads,
opportunities and tasks. Sometimes they forget to close records and these inconsistencies
can cause the seller’s pipeline and the manager’s forecast to become inaccurate. With Sales Insights, sellers get suggested actions in their dashboards. For example,
they see upcoming opportunities that have a low score, but are supposed to close in
the next week. Following up on this suggested action, the
seller ensures the pipeline stays accurate. The sales organization uses the Studio to
create those suggested actions. They started with an out of the box template and further customized it using Microsoft Flow. In this example, the sales organization sets up a
suggested action for an opportunity that is due today and has a high opportunity score.
Organizations create a lot of good sales related content, but it’s hard for the sellers to
find what they need, when they need it. When a seller starts an opportunity, the first
action is to create a pitch deck. The suggested action helps the seller to find the deck directly
in context of the opportunity. The sales organization leveraged the studio
to generate the suggested action. The studio also makes it easy to keep their sellers up
to date. For example, if the recommended pitch deck changes, organizations can easily edit
the logic and change the suggested pitch deck. They can choose from many services to pull
the deck from. In this example we are changing the file location within SharePoint, but you
can connect to other services as well. Organizations gather a lot of customer data,
such as, what they buy, what they use, and what they are interested in. Finding and using
this data can overwhelm the seller, so focusing on the right thing at the right time can be
difficult. When sellers prepare for a customer interaction,
suggested actions show them relevant information, like, product features and upcoming meetings, in a prioritized order. To support the seller, the sales organization created an AI model, which store the output into the suggested actions. To make
sure that suggestion is the first one the seller sees, the organization marked it as
high priority. Additionally, they create rules to optimize
the feed shown to sellers. For example, they rank suggested actions higher on their biggest,
most-valued customers. Using suggested actions created by the Studio
in Sales Insights, organizations can help sellers save time, focus on the right next
step, and use company’s best practices. Try Dynamics 365 for Sales Insights today
and create your first suggested actions with the Studio.

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