Hey guys!
This is Karina.>>It’s Ronald and we are from! SIS vs BRO! And today, we are doing a challenge
called Real Food vs Gummy Food. We’re going to have two dishes. One of them is going to be gummy food
and the other is going to be real food.>>And we’re going to take turns
if we want to keep it or switch it.>>Ronald are you ready?
>>Yes! I’m ready.>>So bring on dish number one! [Dad] Dish number one. Ronald you can choose first.>>I’m keeping.>>All right. 3, 2,1!>>Yeah!
>>Oh, ho ho! Oh you got just
crushed right there! Ahh!>>I also like real hotdogs. You like real… ohhh I
never ate one of these before. Ohh! Ohh!
>>That looks insane!>>Is that mustard?>>Yeah, hotdog with mustard. This is good.>>Really gummy.>>Now dish number two! [Dad] Dish number two.>>All right. Um…>>Oh I feel bad. Oh no!>>I want your dish. Okay. All right. 3, 2,1!>>Yeaah!
>>Yay!>>I got gummy.
>>I didn’t notice, oh my God! Uhh…
Oh no.>>You’re gonna have to eat that. Mmm… It’s so good, except it’s a little spicy.
Mmm ew! But the spiciness Doesn’t bother me anyway.
>>Eww! Eww! I’m not eating! Okay that’s a little spicy.>>Chef? What do you have for us next?>>Just don’t make it spicy. [Singing] [Dad] Dish number three.>>Awesome. All right, I want to switch.>>All right.>>I feel bad. 3, 2,1!>>Yeah!
>>Eww! That’s a real frog! Is it real?! Eww! [screaming] [screaming]>>Okay. I have the gummy frog. And I don’t know about Karina.>>I’m not going to eat this.
I’m not going to– no! Don’t open the lid! No. Don’t!>>Okay.>>I’m going to open it once more. It’s moving! It’s moving! Good froggy. Good froggy. Is that salt on you? Cute little frog
and I’ll love you forever.>>Eww.>>Ronald, we’re gonna have to get
a fish tank for this guy.>>No! Bad froggy!>>Cover him up!>>No, I’m not going to do it.>>No!
>>He’s getting away! Now I’m scared for dish number four
but bring it on! [Dad] Dish number four.>>Your turn to pick.>>Is it alive? No, it’s not alive.
All right I’m going to keep mine. 3, 2, 1! Yeah!>>Pizza! Yey… I home it’s not cold pizza. But this is a very
long pizza slice! My goodness!>>Mine is–
>>All right. I’m going to try mine.
>>Gummy. And there’s no slices to it!
Or is it just me?>>M-mm.
it’s good. But it’s cold, but it’s still good.>>Gummy.>>I didn’t try any gummy things yet. Oh wait.
I tried one and it was tasty. I’m ready for dish number five!
What about you?>>Bring it on! Yeah.
Dish number five. [Dad] Dish number five.>>All right. I’m going to switch.>>Are you switching?
>>Yeah. I’m switching. 3, 2, 1! Yey!
What’s that?>>What?!>>Gummy moustache.
>>I have hair.>>Do you think it’s a moustache?>>Maybe.
>>‘Cause it is real! Ronald you need to eat that.>>I’m not eating hair!>>Well sorry.
Choke it down your throat or… I don’t know. Ready set go!>>But mine tastes good. It tastes like cherry. [Dad] Dish number six. Alright. I’m gonna… keep mine.
>>Okay. 3, 2, 1!>>Yey!
>>I got a burger though. Yummy.>>All right. Let’s try this gummy burger. Mmm yummy.>>Mmm.>>This is good.>>Never underestimate the cheese. That was delicious. Please more food like this. No. More food like this! Yummy! Okay. [Dad] Dish number seven. I’m keeping mine. I’m going to stick with mine.
>>All right. 3, 2,1! It’s just a worm. That will bite your head off. I don’t want–
>>No no! Trust me, it’s not gonna bite your head off. It’s just gonna go like.>>You do it! You open it!>>Okay, I’ll open it but you have to look.>>Okay, I’m going to look from here.>>Eww!>>What are those?! They’re called worms! Eww! Like they’re playing with each other! Look, they’re playing! Get over here Ronald
the scaredy cat. Look, I’m going to touch one. It’s going to bite
my finger off. Nice.>>They’re going to go off the plate. I think that’s going to happen.>>Ronald those worms won’t bite you
but this one will! No! No, get over here, it’s okay.>>I hear them in the pots!>>I don’t hear anything. Shh. All right Ronald. Since you were so scared,
you get a piece of mine. Mmm. Mmm.
That’s good.>>Ronald are you ready
for the next dish? It’s okay. I promise. It won’t be bugs. Last dish is coming right up. No!>>Ronald stay, stay, stay! It’s going to be good,
it’s going to be good. I hear something moving!>>Wait, shh.>>I don’t want to go, no! Is it alive? It is! Okay?>>I’m going to stand up
and open it. Is it a bird? Is it bird poop? I don’t want to open it. Is it a bat?! It might be a bat.>>It might be a baby shark! Maybe it’s another frog! I don’t want this! No! It’s just like
in a horror movie. Okay. Just a coke. That means I’m going
to get gummy coke. Yey!
>>Aww. You’re lucky. Ohh.
Look at this. It’s gummy coke. Alright, I’m going to try this. It actually feel-
>>Ohh! It sprayed me. Bad coke.>>It actually feel like slimey coke. Yeah, eww. I wouldn’t eat that.>>I could bend the cola! All right. Mmm.
This part taste like cola. Ohh. That was a close one. This was so scary. But I’m going to pet my little froggy
and the worm at the same time cause they’re adorable.>>The worms are mine. The worms are mine.>>Guys, that was a very
scary challenge. Especially for Ronald. He was screaming like a monkey. Do monkeys scream? I don’t know. So we hope you like this video. If you did,
smash that like button! And we’ll see you
all next time! Good bye!

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