HACKER TRIES TO REVEAL MY SECRET – CWC vs PZ9 in Battle Royale and Vy vs Regina in Safe House

(shouting) – Only 55% left to hack. So much more secrets to tell. (evil laughing) (shouting) – Got a plan, guys. – We gotta get get my phone back. – Okay, Vy, you stay here. Guard the safe house. – Okay. – Regina, you stay here and guard Vy. – Got it. – Daniel, you and I, lets go chase PZ9 and let’s get Vy’s phone. – Okay, let’s go. – Let’s go, go, go! – Wait, wait, wait Chad! Don’t forget about your spy gadgets and take my phone back. (intense music)
– [Chad] All right, let’s go. – All right, let’s defend the safe house. I have my extendable baton right here. Regina, I’m gonna take the
back, you can take the front. – And I got Mr. Mop right
here to defend the house. – Okay? Good luck with that. Spy Ninjas, I don’t like the fact that PZ9 can come in to our safe
house whenever he wants and PZ9 can potentially tell
Project Zorgo where we live at any moment. So I think we need to concentrate on protecting the safe house and getting my phone back. – PZ9 probably went to the
park, where he always goes. So it’s this way. – He’s always there for some reason. – I wish I wouldn’t have burnt that note ’cause I kind of want
to know what it said now about Vy-Vy’s secret. – We thought she was
talking to the pizza guy. I don’t think so anymore, Chad. – We gotta get PZ9 to tell us. Come on, let’s go! – Let’s go! – I don’t know why
Chad, Daniel, and Regina are so suspicious of me lately. They’ve been acting
really weird towards me. All I want to do is
protect the safe house. I just want us to be safe. I’m still a Spy Ninja, you guys. Everyone is entitled to their own secrets. Regina has her own secret too. She has a full room of secrets and we don’t bother her about it. I don’t know why they’re
bothering me about my secrets. It’s just not fair. – Sure seems like Vy’s
hiding a really big secret. – She definitely is, Chad. And the note said that Vy is betraying us. – Yeah, she’s very very suspicious. PZ9’s right there! (intense music) He’s right there, Daniel. – [Daniel] Look, he’s resting. He’s definitely sitting down. – Let’s get a closer look. (intense music) Wait a second, is he sleeping, Daniel? – Yeah, I think he’s sleeping! Must be all the challenges
he keeps challenging us to. – Yeah, good thing we’ve been practicing our challenges, Daniel. He can’t keep up with us anymore. He’s all tuckered out! – Vy’s over there keeping guard right now. I have to talk to you guys. Vy has been acting
really sketchy right now. I mean, what is up with
those secret envelopes? At first I wanted to respect her privacy, because, you know, I
have my secrets as well, but I really gotta know. Why is she acting so sketchy? Maybe I could ask her a lot of questions and like, interview her. Maybe I’ll give Vy a lie detector test? And then we can uncover the truth. – Daniel, so this is
our perfect opportunity to sneak up, grab Vy’s
phone, and sneak away without him even knowing. I know how to be quiet. I’m a ninja and a spy. A Spy Ninja. (leaves crunching) – [Daniel] Shh, don’t step on there! – It’s really loud. We’re gonna have to go around. (gasping) – [Daniel] What? – He’s got his bo staff. How am I gonna get the phone without stepping on all these
loud, crunchy things here? – [Daniel] I don’t even see
the phone anywhere, Chad. It has to be in his pocket or something. – I haven’t seen PZ9 yet, but I have a question for you. – Okay? – We’ve just noticed you’ve been acting a little weird lately and maybe you’d like to explain yourself. – I’m acting weird bd PZ9 got my phone. He stole my phone and he has
all these information about me. – But PZ9 had those three
envelopes with Vy’s Secret on it and he came back here to challenge us. It must be a big deal. – Well, exactly! PZ9 can come and go as he pleases. We need to get back on track
and protect the safe house. – But I don’t think PZ9’s around here. I don’t see him. I have security cameras
all around the safe house. What we need to do right now is a lie detector test, actually. – On me? – Yes. (intense music) – Daniel, I don’t see the
phone anywhere, do you? – [Daniel] No, I don’t. PZ9 said he doesn’t have any pockets. – Daniel, we’ve got our
ninja gadgets on us. Maybe we should just confront him and say, “Hey, where’s Vy’s phone?” – You know what, Chad? There’s two of us,
there’s only one of him. I know he’s the best
fighter and all that stuff. But we’ve been battling
him for months now. I think I finally have what it takes. – I like your confidence, Daniel. – This is the last time. – You take the Escrima Sticks. – Oh, he’s gonna be
screamin’ when I hit him with one of these Screamer
Sticks, am I right? – They’re not Screamer Sticks. Escrima Sticks. – Oh, but he’s still gonna be screaming. – I like your confidence again. And he’ll really be screaming
with these nunchucks. – All you gotta do is put your
finger through this thing. There you go. – Uh, okay? – Don’t move your hands. – Okay. – That’s what Daniel always says. Baseline Question, Vy. – Let’s go. – What is your name? – Easy question, my name is Vy Qwaint. Do you know how to read one of these, or? – Yeah, it’s true! – Obviously it’s true. That’s my name. – The next question is
gonna be more serious then. Hold on. It’s that serious, Vy. – All right, you ready to wake him up? – [Daniel] Yeah, let’s do it. (nunchucks whirring) – Hey PZ9! – [Daniel] Hey, Melvin, wake-up! – Time to wake up! Where’s Vy’s phone at? (evil laughing) – [Daniel] We’ve got ninja gadgets. – That’s right. – Well, turns out I do too! I tried to tell you
all of Vy’s information in a fun and interesting ways. – Enough of the fun games, PZ9. Just give us Vy’s phone. (evil laughing) – Well, I’m prepared to continue
being a pain in the butt. I do what I want, Chad! – If you’d quit being
a pain in the nunchuck and just worked on your
own YouTube videos, maybe you’d be a lot more popular. – Well, I’m about to be a literal pain. (shouting) – Whoa, that’s some heavy metal. Daniel, behind you! (shouting) (metal clanging) (grunting) Way to go, Daniel! You got him right in the belly, woo! – He can’t handle a
belly full of I-Screama! – ‘Cause he’s lactose intolerant. – That’s right.
– Oh, here he comes! (shouting) (thumping) (cheering) He’s reaching for the bo staff! – [Daniel] Oh no! (grunting) I got it! – You give us Vy’s phone right now! You are out gunned and
out manned and out ninja-d and out everything. – You talk so much. And I do what I want! – [Daniel] Hey, come back! – Thing is a lot tighter than I thought. – [Vy] Daniel really like his
clothes tight, doesn’t he? – I know, is he trying to show off, like his muscles or something? Okay. Who are you communicating with in secret? – Okay, how a lie detector question works is that you have to ask
a yes or no question. Not an open ended question. You’re not even doing this right. – It says you’re telling the truth now! – Yep. Usually we have three baseline questions and you only asked me one. So you need to ask me like two more. – That’s true too! You’re telling the truth it says. – Yeah. Okay, what about we just focus
on guarding the safe house? If Chad and Daniel can’t find PZ9, it could be here right now. – No, no, no. I’m sure the boys have
kicked PZ9’s butt already, so why don’t you just
tell me what’s up, Vy? Come on, it’s just us girls here. – You wouldn’t even
understand if I tell you. I mean, you barely understand
how to use this lie detector! – Come on! Let’s just get back to the questions. I have another question for you. – Okay, let’s do this. – I found something really
suspicious in your makeup bag! – What? You went through my private makeup bag? I don’t go through your secret room. Why are you going through
my personal stuff? – Okay, yes. But someone’s been eating
all of my food in the fridge. All the chicken nuggets are gone! – Someone has also been
eating my hot Cheetos that I leave up there in the cabinet. Who’s doing that, huh? – Give me the camera. – Wait a second. We don’t even know if PZ9
still has Vy’s phone or not. I couldn’t see it anywhere. You know what? I’m gonna hack Vy’s phone
and find the location. – Perfect, perfect. – Let’s go! – Give me the camera.
– Okay. Hacking app on my phone. – [Chad] Did you find her phone yet? – It’s close! Yeah! – Is it that way? That’s where he ran! – PZ9 must have it, I think. Oh, shoot, you know what? – [Chad] What? – There’s a bunch of files on Vy’s phone. – [Chad] What’s it say? – It’s a folder! It says, “Spicy.” (gasping) – Download it! Maybe it’s those secrets
that PZ9 was talking about. – It’s downloading. – We should respect her
secrets, but we can just take a quick peek and see what it is. ‘Cause maybe it’ll give us a clue about what PZ9 is up to. Yeah, download it! – Oh, no, it’s not done. It stopped downloading! I have a poor connection! We gotta get closer to the phone! – We gotta get closer to PZ9. Is it downloading? – Yeah, it resumed. We must be getting closer! – He’s right there. – Yes! The closer we get, the
faster this downloads. – There he is! – Hey, get back here! – We only have two beanbags and you take up one full beanbag. You never share. – I share with Chad. I have to. Speaking of beanbag. Whenever I sleep, I get super cold and someone’s always
stealing all the blankets. They keep the blanket all to themselves. – Well, I bought this blanket! It’s mine! – Well, I bought this beanbag right here, so it’s mine. All mine. – Well, you know what? Since we’re getting all
possessive over our stuff, this fridge is mine! – Stop it! I bought everything in this fridge. Everything in here is mine, so I’m gonna move it then, if you’re gonna be all possessive. – What, no? – See this big pickle jar here? I was gonna share it with you guys, but now it’s gonna be all mine, Regina. – What? – All mine. – I love pickles! What are you doing? – Taping my side of the fridge, Regina. So don’t touch anything. – Hey. – Everything on this
side of the freezer too. Don’t even think about it. – [Daniel] PZ9, bring Vy’s phone! – [Chad] Go, go, go! We got him cornered. – Okay, you got me. I’m out of gas. – [Chad] Out of gas? – (scoffing) Melvin. I’m sure you have much more gas than that. – Yeah, ’cause Project
Zorgo’s always farting. (laughing) He thought that was pretty funny, Daniel. – It must be true! (laughing) – [Chad] Uh oh, he’s going crazy. (yelling) Whoa, here he comes! (yelling) (grunting) Oh no, Daniel! You okay? – I’m all right. (yelling) – [Daniel] Here he goes. Up here. – Come on, Daniel. (grunting) You had enough yet, PZ9? – Not really. I’m having a good time right now, Chad. These are like, too many bo staffs. I can get used to this. – I think they’re two too many bo staffs. (yelling)
(metal clanging) (grunting) Daniel, you need to continue to hack so get out of here. I’ll hold him off. – [Daniel] Okay. – Go down the slide. (intense music) (grunting) – Okay, I gotta see what’s on Vy’s phone. I gotta hack it. Okay. – Look at all these dirty dishes you leave in the sink, Regina. You never wash the dishes. So I’m taping my dishwasher right here. – Okay, well, I’m taping
up my secret room. I was planning on
telling you guys one day, but now it’s off limits. – You’re not even taping it correctly. – You get the point. – Might as well just divide
the whole entire room. This is my side of the beanbag with the pillow, with
the blanket so I can stay warm and cozy at night. – I bought the blanket! – No, it’s on my side. Get over on your side. – I bought it with my own money. – I bought all the food with my own money. – What are you doing? – Dividing everything like you wanted. You want to divide the room, you want to divide the
whole Spy Ninja apart. Just leave me alone! – You know what? Maybe dividing the room
in half is for the best. You stay on your side of the safe house. I’ll stay on my side. (grunting) – It’s still downloading. It’s at, like, 70%. You know what? I’m gonna use the Spy Ninja Network to make it download faster. I have a lot of tools
in the Spy Ninja Network that help me hack into Project Zorgo. Like this one right here. Yes, okay, all right, perfect. All right, that should make
the download happen faster. You doing okay up there, Chad? Man, shout out to all you Spy Ninjas for using the Spy Ninja Network
and using the tools yourself because you guys are helping
us take down Project Zorgo. Keep using the Spy Ninja Network guys. And for your Spy Ninjas who don’t have the Spy Ninja Network yet, wait ’til the end of this video. I’m gonna put a link. Click it and download it for free. Oh, it definitely worked! It’s faster now. It’s at, like, 97%! Okay, we just need to
(grunting) Oh shoot! Oh no, dang it. I just need a little bit more time. (yelling) – Vy is so annoying right now. Yeah, you heard me. Stay on your side, girl. She’s made me so angry. I gotta eat my feelings away. I’m gonna get a snack. I’m gonna go to my side
of the snack drawer. – I’m gonna make sure that
you stay on your side. – What do I have in my snack drawer? – Cups. That’s all you have. – No, I also have cookies right here! (gasping) All the cookies are on your side! – Yes, they’re on my side. You picked the side. It’s your fault, Regina, that you don’t have any snacks. – Well, I’m hungry. A girl’s gotta eat. I’m taking them for myself. – No, they’re on my side
so you can’t take them. – Hey!
– They’re on my side! – I’m hungry! (yelling) – You almost broke my cookies. I could have dropped them. – You know what’s on my side? – [Vy] What? – The Spy Ninja backpack. Your Spy Ninja backpack, to be specific. – Don’t do anything to my backpack. Give it to me. You don’t use it anyways! – It’s mine. Get on your side. And you know what else is on my side? The ketchup bottle. (gasping) – [Vy] What are you gonna
do with the ketchup? – I think this bag will
look better in red. (gasping) – [Vy] You wouldn’t! Oh my gosh! – Yeah, give me my snacks, Vy. (gasping) – You wouldn’t dare. – [Regina] Yes I would. (gasping) – Oh, Regina. – [Regina] What? – Look what’s on the side of my beanbag. – [Regina] (gasping) Mr. Bear! – Mr. Bear. You wanna play games with me? – [Regina] What? – Give me my backpack or the bear gets it. – I wanna play your games. Yeah, oh, and all your spy
gadgets are in here too. I hope they like ketchup! – (gasping) My spy gadgets! Oh! (growling) I’m gonna play your games. (yelling) (panting) – [Daniel] Here’s a nice place to hack. Okay, here’s good. Just a couple more butt-kickings, Chad. We’re almost there. (yelling) Oh, geez, Chad! – (evil laughing) Nunchuck? I don’t need none of this,
so I’m gonna chuck it! (grunting)
(intense music) – Chad, I’m at 99%. – Watch out! (yelling) (grunting) – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, Chad! – Ouch!. – I’m sorry I had to hit you so hard, PZ9, but you brought it on yourself. Now, where is Vy’s phone? – [Daniel] Oh, it’s at 100%, Chad. Let’s go! (grunting) – I’m not finished yet. – You haven’t learned
your lesson yet, PZ9? – Apparently not! (grunting) – [Daniel] Chad! (panting) – You’re next, Daniel. Just… Just give me five minutes. – [Daniel] Oh gosh, okay. Chad! Chad, good job, man. Look! I got the files on my phone. We’re ready. – Yes! – [Daniel] We can go
back to the safe house. Let’s go.
– Yeah, man. – [Daniel] Good job fighting him off. Chad, are you okay? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll be fine. – You did a great job, man. Let’s get you back to the safe house. – Thanks, man. – Get some ice on that.
– Yeah. – Regina, what did I tell you? I have my own secrets. I’ve been respecting your secret. You have a full room and I
only have a little tiny secret I’m not ready to tell yet. Just respect my privacy like I’ve respected yours. – Whatever, Vy. I’m going back to my side. I’m done with your shenanigans. – Yeah, stay on your side. Spy Ninjas, I really want
to tell you guys the secret and I want to tell Chad,
Daniel, and Regina, but I’m just not ready to do that yet. I mean, it’s really hard
carrying this secret with me because it’s just not
good for my mental health. Maybe I should just tell Regina. She’s like my sister. So maybe I should just tell her. And Regina is really
good at keeping secrets ’cause she has that secret room over there and she’s never told us what’s in it. Yeah, maybe I should give her
a little bit of my secret. I’ll tell her. Hey, Regina. I have something to tell you. (clattering) – What happened here? – What? – What’s with all this tape? – Who put all this tape on the floor? – Vy and Regina, what’d you do? – This was all Vy’s fault! – What happened? – What? It is not my fault. It was Regina’s fault. She ruined my Spy Ninja backpack. – Well, she ruined Mr. Bear! – This is enough fighting for the day! – Wait, what do you mean? – We just fought PZ9, a real fight. – Is that why your eye is hurt, Chad? – Yeah, he kicked me right in the eye. It hurts. – Yeah, he’s not doing so good, Chad. – But I’m tough. I just need a little bit of ice. – Okay, let’s get you some ice then. – Okay. – Daniel, can I talk to you? – Oh, sure. – The ice is actually on
someone’s side of the freezer, so can you ask that someone to
give the ice to Chad, please? – Are you guys serious? Really? You’re storing the ice on
your side of the refrigerator? – Yeah. – You girls are crazy. – Yeah, it’s on my side. Here you go, Chad. – Thanks, Regina. – Um, I can handle this for Chad. He’s my husband over here. – Aw, thanks dude. – Keep it there, the whole thing. – Owie. – Okay, while you guys are doing that, Regina, come over here for a sec. – Oh, what? – I hacked into Vy’s phone. – What’s on it? Tell me! – Well, I was just trying
to find the location, but I found some secret files. – She’s sketchy! – Shh, come over this way. I wasn’t able to get Vy’s phone, but I did download some files from it. – Ooh, show me. – They’re on my phone now, look. – Okay. – It is a folder called Spicy. – (gasping) Spicy secrets. – Yes, exactly. Here’s a video right here. Let’s click it. Oh, there’s a hacker over there. – What’s he saying? – The hacker’s on the phone with somebody. – Listen. – Why are you ordering pizza? Hello? I don’t understand why you’re
ordering pizza from me. Oh! Pepperoni and zucchini. The secret language. Extra cheese? (laughing) Extra cheese! (gasping) – Did you hear that? Wasn’t Vy talking about extra cheese? – She was! That one time she was ordering a pizza, she ordered extra cheese. And you know what? That pizza never came in. You don’t think that Vy is
talking to that hacker, do you? – Is this the other
side of the conversation Vy was having? – Spy Ninjas, let us know
in the comments below what you think is happening. This whole situation’s really confusing. – Yeah, this is so weird. Thanks for commenting, guys. And also, if you haven’t
seen this video yet, click right here and
the Spy Ninja Network. You guys gotta download it. It’s free. Click right here on Regina’s face. And guys, make sure you
subscribe to Vy’s channel. Make sure you subscribe to Chad, to my channel, Exposing Project Zorgo. Vy’s got a huge secret, Regina. We gotta figure it out. (static hissing)

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