“HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!” | The Myth of Cultural Appropriation

hi this is roaming millennial and today
I’d like to talk about cultural appropriation like a lot of kids
Halloween is my favorite holiday growing up free candy games and the chance to dress
up as anything you wanted it was a great time while little Pocahontas ninjas &
mariachis used to be staples of halloween if you wear an outfit like
that today there’s a good chance you’ll get slammed for engaging in what’s been
dubbed cultural appropriation but hey don’t worry this doesn’t mean halloween
is ruined there are still plenty of other costume
options out there in fact feel free to choose any costume based off a white
cultures and stereotypes because those are all still perfectly acceptable and
if you thought it was just costumes you have to worry about what I’ve got some
bad news for you other seemingly innocent things like
hairstyles patterns and even food have been enough to earn the wrath of the
culture police so what is cultural appropriation anyway
while Susan’s Scafidi a law professor and anti cultural appropriation author
defines it as taking intellectual property traditional knowledge cultural
expressions or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission now i’m not sure how someone is supposed
to obtain permission from an entire culture unless each culture . some sort
of jesse jackson like–figured act as their spokesperson but anyway I
personally disagree with the goal of segregating cultures so this video is
going to look at why this emphasis on cultural appropriation isn’t doing
anything to help society the biggest problem with the notion of cultural
appropriation is that the term appropriation which denotes wrongful
seizure shouldn’t be used to describe the sharing of cultures when we say
something has been appropriated it means it’s been taken away from its original
owner typically without consent but someone engaging in a culture that’s not
their own is an appropriation because the people who initially practice the
culture are still free to keep doing so they haven’t been robbed of anything
since culture is essentially just a set of practices it isn’t finite mean that
it can actually be shared among a limitless number of people without the
original practitioners losing out on anything and concerning permission as i
mentioned before it’s not possible to obtain authorization from a culture
cultures are made up of individuals with different opinions and what may be
acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to another there are many
non-white people who disagree that cultural appropriation is a problem but
then there are also people like this either way it’s not possible to get a
consensus on what’s okay and what’s not but if you ask me i’m more inclined to
listen to the people who aren’t in favor of exclusion now some critics might say
that cultures actually can be stolen or appropriated because minority cultures
can be robbed of credit for the societal contributions they have made but this
proprietary approach to culture fails to take into account how complex cultural
identities can be like say we wanted to pinpoint which community deserves credit
for the creation of rock-and-roll it’s obviously a product of American culture
but within that it has roots in african-american culture of Southern
culture and Christian culture so who gets credit for rock and roll only
belong to people who fit into all of these categories what about people like Elvis Presley who
grew up around black gospel singers in the south and was immersed in the
culture but was himself white she has been barred from that style of music
just because of the color of his skin does he deserve no credit for his
contributions because he’s from the wrong culture you see much of cultures
artistic in nature like music art food and fashion and art does not and cannot
exist in a vacuum history shows us that when people see
hear taste something they like they’re bound to be influenced by it but this
inspiration isn’t the same thing as left as your sushi states in his article in
defense of cultural appropriation culture is by nature a community forge
an ever-changing project and so none of us can or should own hip-hop cornrows or
the right to wear a kimono but ultimately if you really are worried
about your culture receiving proper credit you’re free to say hey this
started with us however you can do that without also trying to censor other
people’s creativity at the same time additionally it’s also important to note
how the idea of cultural appropriation set double standard against traditionally or
predominantly white cultures you don’t have to look far to realize that those
who are the most outspoken opponents of cultural appropriation only seemed
interested in protecting or preserving a specific type of culture take the case of st. Patrick’s Day which
celebrates some arguably offensive Irish stereotypes and with many people who are
an Irish freely claim the Irish identity can you imagine the outrage if the same
way to be done with native american or mexican culture mtv would have a field
day and it’s not as if the Irish were also historically oppressed because they
definitely were and depending on how you view Irish reunification some might say
they still are politically at least there are countless more examples of
white cultural appropriation but it seems like no one is concerned about
them what’s also interesting is the claim
among some activists that cultural exchanges are usually to the benefit of
the majority white culture and to the detriment of minority groups but this
implies that white cultures haven’t really contributed anything meaningful
to non-white communities which just isn’t right so if it’s okay for everyone to share in
white cultures why is it not okay for other cultures if yo mama and ethnically
chinese musician is free to make historically European classical music why can’t he is a Liam a crap you know
upside from that she’s not very good at it but why is it that critics only feel
the need to protect non-white cultures well I actually think i know the answer
to this which brings me to my final point that a lot of claims of cultural
appropriation are actually done with the intention of discouraging assimilation
and promoting other pneus in the glorious sepia-tone days of American
history the country was praised as a melting pot a place where people from
different cultures and races could all come together under a shared identity of
being American but today many think that the idea of multiculturalism has failed people no longer seem interested in
assimilating to the majority culture and instancing focused on emphasizing what
makes them different not what makes us all the same and while proponents of
cultural appropriation may claim they’re interested in protecting certain
cultures they mostly seem to complain about how their feelings and not their
cultures have been hurt when their styles become too mainstream but I mean
is widespread adoption of your cultural practices really such a bad thing after
all it’s not exclusivity that mexican culture special its heritage and since
when did segregation even voluntary segregation become a good thing and when
you think about it the majority culture wanting to adopt a spy with minority cultures actually goes to
show that the notion of a simulation isn’t a one-way street where everyone
needs to be whitewashed and forget their identities when a group of similar to
the majority the majority of some lights to them somewhat to as well I would
think this would be considered a good thing because it proves that most people
see the benefits of other cultures and want to expand their horizons beyond
their own communities finally yes cultural sharing does mean
that there’s always a risk of potentially misrepresenting another
culture or engaging in something that i would consider distasteful like how it’s
not accurate to say that samurai are Chinese or that the day of the dead is
just like a mexican Halloween but the thing is while those opposed to cultural
appropriation might be doing so on the grounds of guarding other cultures the
hands-off approach actually makes the sort of ignorance more likely not less
likely it’s pretty easy to realize that if you’re encouraged to explore
experience and participate in another culture you’re way more likely to learn
about it then if you’re told to stay away because it’s not for you the same goes for complaints that
elements of minority cultures which are usually stigmatized are actually
applauded when seen on white people if this is true surely the more people of
all backgrounds participating in the culture the less likely it is to be
looked down upon right and being overly sensitive about cultural appropriation
distribute Eliza’s actual instances of racism if everything from backup dancers
to casting and even font is being labeled racist are people going to pay
attention when something really is racist that’s it for this video thanks for
watching and please subscribe if you’d like to see more bye

100 thoughts on ““HANDS OFF MY CULTURE!” | The Myth of Cultural Appropriation

  1. Cultural appropriation is horribly racist while gender appropriation (aka drag) is something to be appreciated and promoted

  2. A bunch of racists gathering to whine and spew their racism , after listening to this racist bullshit smh

  3. Awesome all you fucking Asians, Latinos, and Blacks stop appropriating WHITE CULTURE by using the airplanes we invented, driving the cars we invented, using the electricity we discovered, using the appliances and electronics we invented, and wearing western style clothes and shoes ROFLMAO fucking people are retarded

  4. Well Lauren most humans are in fact STUPID and here is WHY they are stupid, the Earths population is what 7.3 BILLION souls, of that 7.3 BILLION White people only number 750 MILLION which means what ? That’s right that the remaining 6.6 BILLION people on this planet are non-whites, which makes White People THE ONLY MINORITY ETHNIC GROUP ON THE PLANET you come to predominately white peopled countries and may constitute the “minority” of the population in OUR COUNTRIES but you are NOT of a minority group of people, if you don’t like it in our countries you are free to leave any time you choose…bye c’ya lol

  5. Liberal Americans that support this are often the biggest culture vultures of all.

  6. You should have to pay Italians every time you use modern plumbing. That is Roman a Roman invention with it's roots in Roman culture! Oh yeah and don't forget to pay me every time you eat a pizza. I am deeply offended. Lol

  7. The typical liberal American that cries cultural appropriation are usually the biggest culture vultures of all.

  8. So why didn’t we take away every WHITE invention ever made from other cultures. The modern world would crumble.

  9. 1. Where in your research did you find that Elvis grew up AROUND black gospel singers in the south?
    2. How is it blasphemy that he stole other artist music? ignorant
    3. We dont discourage assimilation. We would like others not to take from our culture and rename stuff. We would also not like you to takoe OUR CULTURE and say it looks better when you do it.For example, I copy and paste your entire english paper. I dont cite you as a source at all. I get an A and you get an F. You would be pissed tf off.
    4. "…….The country was praised as a melting pot. A place where different cultures and races could all come together under a shared identity of being American" When have we EVER all came together? 🤔😂
    5. White people have been making sure to point out the differences in minorities for centuries…

  10. I am German and I am not a nazi but I have had people say that’s part of my Culture it’s not and I don’t understand why people are so afraid of offending people .culture is for everyone I am fed up with the young people . I am all most 30 and I don’t act this way

  11. For those who speak only one language, do not learn another language. Example: if you speak English, do not attempt or even think about attempting to learn Japanese. It’s cultural appropriation if you do so!!

    Liberal logic 101

    SMH! Fucking idiots…

  12. As a Muslim, I still think cultural appropriation is pretty dumb. I don't think it is fair to white people to be bullied because of wearing something as simple as a costume. Me, Lorenzo, and many other Muslims think cultural appropriation is dumb.

  13. Why is everyone being a dick about it? I'm German and if somebody wears leather jeans or something like that I don't give a shit. Why would I? When I would love my culture, I would support those who are interested in it over than feeling offended by it

  14. Isn't the English language itself cultural appropriation by every person of colour?
    Just asking.

  15. The problem I think people have is not credit for culture it's the fact that whites oppress people of other cultures then literally steal their customs & cultures slap a new name on them or sometimes retain the original names & the whites recieve praise & are even able to market other cultures for financial gain. Why don't white people have a problem with others people appropriating "white" culture? My is is because Europeans spent centuries indoctrinating people of other races with white European culture literally forcing it upon people & if these other races didn't conform to the European culture & values they'd be considered savage.

  16. I’m white so does this mean I can only eat white bread and vanilla pudding? SJW’s are completely ridiculous.

  17. Nothing is original, culture evolved and is never static, origins unknown, future unknown. This is just being overly sensitive.

  18. If cultural appropriation is so bad, then why the fuck keeps everyone who isn't Bavarian wearing Bavarian traditional clothing during the Bavarian traditional fair that was instituted for Bavarians, to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig I. to Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen? Also, how is it appropriate to make it out of fancy cloth when it was originally worn by peasants in Oberbayern, which is the area between Munich and the Alps? It had to endure hard work on the fields. Fun fact: Munich citizens never wore this type of clothing, because they were not farmers. Yet, every fucking year, our city is swarmed with people wearing silken dirndl and they do not even know the history behind it. Also, they do not fucking care. What is up with that? Do they think this is some kind of carvenal? Do these cultural appropriation people think it's funny that Munich citizens avoid their own fair because of this? I don't think so. I moved to Munich from Argentina when I was 9, I was welcomed beautifully, and I HATE that people from all around the world shit on Bavaria's rich culture just to get fucking drunk. It's an insult to the country that gave me a home. It's not the wearing of the dirndl, it's the ignorance. Everyone can wear anything, but be fucking respectful.

  19. “All people should stay in their own groups and cultures and not not mix!”
    -Someone who supports Jim Crow

  20. I feel flattered when someone rocks my culture. culture is meant to be shared, not segregated.

  21. Literally the only people who get offened by "cultural appropriation" are literally dumb leftist Americans. The whole of Asia doesn't actually care about cultural appropriation. I appreciate that other races are appreciating my culture. Thus I support a white person wearing traditional Chinese clothing

  22. Being Native American I used to be upset watching people dress up as Pocahontas and native chiefs and what not. But now I realize its not that big of a problem, the only thing I have a problem with is people wearing sacred things like head dresses. I my self would never wear the head dress unless I somehow become an athority figure of my tribe, and that's assuming my tribe used the head dress. In many of the native tribes women were forbin from wearing the head dress as well. I think it's important to understand the history of it and the significance of the head dress before you think about wearing it. Because to some it's a feathered hat, but to many like myself it is a sign of strength, and order, and leadership, a sign of older times when we were a people who where not displaced. If you would like to own a head dress and put it on a shelf or display, go ahead display it with pride and dignity, but I advise against wearing it in public. However, ultimately it is your decision.

  23. Why do people think they can appropriate technology and medicine when they are not apart of what a culture is? Their are no customs or traditions to using a phone or a laptop 😂

  24. It's actually the white extreme lefties along with their colored minions who are spouting this cultural appropriation thing… outside that little lefty bubble, everyone else WANTS others to experience their culture

  25. Opinion < Logic
    When we boycotted countries' cultures in the past, they suffered! We need to share culture to survive as a culture.

  26. You people use the same points and miss the actual one. It's not about white peeps immersing themselves in the culture by wearing the attire, listening to the music, or eating the food, etc. That's cool, ya'll can obviously do that. It just stings a little that foreign culture is ridiculed until some white individual adopts it, changes some names, and pretends they invented it; then it becomes 'cool'.

    Cultural appropriation exists. Is it as serious as social media and the far left makes it seem? No. It's more like, "Damn, I've been made fun of for xyz for years and now Becky does/looks the same and she's praised for it."

    Also, White Chicks is not cultural appropriation, change my mind 🙂

  27. If it weren’t for cultural appropriation, we wouldn’t have tacos, Chinese food or sushi. Non-Mexicans seem to cry more than actual Mexicans when people party on “Cinco de Drinko.” I’m Mexican American, and those non-Mexican SJWs got to know that in Mexico, 5/5 isn’t even a thing. It’s a minor holiday which people don’t even care about. You could say 5/5 is actually an American holiday, given the history. (Google it. I shouldn’t have to educate you. HAH! 😂) So viva la cultural appropriation! If it weren’t for it, America would have no culture. 🤣

  28. i have a problem with it only from my experiences. if you will be respectful to that culture than do what you do.

  29. “Cultural appropriation” reminds me of the “we won’t go to school with negros” people

  30. https://youtu.be/AHD0ZLPDRxM you need to watch this because you are hella ignorant about cultural appropriation.

  31. I think the fact that you mentioned how certain groups and cultures/races were singled out and mistreated in our US past at various times needs to be hammered home. Asian immigrants were some of the 1st people to experience terrible bigotry and racism in our nation's history. As time went on, they are now some of the most honored people we have. We grew up. We have acknowledged their contributions to building this nation, ( literally in a lot of cases) as well as embracing their home countries' culture.. Food, clothing, strict adherence to higher education ( when they can financially) and high sense of personal growth are all things we as Americans have embraced. Same can be said of the Irish, Italians, Pols, Latinos, and yes, black people. We have changed through learning the truth about how people from other cultures can be beneficial to 'us' and expand our minds, and yes people want to be a part of that, as well as SHARING their own cultures with others. Let's take a couple examples of how in the past, Americans looked to other cultures and wanted to be a part of that. In the mid 40s to about 1958, anything to do with latin America was 'in'. Food, dancing, music, clothing.. it was the rage in the US. It was new, different, exciting and fun. And those who bothered to study their history could really learn a thing or two. Would we call that cultural appropriation now? Should I have to tear down my house because it has been built in the style of Mexican architecture, but I'm white? In the early 60's anything from France was 'in'. Clothing, hairstyles ( largely for women) food, even cars were considered 'upscale', classy and exotic.And none of that was a bad thing! Travel to Paris and other parts of France was at an all time high, because people wanted to see their culture, and be a part of it! The general thought was 'Hey, I see what you're doing and like it. I wanna be a part of that too.' Is that cultural appropriation? Do I have to get rid of my Peugeot because I am not French? In the 70's tourism for the mediterranean nations was the next big thing, because Americans wanted to see the architecture, know the cultures and history.. again, expand their minds! In the past, we shunned these nations, but now we embrace them, their foods, their lifestyles, their history. And I cannot leave out the African Americans, or black people in general. While there will always be individuals who are racist, we as a nation have learned from slavery and Jim Crow. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and have seen how we have embraced their music ( rap is world wide, as well as R&B, jazz, hip hop, soul etc. All black American inventions via their culture) As RM put it, there would be no American rock and roll without black R&B. During WW1 for example, Europeans were floored by black American song and dance, and couldn't get enough of it. They'd never seen that before, and it was uniquely theirs, the black Americans, and ours at the same time. So, are we saying now that as a white person, I should not be listening to black music, modern or old? Also, IMO, their self determination is 1 to behold. Again, I'm not talking about the bad things that ALL cultures have, even share in common at some points. I'm talking about all of the good things that can from from learning about different cultures and assimilating those into 1's society.How does the old saying go? ' Mimicry is the highest form of flattery? '

  32. all should notice that it is a racist left wing media/culture thing to try to sort this racist/ethnic/cultural way. most people have no problem and have fun if other ones like to use aspects from their own cultures. but left wing media selectively only chose other left wing who try to sell they have problems (and due to a permanent brainwashing even believe they have). but the truth is they are the real racist and try to spread their racist 'poc/white/gender' propaganda which is the real hatespeech which should device women from males, ethnics and keep the racist 'race sorting' alive – even reimport/reactivate it to Europe. if the left wing media (and in the entire western world they are now synchronized) would no exist – the loudspeakers of the minority of the racist left wing milieus had not that impact. but most journalists are left wing and to many other ones are idiots who follow the narratives. but there is a difference between reality and the left wing propaganda. and lets not forget: Hitler/NSDAP were a left wing/socialist movement and variety and were anti capitalist, antizionist, racist, anti western, islam-supportive, and liked to sort in the exactly same way as today left wing like to do as well – a racist way. the left wing identity racism IS the real racism. and most females and males should not let them devide by the racist left wings (who on the other side support the most patriarchal, most homophob and most antizionist/antisemit ideology of the planet: the islam. this hypocrisis should be obvious. true female rights have to be fought AGAINST left wing pseudofeminist, just like real queer rights, real christian rights, atheist rights, agnostic rights, hindu rights, buddhist rights etc… left wings are NOT liberal! never mistake that! the us-democrats are left wing and the racist Nazis! and most of their candidates are antizionist/antisemit just like Hitler was).

  33. We need to stop this nonsense of "cultural appropriation", which is a new form of racism today. The majority of the population of the world is a mix of different cultures. The main issue is that PC people are adding wood to the fire and the weak mind people are following along. This is helping to divide our world by teaching the new generation hate. It is up to us to stop this nonsense by the root. Be strong, don't let them divide us!

  34. I was so unclear on something. Now I have some clarity. And hey multiculturalism isn't a failure. Check out India. And we don't seem to even know what cultural appropriation means cause we share everything. Except a few things like that has to be earned but you'll get it too if you do.

  35. Next thing you know hispanics are gonna get mad at white people if they want to learn spanish. They're all gonna be like, spanish is our language ! Don't you dare speak it !! LOL !!!

  36. It's funny how "cultural appropriation" only applies to whites. Black people have naturally curly hair so when they straighten it, isn't that cultural appropriation because they're using the hairstyle of other races? The answer is no because mimicking another race, materialistically, isn't "cultural appropriation".

  37. Marry me 💍
    Disclosure: unemployed, play video games all night and sleep all day, I eat the same meals for a month + until I crave something different, financially impaired, compulsive spender when I am at a night point (it's a roller coaster, I'm a full fledged rouge), closet nerd, and narcissistic.
    But I can cook a brick with the right ingredients.

  38. Appropriation is as real as appreciation even Bruce Lee's people shunned him for sharing their art with the whites because they just made fun of it so it's real miss Chen educate urself for real. You use this as an excuse to do what u feel with no repercussions what's next slavery isn't real hitler maybe gtfoh

  39. We as humans no matter the race help each other invent things the beauty in culture is that you can share your lovely cultures with someone else and you yourself can learn somebody else's culture.
    Honestly the leftist are stupid
    Tolit paper is practically from china …
    So by using it am I racist?

  40. Some of the things she says are rational while others are completely ignorant.

  41. I'm an American of Mexican descent I don't mind when someone mimics Mexican culture or Mexican American culture what I mind is when they modify it and try to impose there modified version on to me such as pronouncing Eduardo as ewardo and look me in the face and tell me it's correct like I'm mentally disabled or insisting that the G in guacamole is a g sound when it's actually a w sound

  42. This was a very clear and concise video that I really enjoyed. Only one constructive criticism: While I’m not a fan of Iggy Azalea either, it’s important to withhold verbal jabs like that. Generally speaking, it makes your strong points even stronger. Keep up the good work.

  43. Cultural appropriation is the most utterly backward way of thinking that the SJWs have come up with so far. they want globalism but you can't wear a Kilt unless your Scottish? utterly backward.

  44. Two friends of mine a Scottish girl and an indian man were married and the wedding was great all the women wore Saris and all the men wore Kilts, this is how life works.

  45. Nope
    this is wrong. Your video is ignorant and compeltely misses the point.

  46. White culture doesnt have the same historical shaming that other people have to go through. Yall make fun of your own culture, but yall have been starting to demonize other peoples culture. So cut the bullshit.

  47. Sport is also part of a people's culture… like Sumo wrestling is Japanese culture ….
    Thus blacks playing basketball or football is also cultural appropriation since those 2 sports were part of white culture initially..
    We all do it to each so let's just chill about this topic

  48. Isn’t it telling how it’s ONLY white people who get accused of this horseshit! You NEVER hear of blacks or Latinos or Asians being accused of this crap. Which is hilarious because EVERYONE in the Western world is “appropriating” white culture every second of every day!
    Electricity is a product of white culture, as is the internet, and automobiles and aeroplanes and trains!!

  49. This video is old but idgaf.
    There is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

  50. Let's make a sarcastic argument FOR the case of "cultural appropriation":
    IF the fanatics of the "cultural appropriation" would legally win their case, and be able to force their ideology on the rest of us:
    Does that mean that everyone else is "hands off of WHITE CULTURE" as well?
    …let's say, no more hair straightening for black women,
    …let's say, no more European clothing for any kind of colour skinned people, so women of Fijian and Maori descent could only wear grass-skirt, while the males only a bed-sheet wrapped around their waist and in between their legs; and people with African descent, men and women, would now on walking half-naked;
    …also, no more houses for black people, they only allowed to live in grass-huts! (I'm not against blacks, but they are the most interesting race when it comes to "cultural appropriation", and that is the only reason I'm keep coming back mentioning them…)
    …let's say, people with Eskimo descent could only wear fur-coat and fur-boots in Canada even in July and August;
    …let's say, the whole world, except white people would go without electricity, since white man invented it;
    …let's say, anyone who is not white, no longer could be treated with any kind of vaccines, since that too was invented by white man;
    …let's say, no more air-travel for anyone who is not white, since that too is of a white man's accomplishment;
    …no more cooking/baking with electricity or gas, since that as well white man's invention, so go and collect wood and make your fire!
    …no more heating or cooling when the weather treats you harsh, since those as well white man's inventions!
    … and I could go on and on, the list is endless!
    If everyone has to be "hands off" from any one else's culture, than how about EVERYONE ELSE is ALSO HANDS OFF OF ALL INVENTIONS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF WHITE CULTURE?! let's see how THAT would work out for the rest of the world???
    Cultural appropriation is a bull-sh*t! BUT, IF the "social justice warriors" want to enforce that ideology on the rest of us, then let's go with it 100%!!! IF some cultures are to be put under "cultural protection", than ALL culture should be put under the VERY SAME PROTECTION, including white culture!
    If white culture would be off limit for anyone non-white, a lot of people would be unimpressed! But what do you think, which one would be the least impressed? especially if they would NEED to return to their traditional way of life, not very (if at all) developed, especially so if you would DEDUCT everything from their lives that has anything to do with white culture!?
    Exactly! the one that is the loudest, screaming "cultural appropriation"!
    Cultural appropriation is a 2-way street! it goes in both direction! therefore, we either should dismiss it for good, OR if we want to go for it, then "let's go for it"! I'll be fine, but will YOU???
    Now, make up your mind, Social Justice Warriors, are you for or against for the case of cultural appropriation?! you can't have it both ways. Just like you can't be half-pregnant, you're either are, or are not! Same for cultural appropriation, either ALL culture should be given the "hands off my culture" protection, or neither of it.
    What's wrong with sharing culture anyway? isn't that what's "immigration" is all about? one culture move to another society to join with its culture, to share the its culture and all its benefits?
    You can't share a country if you are not willing to share the cultures within it; it is not right that the host-culture should share with you all its resources, inventions and benefits, while you are not willing to have the same courtesy to share what you brought with you.
    What makes YOU that special that you should benefit from other's culture, while reserving the right to lock others out from YOUR culture?
    One thing is sure, Social Justice Warriors did not think this over; like always, they run their self righteous mouth before engaging their brains.

  51. I told my mom she couldnt swim the doggie paddle because its cultural appropriation towards dogs

  52. Not everyone shares your views so it is best to assume that people of different cultures may be offended if you adopt their culture without being part of that culture. Not all are going to take it seriously but you are always going to offend someone.

  53. If me not thinking something's wrong doesn't makes it wrong, than how does you thinking something's right make it right

  54. Until you understand WHAT cultural appropriation is, I suggest you keep quiet. Wearing a kilt and renaming it a patterned skirt IS CA. Wearing a kilt ISNT.

  55. https://youtu.be/AHD0ZLPDRxM. (Watch it maybe you won't be so blind.)

  56. Excellent response to the nonsense about "cultural appropriation"! Immitation is the highest form of flattery – unless you just don't want to have nothing to do with others, in other words unless you advocate segregation and isolation – which history has proved are unhealthy to the segregators and isolationists.

  57. Just thoughts coming from a Mexican American perspective with Amerindian roots ( such as most Mexicans). I would clearly argue that the statement." braids are for blacks only" is a form of reverse discrimination. AKA I think this is very racist and wrong for people to make those discriminative statements.

  58. Just because someone shares an ethnicity with a certain culture, doesn’t mean they know more about that culture. If I was a white historian who studied African culture my whole life, I feel like I would have a better understanding and appreciation for that culture than the average black person.

    EDIT: Also, why is this appropriation crusade only directed towards white people? Are minority cultures allowed to appropriate each other? Because I rarely see black or brown people being called out for wearing headdresses or similar things.

  59. Hey, that's my state! 😀 Tennessee pride, bubba! And Go Damn Vols!

    Great vid, once again. I'd say keep up the good work but it certainly doesn't appear as if you need any motivation. Haha. And sadly you'll never run out of material. :/ Thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop on some things, as well as the sharing of your opinions and philosophies. Cheers.

  60. Whitewashed bleached hapa giving excuses for White racism lol so typical. Let me guess! You only date White guys! Lmao what a fool and disgrace.

  61. Multi cultural society works
    What is being done today is a small minority of people who are extremist and are making the rules for everybody
    Women against violence against women claim genital mutilation at epidemic proportion and the numbers they give leading everyone to believe in poor women

    Reality in Africa the genital mutilation claim oppressed women suffer from is a complete lie the truth is it is a marital ceremony where both men and women are ceremoniously circumcised

    Reality most women believe that they have way to much going on down their and some see a plastic surgeons
    The numbers also including Jews and Bar mitzvah and ceremoniously circumcised

    Fact the stats that are told to the public implying that these numbers represent oppressed women lies all lies
    The objective of women against violence against women is to end all circumcision as genital mutilation and should be illegal to practice
    Only 18% of north American women called them selves feminine yet they get to make up the rules for the other 82% ???
    The world is not coming together it is blowing apart

  62. And the best of classic rock comes from England. They did the culture aprropiation thing?you know. the beatles or david bowie or rolling stones? etc etc.And as a Mexicano please stop the freaking 5 de mayo that´s not the mexican independence day.

  63. I don't understand this new trend of segregation, if not apartheid. What happened to the idea of the melting pot?

  64. He black folks, Rome called they want their dreadlocks back. They’ve own that style since the start of the century. Ohh yeah stop straightening that hair it’s a white and asian thang!

  65. SJWs get upset often about forms of "cultural appropriation", and claim that it is offensive, while most people from the culture that is being "appropriated" are just scratching their heads, wondering why people are getting offended on their behalf over something that doesn't bother them in the slightest.

  66. Lauren Chen this video is dumb ass hell, and you total miss the mark! All you did in this video was a bunch of false equivalency's, especially the Elvis music (Rock-in Roll) piece…and I was told Asians were smart! All of those examples you talked about i.e church, religion, the south black people fell under! That's is where Elvis got is music and style from! My last point, if I'm not mistaken, your of Asian descent… what the hell do you know about black history? I can tell you don't know what you're talking about in most these issue? They go much deeper then you and your lineage could understand. Stop trying to be an honorary white person! Lol

  67. I'm a black woman who doesn't get triggered over non-black people wearing braids, dreads or extensions. I mean, it's your hair, you should do whatever the hell you want with it.
    I'm so sick of people acting like they want "diversity," but only if one culture is tightly barred off from another, and whoever dares to unite two or more cultures gets "cancelled" by a bunch of "woke" SJW's who care more about themselves and getting attention than ACTUAL REAL ISSUES in this world.

  68. Shouldnt it be cultural appropriation if other cultures wear things that come from white European, such as fucking coats when its cold. Cultural appropriation is garbage. Isn it the american cutural to be made of many culutres.

  69. I'm not sure that you are approaching this issue in a good faith. When you say that "a lot of claims of cultural appropriation are actually done with the intention of discouraging assimilation and promoting otherness", you are displaying a gross misunderstanding regarding why some people are opposing cultural appropriation. The opposite is the truth. Cultural appropriation perpetuates stereotypical representation of the people whose cultures are appropriated. Since they are not the dominant culture with a broad area of visibility and audibility, these groups of people are only seen as monolithic entities without the ability to change. So, it's cultural appropriation that is discouraging assimilation and promoting otherness.

    There's a reason why the accusation of cultural appropriation can only be applied to the "whites". When people dress as cowboys for halloween, most people wouldn't think that white people are mainly comprised of cow herders or gunslingers. People perfectly understand that cowboys are only a small part of the white culture. They also know that the cultures of white people have changed because the information about the changes are ubiquitous. This is not the case with when people from the dominant culture dress as Pocahontas. While it is kind of silly to assert that most people today think that native-Americans as a bunch of feather headband wearing people who dance in circle around a bonfire, their contact with native-American people and culture is mostly through the media owned by the dominant culture that persistently provides a tired stereotypical representation of the native-American culture and people. So, it's not far-fetched that most people only view native-American people as a caricature that is incompatible with the modern world.

    Sure, there has been silly claims of cultural appropriation, but stating that cultural appropriation has no negative impact whatsoever (discouraging assimilation and promoting otherness) is a dishonesty.

  70. Pls make a video about how being biracial / half asian gives you a unique view on these bat shit crazy issues

  71. As long as the person is not SJW, I don’t give a shit what ever u do with my cultures!

  72. First off your entire argument is based off a bogus definition of Cultural Apropreation!!
    It is defined when someone takes a culture changes and makes it there own and never give credit when they do so!! And you become a vulture when you profit from it!!!
    It's not creativity when you basically plagiarize ones culture!!!
    Especially when the vulture is praised for it, and the person whom is from it gets ostracized for celebrating and embracing who they are!!! Your so dumb I swear.. you and those like you are blindly contributing too the constant corruption of the world!!
    One sided view points..lack of knowledge..minimal reserach.. smh.. pitiful!! Until you experience the other end of it you'll stay in that bubble… but you probably love it there!!! And you wonder why your own culture insults you!! Just know this.. your only excepted because you've adopted white western ways.. the minute, no the second you step outside of that bubble and see it for what it is… you'll possible understand where the majority of the world truly experiences..its actually sad..

  73. Nope, you're wrong, Halloween IS canceled unless you're Irish or Scottish because that's our holiday and you can't appropriate our culture. Also I don't want to see any Irish for a day shirts being sold anymore or green beer for Saint Patrick's day unless you're Irish. And we're taking our potatoes back too 😉

    Can you imagine if we didn't share and celebrate each other's cultures how dark and boring this world will be. I hope people continue to ignore this nonsense and we'll grow closer as one race of humans instead of being driven apart.

  74. The melting pot was a lie. Multi culturism is a lie. America was is not and never was a nation of immigrants. It was found for the benefit of the descendants of the founding stalk.

  75. I don't care about these brainless idiots and their daily stupidity, I don't even know why we humor them lol. Either way, I'm going to do whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as I'm within my constitutional rights of course. If sjw's have a problem, I invite them to come do something about it. I truly wish a mf'er would❤

  76. I didn't want to get accused of culture appropriations of Mexican food, so I married someone that is part Mexican, so I am safe now. I can eat all the Mexican food that I want. 😂

  77. These people that are upset about cultural appropriation need to stop speaking and writing in English.

  78. " white culture is appropriated but nobody talks about it " it was forced on us. When columbus "fOunDED" America and pushed the Natives out but I guess we won't hit on that !

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