Have you Got a Vehicle to Store?

so here we are at Town and district
transport trust as we walking in. I’m gonna show you the selection of our vehicles
and talk you for them. In our collection To Start with this is one of our pennie
Buses D15 R717YMC This is a 702 you may not
remember it as being stagecoach but the owners of it now
the decided to paint it in stagecoach as if that’s what they were new to but you may
have seen in Burnley and pendel colours as the fellow who owns d4 own this at one point before signing it on. preservationist then they came up with the idea of painting it into stagecoach. Right so here we have recently acquired vehicle from Ribble
Preservation Trust it’s in donated to district for the volunteers of the Group to restore and then as it restores we will have fun
enjoys have it going to the rallies in the local area. yeah this is ack796
this is Ribble guy Arab and it’s utility body so it’s pre war 1944 and as
you can with the edge 1944 very rough and this is the only one of its kind
that we’ve heard of right so this is P 3 3 7 route it did well parish books but
it was parked and then it went to sea and traveled after tea and travel they
were well as it works in service or tea in trouble after that it was both
preservation purposes and went down back went back down to wounded and was
repented back into it livery no Harris box which obviously it
was new into until later being sold on to of serotonin district as a trust
vehicle and yeah you’ll see
quite a few valleys as she is quite popular beating the northern counties
death so so this is another one of our recent acquisitions and five it was a
prototype to London Jetix it doesn’t need a little bit of work
coming to it and she can sell with the strain and stuff
I’ve just been sat in the yard until we came and rescued it so yeah hope to see
this out soon enough when it’s fully restored and under the
timing of this trick man Robbie it restored alright so here we are with a
CVT 1902 Blackburn cooperation guy era yeah this
was used as a tall log about some time before being bought for preservation by
its owner and now it’s being repainted into the Blackburn cooperation colours
and are some may say it is the wrong cause it is based off one of its sisters
and it is the right Court this is a eight seven four one
this is owned by a fellow who owns a CB nine or two as well so this boss is in
in part of being result windows right tab with no front end on it and it’s a
little within some Dido ready to repent it back into a rotten style colours
which is what it worked it before being bought in the spirit preservation right
so here we are with Jordan’s obviously is beat mvle b-17 60 SL
recent another recent their health into the TV TT shut and Jordans restoring it
inside instead of outside this time so hopefully things are looking up for the
near future and this boss being glamorous and
now I sing soon alright so here we are with something like alright this is a GM
will see the boss and in the middle thing we’re sort as you can see it’s at
all its panels ripped off and in the minute it’s getting all the clothes
checked and it’s a bit chilly safe and then this shall be painted soon enough
and then this will be out on the rather seen as well as many other vehicles in
the shadow just fine the a pillar house a lot of it quite stupid alright so here
we are with Halifax joint committee number 10 it is a Leyland leopard from
Paxton’s yep this will be joined by its sister number 10 which is a mattre boss
and my new boss ready Marley ready as the other number 10 the
match will see just in the myths of being painted it will be joining this on
the rallies as is matched off same color scheme as this has not many hits Jessie
vehicles are right so here we are not Express Leyland Paxton spray and k3 were
named X as you may know it didn’t actually work for National Express karlsville and when cars will finish
with it I’m not too sure about until the
involved reservation and when he was off the reservation it was a bit of a mess
and the other half of dreams of bringing it into an accident National Express
coach and I just can see it’s dreams have been accomplished after five years
of work pain yeah this should be on the rally scene soon as it’s in France MIT
soon enough so here we are with greater manchester
soup Ross and 520 PNA there’s the fleet of the 520 it was used as super bus it
was a multi box taking people on excursion yep this is just past it’s MIT
with flying colors so it shook there on the rather scene soon enough once it’s
all nice and ready cleaned up alright so here we have X connections bus ease
number 55 it was jus 700 jsut 71 on private plates at connections but since
it’s been bought for preservation it’s to enlist it with its original number
Flyers cf-52 GAF has it worked for connections bosses the owner of it now
did work for connections at the time and he always had a soft spot for him so
he’s bought it for preservation and him and his missus have plans to turn it
into a soft Playa bus yep alright so as I said some of these soft play boss it’s
gonna be painted up to rainbow colors and yep so events for the children to be
playing on but this year I think the owners want it to be on the bus rallies
instead of the child friendly rallies so yeah this is number 55 from
connections buses alright so here we are we page 150
yeah and 5952 as it is a stagecoach bus magical Frehley for northern cactus and
yep people do of this books and is like
Marmite sometimes though you either love it or hate it because yeah shadow on the
sides so this boss is seen quite a lot I read the seventh in the Coleman Nelson
Leyland ps2 PHP seven five six this has been out on the Ralphie well to a couple
of rallies and those quite a few events egg a little things yeah this boss was a
big static when it came beyond that loosen her up and now she was great and
she does weddings and stuff and she felt Shirley
so visit Shirley and Shirley boss website Facebook Instagram or on the
Internet this is 1 7 9 w rj ones of nine in them
Salford City tractable Leyland PP June yeah this will be going around the scene
as well as 1503 to and as I said that earlier on the owner loves taking them
to rallies as he has a stove with them as well so so this is our recent
acquisition jf v 2 9 5 n it is a whale and leopard side burner
high burn boss yep at the minute it’s sassier but we’re waiting for a lottery
Graham to put it back to its former self and then the owners of counsel at
planning on taking it round to schools and letting children know the history of
their town so yeah this is the box so at this moment in time turning
district and moving on and moving up for your getting a new shed such garage up
up the ramp from us well their course can be stored so if you do have any of
these give us a car if you want some space and then yep we’ll saw everyone
enjoy the team TV TT and on the other hand our rally is going up on the 15th
September this rally is a embalmer memorial there is very embalmer we
wouldn’t dare we wouldn’t be here at this time so yeah it is a very big thing
for us and we would love it if you come along and join us for our rallying our
birthday yeah that’s all I have to say thank you for watching and this is
tournament district don’t forget to like comment subscribe I’ll get that

8 thoughts on “Have you Got a Vehicle to Store?

  1. Epic guys… Getting the word out… Looking good Jordan…

  2. Good video,a future tv presenter in the making ,nice collection of buses aswell,hope the work on the bus is progressing nicely,😎

  3. If you’re looking for a place to store a vehicle, don’t waste your time with this place!

  4. Never thought I'd see 55 (omnicity) again. That bus was a beast when I used to drive it for the original owner Newport transport. They all used to have a bolt under the throttle to stop kickdown but as soon as it was removed they used to fly. Most of its sister buses are still with Newport transport. I think they only sold around 3 of them.

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