HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “The Spider in the KinkyBoots”

Thanks for the fun time, hot stuff! Yeah, yeah, listen. [Quietly] Keep this discreet, ya hear me? I can’t let it get out I’m offering my services
to randos on the street! It was a quick cash grab. Ya got it? Pfft. Whatever you say, slut. *laughter* [Mockingly] Ouch, ooh! Such an insult. Let me know when you
come up with something creative to call me, you sack of poorly packaged horse shit. Tell the missus I said ‘Hi!’ *smooch* Schnookums! [mumbling] Pack a… poor- *indecipherable angry mumbling* Yoink! Hey! Up yours, drag show! *thud* *inhales* Oh my God! My drugs! Damn it! *gunshot*

100 thoughts on “HAZBIN HOTEL -(CLIP)- “The Spider in the KinkyBoots”

  1. I swear this guy dates back so fucking far
    https://youtu.be/9-eEekQ8Pog this was the first time this character was shown, six YEARS ago this guy was made

  2. i reminds me a bit of star vs and wonder over yonder animation wise!, i cant wait for the first episode!

  3. The sign in the back

    “We couldn’t think of a pun for our shop. But we sell hard drugs!”😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Где пропадает роскомнадзор
    Почему in Russia не заблочили это

  5. I wonder how many people have questioned their sexuality thanks to Angel Dust

  6. Instantly knew the "yoink!" Sounded like Billy from the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy lol loooooove!!!

  7. It's october folks and I'm stalking the shit out of all her social medias

  8. 0:53 pause exactly on this point, and you'll see that the crook who was smashed by a boulder was apparently voiced by Maxwell Atoms, the guy who created The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne for Cartoon Network…..

    🤯 VIVZIEPOP, HOW???!!!!!

  9. When I saw the Squip and Bojack on the drug dispenser I just-

    I can tell I'm gonna love this.

  10. Imagine him talking with Panty from Panty And Stocking.

    That would be… Awkward. And Crazy. And… Gosh :'D

  11. I was thinking of the voice and I just realised… Is it meant to sound like Steve Buscemi?

  12. Wait on the drug dispenser is says "Squips" is-is that a BMC reference????

  13. This is probably my favorite clip. I just love Angel dust and his character

  14. I don’t care that he’s a spider, HE IS PERFECT ANd I WILL LovE HIM

  15. I would willingly commit all seven sins just to go to hell and get a Squip from a vending machine

  16. I want to know what Crunchy Crocodile is. What kind of drug would that even be?

  17. That smooth remix of the Slutter Spider's theme tho. Love it. Love Angel Dust as a whole! Can't wait to see the first episode whenever it comes out!

  18. Is it bad despite him being a drug addicted, slutty, stripper demon I aspire to be like him personality wise?

  19. Holup angel dust is a female right if she’s not then what happened between angel dust and that weird red eyed guy

  20. Me: Omfg Angel is my favorite character 100%

    Alastor: Allow me to introduce myself.

  21. I thought Angel dust would've better off saying "Oh my Satan! My drugs! Dammit" xD but nevermind

  22. So is he gay or is he just willing to fuck anyone for money? That's the real question I have lmao.

  23. Inspite that he takes the insult to stride I can't help but wonder Is he crying hard DEEP on the inside?

  24. Angel dust: “keep this discreet will ya”
    Driver: “OKAY” screams into the night” I GOT A BLOW JOB FROM ANGEL DUST!!!”
    Angel dust:”…god fucking dammit”

  25. I swear. Angel Dust is the kind of character that's gonna be making EVERYONE question there sexuality…I mean Look at him! He's a Man with a smoking hot feminine body and a lovely male voice!

  26. I'm just waiting for angel dust to get a Barrett 50 cal and go ham

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