– Welcome to the
video on applications of Heiken Ashi Trading Strategy. In this part, I will
be showing you how all the Heiken Ashi trading
concepts that we have covered can be used to identify trading
opportunities in the market. Now I have covered Heiken Ashi
candlesticks in great depth, and link to all those
videos will come up at top right end of your screen. So, let’s get started. So in this video, we
will be looking into applications of Heiken
Ashi Trading Strategy. Now for this particular video, I have selected gold
as an instrument, and this is mainly because in one of the market
analysis videos that I’d made in June 2019 and
then I think in August 2019, I had mentioned about gold
forming a very bullish structure and that it was
about to head higher. So through this video, I’ll just explain my thought
process behind my analysis and I’ll be showing you
how you can stitch together various multiple
time frames together in order to trade in
the direction of trend. So this is something I’m
trying to do more often wherein whatever concepts
we have covered earlier. I am trying to show you
practical applications of same, by taking various
instruments in the market. So let us now get
back to the video where I will show you
how you can conduct multiple time frame analysis and you can use three
separate methods via Heiken Ashi candlesticks to enter and exit trades. Before we move ahead, let me explain the three
time frame combinations that I use consistently with
Heiken Ashi candlesticks. In my own experience, Heiken Ashi candlesticks
is really useful when you analyze trend
over one time frame and then take positions
over a lower time frame. Now as a Trader, you can use this time
frame combination with any other
charting technique, that is, candlestick charts,
bar charts or any other form. So what I do is I
take combination of Daily time frame and
60-minute time frame together. On Daily time frame chart, I analyze the trend, mark out support and resistance and I conduct
retracement analysis. Now once this is complete, I then use the 60-minute
time frame chart to take entry in the trade. Now if you want to trade
over very short term, you can use the combination of 60-minute chart
to analyze the trend and then use 5-minute
time frame chart to enter the trade. I hope this aspect is clear. So let us now begin with
trend analysis of gold. Now in the beginning,
we’ll only be taking this region that I have
marked on the chart. And in the next
slide, I will explain why I have selected
only this region. Now if you recollect,
in the first two parts of Heiken Ashi Trading
Strategy videos, I had discussed how
to use the concept of Initiation candle
and Confirmation candle. Along with this, I
had also explained why shadow of candles was so
important in trend analysis. In this chart, there are four sections
that I have marked out. Two sections have Initiation
candles on the upside and two other sections
have the same on downside. Out of these four sections, the first three sections
have more wide range candles when you compare it with
this fourth section here. Now till this point, demand
on upside is evident. There are very few, if any, bearish candles that are
marked in this region. Now before we move
forward, let me now explain why only this section was
chosen for trend analysis. If you look at the chart, take a look at this
triangle formation over the last six
months in gold. The main reason for
selecting the range that we saw in
the previous slide was this triangle on the chart. Now if price were to break out
above or below this triangle, prior context of trend was
important to place a trade. Do note this point. Now when I have updated
about gold in June 2019, price had moved above this
triangle with the help of these two Initiation
candles that I’ve marked. Now had I not conducted trend
analysis prior to breakout, I wouldn’t have known the
underlying demand in Gold. I hope now you can see why I selected only
this particular range. Now once price moved
above year-old range post this, between
June and September, gold actually gave plenty
of opportunities to go long. So let us look at some
of those opportunities based on the
concepts we discussed in the first five parts
of Heiken Ashi series. So the first way to enter
with Heiken Ashi candlesticks is to enter on
back of combination of Initiation candles
and Confirmation candles. If you recollect,
Initiation candles are those candles that
propel price higher or lower. If you look at the
chart in front of you, these two are Initiation
bullish candles, and the third candle that you
see is Confirmation candle. Once you have this combination, long or short trade
can then be taken. In this chart, once gold broke out of
range on Daily time frame, price consolidated
and then moved lower. Post this, we then
got combination of Initiation and
Confirmation candle which was the cue to
go long in the market. Now this is something
which we discussed extensively in part
one and part two of Heiken Ashi Trading
Strategy videos. So let us look at
this chart again. These set of bearish
candles have to be used to exit the trade and not to
initiate short sell trades. The main reason for this being that we are using Daily time
frame as trend reference. The whole idea here is to align with stronger
players in the market and then to trade in
the direction of trend. So let me now give
you some pointers on when to use the combination of Initiation candles
and Confirmation candles. When you have identified trend as bullish on a higher
time frame chart, wait for such
corrective price action on a lower time frame chart. For instance, in
the previous chart we saw that trend was bullish
as per Daily time frame. Now on a 60-minute
time frame chart, you should then wait for
such corrective price action. Now post this, you
should then enter when you spot two Initiation
candles on the chart, along with the
Confirmation candle. This would signal price aligning back with higher
time frame trend and this in turn becomes your
low risk entry opportunity. Do note that after seeing such negative price
action on the chart, most of the traders
would be willing to short sell in the market. Now this is where
you will benefit as consensus will
not be thinking about going long in this region. When finally these
traders realize that their trade was wrong, they will eventually
cover their positions and this in turn will
push prices higher. I hope this is clear. The second way to enter with
Heiken Ashi candlesticks is to enter on a
Double Bottom pattern. Under this concept, when price is testing
out the second bottom, it should be doing so on back
of narrow range candlesticks. If you now focus on this
first bottom formation here, look at how many wide Heiken
Ashi candlesticks are present as price moves lower. Now second time
around if you see, candles are much
narrower in range and represent less
supply on the downside. In the last few months, gold has actually given
multiple such opportunities to take the trade in
the direction of trend. Now this again was a
concept that I had covered when I had explained Heiken
Ashi Trading Strategy on a 60-minute time frame chart. In case you have
missed that video, link to that video would come up at top right end of your screen. The third way to enter using
Heiken Ashi candlesticks is to take trades when price
retraces back within a trend. For identifying
valid retracements, there are two conditions
that you need to check. Number one, retracement
needs to happen on back of narrow
range candlesticks, and number two,
Stochastic Indicator needs to be below the 30 level. Now if you look at
this simple template, it has given some amazing
entry opportunities in gold over the
last few months. In this chart, all these
regions that I have marked provide an ideal entry
opportunity for a trader. Now this is where
price has retraced with narrow range candles and this is the point
where Stochastic has moved consistently
below the 30 mark. So let us focus
back on the chart. If you look at all these
Heiken Ashi candlesticks here, these are all narrow in range and represent less
momentum on the downside. In this setup, just
remember one thing. The moment you enter a trade, place the stop-loss at
major swing point level to avoid getting
stopped out of a trade. For instance, in this
chart that I am showing, if I enter the trade
at this region, I would place a stop at
this line that I’ve marked. Now trade may not
work immediately and hence placing stop at
the right point is important. Now many a times, you will
see that whenever you enter based on Heiken
Ashi candlesticks, price will start
consolidating sideways, and will eventually
start moving higher. To precisely be in such setups, you need to place stop-loss
at the right point. So this entire setup of using
Heiken Ashi candlesticks and Stochastic
Indicator together was explained in
a separate video. Again, link to this
particular video will come up at top right
hand of your screen. In the Heiken Ashi playlist, I think this was
video number five. Let me now explain the
current structure of gold with respect to Heiken
Ashi candlesticks. So as of this recording,
it is 10th September, and I can spot three wide range Initiation candles
on the downside. Now same, I’ve marked
in this region. If you look at the
last 4-month data, current candles are actually the widest bearish
candles visible in gold. Prior to this, all these
candles that you see here were not Initiation candles and offered good opportunity
to go long in gold. So in the current context, I will not be referring
to 60-minute chart for taking long trades
in this instrument. So for a fresh long trade here, I will now wait for
Initiation demand candles, and only then I will look to
take a long trade in gold. So let us now look at
60-minute time frame chart. If you look at the
60-minute time frame chart, you will understand
why taking long trade is not feasible at this stage. As wide range Initiation candles are developing on
Daily time frame chart, 60-minute time frame is
actually reflecting the same. Most of the Heiken Ashi
candlesticks that you see are wide in range and price is moving lower on
back of momentum. So while long term trend
of gold is still intact, it is the short term which
is not at all in sync. If you recollect
about what we studied in Heiken Ashi Trading
Strategy videos, we emphasized a great deal on identifying high
probability setups. For now though, I don’t think
gold is ideal for the same. We will have to wait out
for price structure evolve, and then I will update
at a later stage. So before you move forward, do note that all these
three entry methods are important and, hence,
do study these in details. Now do note that as a trader, there will be times
when you’ll have to use the Double bottom strategy, and there will be times
you will have to rely on the retracement concept. This is mainly why I emphasize on learning all these
three entry methods. So whenever you are using
Heiken Ashi candlesticks, do not forget to
conduct trend analysis, and do not forget to apply the principles of multiple
time frame analysis. This is crucial to increase
your odds of success within the Heiken
Ashi frame work. Now do watch the previous videos on Heiken Ashi Trading Strategy, as I have covered many concepts of Heiken Ashi in great depth. Link to all these
videos will come up at top right end of your screen. In the meantime, if there is
any doubt related to any topic, then let me know in the
comment section below, no matter how basic
your doubt is.

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