Herman Cain’s Crazy Commercials

i don’t think he’s been doing really
well on the polls so that new set of pulls up worries leading edge and a but
here is some as when he was not leading in the polls perhaps it was to catch
attention uh… and it has done that now i don’t know but will several well
because they’re rather weird first uh… this one involves his chief
of staff who does something interesting towards that on that let’s
watch king are blocked here sense jerry at the privilege of being
seats after hurricane antibacterial visit friends in tomorrow one day closer to the white house i
really believe confirming needlepoint united back in the united states of
america and i don’t believe that time we’ve been we’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever
seen them america’s ever seen a candidate
like we need to to get involved because the gather we
can’t do this and we can take this country glad that’s fantastic at several levels first
that night so sinister smile it then paper material in yeah that’s right that’s right we just noted that but space a hallmark like there’s smoke
and randomly and then the address was got everybody’s
attention belefiville minded i think it’s different and i don’t think
it’s something you know some people are objective is a bad idea it sends the
wrong message is that identities and judges are not overly concerned about it
what crime problem is that if you’re there everything campaign that new looks
like of the poster boy for cancer i think it looks like he’s run from the
inside out blazes slogan for like approximately eighty nine years are
worried about his health for two decades cst football and i think that’s the guy
you want to point out like yeah we’re slogan in look at we you know
marlboro man paid but uh… of course foxnews jumps in the press concert we’re trying to appeal to you know folks who are out there and you
know whining realizing i work in the farm are working to try to get back
anything as opposed to making that peace to west coast elites at people in the hysterical sue shannon smoking and uh… yes ever real
american things but that you walk into a a uh… uh… veterans bar and isla and they’re
sitting around smoking and uh… you know really are resonating with them an
idea on that the only one that’s what’s in america for god sake by gradual of that love is set up by the
anchor pride in neutral reporter right on the friend allison news network she’s like i mean cannot try to fill
though leave great orgasms that fear for the
regular guy the guy in detroit the former doing real american things like
getting cancer and hello again david on somalia julie
wright at all the matter in smoke really knew that and a book that they what all
of the in the car is in the course smoke i don’t know where they’d been designed
it straight but of course fighters free so that
that’s what he thought no and that was a little strange wait till you get all over the scalpel
where as a little longer this war that this is one of the strangest political ads and of course is on the internet
that so i can be this long whether strange political as i’ve ever seen in
my entire life can you see buchanan and figure out what the hell’s going on here harvard definitely graham separate flowers yet there mister married yet alone from will gradually out there use your words of love wasn’t always going to be about governor card-carrying myself lead man resistor like your job love you on instead like you know any no eye contact cracked some international film and television
star next thursday you already knew that played a lot of tough guys in movies
over the years but you know what looking cool and saying lines
somebody’ll trooper me doesn’t make me real tough guy any more of an looking cool and reading
lines off the teleprompter that somebody of you who makes the community organizer
of real leader but herman cain is a real leader is accomplished real things in the real
world created real businesses the provided real jobs for real people in two thousand twelve let’s get real for a change people figure we’ll look at herman cain i think you’ll like what you see when you watch one of my film right neck back then back in this upcoming election is two crucial for us to get distracted by silly things
like line readings and antifreeze is like whole printing were the ones that were still listed
right okay located israel’s i stand with her mccain apparently stand for that night-vision anyone understand that and what is
happening there by the criticizing liberal hollywood but
that the guy then is kind of a liberal hollywood update criticizing realize
what he reads lines the ones that have to do with our the was on the cover no wrongdoing diane
did what was pratt i’ll link it up in cyprus you
watch that movie or and or whatever was and why do
you what i want for our meeting that was just in downline blestsol i’ll be willing to take any explanation
you guys got because as i look at it i think okay and seriously

100 thoughts on “Herman Cain’s Crazy Commercials

  1. Ad A: Pretty normal looking to me. A little weird that they'd have a guy smoking in 2011, but still. Someone I heard said that Cain's smile was creepy, but I don't see a problem with it.

    Ad B: Not the same opinion. Shouldn't have had a Black guy there. Reminds me of Jim Crow times.

    The Guy With Yellow Flowers almost looks like a White Herman Cain, lol. Also Herman Cain has no more executive experience than Obama 4 years ago, and even less political experience – i.e. Zero.

  2. that herman cain smile at the end of the add is the same smile you get when someone screwed you real bad

  3. The black dude in the second commercial has a channel on youtube called machosauceproductions. He has a whole lot of videos on there dealing with conservative issues. I wouldn't be surprised if he directed this video, his brand of humor goes way past my head. I just don't get it.

  4. "Take this country back"
    Except, it's really just "Help us rich fascists covertly take over this country, and you the voter will be our slave."
    Ah, the subtlety of American politics.

  5. "Hey baby, nice chicken there. Is she good at layin'? I ain't got no hens m'self, just a big ol' cock." Do all those women live in a shed?
    I wouldn't listen to a guy who thinks that "hope" and "change" are phrases.

  6. Though Strange… I get the message! Mr. Cain i a very smart man, and he is doing what he has done in the past to turn around failing companies. The best way to offer marketing is through questionable media. Once the public is asking questions, the public will begin researching. Mr. Cain, understands the research of those thrown off by the confusing ads, will directly result with a percentage of those that convert to his campain. He is a business genius! He has all of us talking right?

  7. I don't care whaat he looks like! It's his right to smoke….it's not the goverments place to tell someone what to do

  8. @DeepSouth16 I'm encouraged to see all this tolerance and mutual respect that will suddenly take over if there's a new Pres.. I guess you're anticiapting that the South–I mean the really old, old, south–will rise again. Folks, I can't figure out if guys like this just don't even talk for a minute or two to the half or more of the population (liberal or center) that they deride, or if they just figure we'll all duke it out in some repeat of the civil war, and their attitude will win out.

  9. In this add the "hero" appears to be a real douche bag and I can't imagine him being a good spokesman for my candidate even if I did like Cain. What was with him disrespecting the woman talking to him with the "no eye contact" comment. If this is the kind of clown you identify with more power to you but this guy will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the vast majority, this commercial was bizarre and missed the mark hard.

  10. This guys is 30 years late, he still think smoking makes you look cool… it doesn't, it only make you look like an idiot…

  11. LOL…too bad there has been a public smoking ban in Iowa since 2008…great example slick

  12. @sharper68
    Like I thought the first lesson they taught you in ADvertising was that if you want people to buy your product the person presenting it should be somewhat likeable

    Also, I don't watch TV that much, so maybe this guy is a Big star and I just don't know it but good grief is he
    full of himself.

  13. This whole sex accusation thing is bullshit! Herman Cain has been in business, and has run organizations all over the country for 35+ years, and ALL FOUR of the accusations come out of Chicago, in a 3-year period? Come on! Not only that, this Sharon Bialek cretin actually lived in the SAME BUILDING as Obama's right-hand man (and political "Hit Man"), David Axelrod. One of Axelrod's specialties is in creating scandal on political opponents where it does not exist.

  14. Actually, no one smokes in bars in Iowa, it's illegal to smoke on public grounds and will give you a pretty hefty fine.

  15. My IQ dropped 20 points after watching this Add.
    and whats with the porno like set.

  16. It's performance art.

    It's pretty obviously performance art.

    Cain's campaign is an art project. A pretty brilliant one if you ask me.

  17. "You walk into a veteran's bar in Iowa, and they're sitting around smoking."

    Well. I'm from Iowa.. and since we passed a bill years ago saying you can't smoke in ANY public building… that's just blatantly not true. Also, the Fox News Anchor is criticizing the East and West Coast… from her office in New York City. Silly Republicans….

  18. Fuck you America…Fuck you!
    The fact that a complete MORON like him can even come close to being president is disgusting.
    I'm so glad I'm not in this shit hole of a country for most of the year. America is just a big, stupid bully for the most part. There's a lot of potential, but you have to get rid of bought politicians.
    Fucking disgusting…

  19. Herman "Pain in the ass" Cain is nothing more than a big pile of Dog Shit!!!!!

  20. Hate to tell you but lots of people on the coasts still smoke cigarrettes.

  21. Okay. Let me lay out a couple of facts to you.
    1. Herman Cain dropped out of the election late last year. The only reason he didn't last as long as Rick Santorum is because unlike Santorum, Cain actually had the brains to realize he wasn't going to win early on.
    2. Bully? We've saved Europe's ass twice now, and if it wasn't for us you'd be in either German or Russian control, regardless of where you are.
    3. Don't blame us for the politicians. Nobody likes them. They're politicians.

  22. I'm from this shit hole called America. Born & raised. I just make it a point not to spend most of my time here.
    I pay taxes here, work for an American company etc.

  23. Stop it! Now you're insulting shit holes and that isn't right, lol!!! This outsource country has been going to shit for a very, very long time.

  24. Why is smoking demonized? I agree, it was stupid as hell to put it in an ad, and I'm SO glad Romney got it over Cain. But really. Obama's a chain smoker.

  25. As an Brit tht knows less than zero about U.S Politics, my take is –
    In The Cowboy ad, the 'regular' cowboys are hanging until a 'new' dynamic cowboy turns up but, when it's time to fight, the cowboy is just an actor as 1. He bows out, instead using a 'fall guy' to take the bumps. Thus revealing that 2. Although portrayed as a great hope he's just being fed lines written by somebody else and is following rather than leading.

    We don't have any real Party ads, politics is dull over here.

  26. This guy's videos are annoying as hell. his re-characterization of everyone's intentions and biases do more to reveal his own obvious blind partisanship than they do to objectively tell us anything about his subjects.

  27. It's not something to flaunt with though, that's the point. Just like you shouldn't drink too much publicly as president.

  28. How can people not see what the meaning of the add is. Clearly he is saying this is the intro to the full on hard core, gay porn, i promise to make if you elect me as president. Like you could just see those flowers where for the two guys and after fighting they would probably start wrestling, hint hint hint.

  29. Herman Cain had a good message, a good idea; But, he didn't exactly have the credentials… so he resorted to being the "artistic candidate"

  30. I gotta be honest, I'm concentrating more on the subtitles, they're classic. "Paper material in", "Shannon Smoking", "Belefiville Minded"? Oh fuck, there's too many.

  31. That's right. Your not the only one that smokes in America. I smoke cancer sticks. I live on the west coast. I'm hard working at a minimum wage and very liberal. And I ain't on any adds or "elite" media stations like you guys.

  32. Boy you hit that nail right on the head! Politicians are so full of shit, it's insulting and annoying how they dumb down to the public. With their phony, "Hey I'm an average guy like you buddy! I'm on your side!" Such bullshit!

  33. It is simple manipulation through music and visuals and irrelevance.

  34. It's Herman Cain, of course it's fucking weird. I honestly think that he's an undercover liberal who just does his act for shits and giggles.

  35. I have always and will always maintain that the first commercial shown here is the absolute greatest political ad in all of history, past, present and probably future. The uncomfortable close zooms, the oddly pronounced words, the porn stache, the weird no-reason smoking, the creepy turn and slow creepy smile. It couldn't be more perfect. That song is so perfect for it too. God, it's the best.

  36. Whenever I see that weird slow smile, I think, "You're gonna get raaaped…"

  37. I truly believe Herman Cain was a briliant Troll. A liberal in conservatice disguise who by using satire tried to show how stupid the GOP policies were. I base this on this interview. The fact that he used pokemon songlyrics in a speech. Or how he based his 999 policy plan on sim city, etc etc this guy is a true satirist, an incredible comedic genius

  38. Can't wait for the Cain Train to take USA to paradise.

    We will reech paradise. Cain2024.

  39. I'm rewatching all these old Caine videos in an attempt to try and understand the Trump phenomenon.

  40. I live in San Diego, I’m a liberal progressive and I smoke. Lol. And dude is still a clown.

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