Hermitcraft 6: Episode 115 – Mega Trading Hall

100 thoughts on “Hermitcraft 6: Episode 115 – Mega Trading Hall

  1. when you did a sahara popup store in your channel make that in sahara now.
    if iskall85 agrees.

  2. Dutch HermitCraft Server! Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/bhFQPTW

  3. Hi I have a question, do you have a texture/mod pack?
    I just notice that your glass doesn't have any borders. If you do could you link it for me? Thanks

  4. I’m scared that your zombies will despawn unless you name them

  5. Grian :Mumbo jumbo you are afk im going to take your moustache away

    Moustache: ahh shit here we go again

  6. The trade lock room is off center ☹️
    Plz fix

    Also you should make the place the villagers get stuck on a powered rail so they don’t… you know, get stuck

  7. you should sugar cane farms in a row then players can rent one out for 1 hour 2 hours or 3 hours

  8. *zooms In on new Zombie”

    Mumbo: Suits you.

    cuts to next segment without any elaboration making me laugh and my family think I’m a crazy man

  9. I love how mumbo talks about his work like the viewers worked along with him, it makes me feel accomplished

  10. Anybody else think Mumbo should put an iskall head on the zombie changing the villagers?

  11. dude… just watch iskall's villager trading mechanics video. it's painful to watch you this bad at villagers

  12. 4:30
    "The only slight problem about using glass for everything is that it uses glass for everything"


  13. Mumbo: thank F- god for that .

    Cringy 7 year old:Oh my gosh he nearly swore.

  14. To Mumbo: Why aren't you using Optifine? You have a GTX 1080 (I saw that when you were showing a tnt cannon and showed us your position), you should get more performance. Also, you can change the textures to make them look less tiled. I reccomend it, I have the AMD RX 580, and when I record, with the video settings on max, I get 380 frames per second (don't mean to show off).

  15. Well I built it in my hardcore world and this is super-op source of emeralds. In work time you can buy bookshelves from librarians for 1 emerald and then sell books from destroying bookshelves. If you are fast enough you can get stack of emerald blocks in one day (with 5 villagers)

  16. The problem with using so much glass is that it takes up so much glass!


  17. i had problems where the villager will get a profession only after he slept. what can i do about it?

  18. Hey Mumbo, dog trainer in training here: If your puppy makes it half way into "down" that's great! Give him treats for that, sometimes it is helpful to break a new thing up into smaller pieces which gives the dog the opportunity to figure out what you actually want. You can also reward him whenever he lies down on his own.

    I sincerely encourage you to look into positive reinforcement training (no "noes", no leash-pulling, no intimidation or similar) and clicker training which is easy to pick up and the best way to train any animal (they do it with alligators, fish and big predators to be able to let them be examined by vets without the need of putting them under).

    Helpful names to get into the topic: John McGuigan (Glasgow), Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar, Sophia Yin

    I hope I'm not offending you, just want to see happy puppies grow into happy adults with happy humans at their sides 🙂

  19. My Villagers take a long time to "see" the object in front of them. It works, but every reselection takes 1-2 minutes, does someone know why?

  20. Did anyone else notice his pick was name Subscribe to Mumbo instead of #shopatsahara

  21. "Hello everyone, this is Bumbo Cactoni (let this stay pls) welcome back to our episode on the hermit's crafts and is episode 115 and today…"

  22. Mumbo: gets his dog up to his mic to make a sound so ppl think he isn't crazy, but the dog tries to eat his mic
    Technoblade: i feel ya bruh

  23. 3:39 excuse me, but is that skeleton holding a flame bow and mumbo completely ignored it?

  24. 2 weeks for potty training you must be magic it took me like a month or two

  25. Teach him to bark every time you have an outro. That could be your new thame song😁

  26. I have a question
    If you zombify a villager and cure it will the discounts apply for everyone or just you

    Also if a zombie kills a villager is it a 100 percent chance it turms into a zombie villager

  27. I only discovered pick block a couple months ago, and I only ever use it in creative mode.

  28. Mumbo I built a medium sized zero-tick sugarcane farm and it broke Minecraft. Don't do it.

  29. Start if the video with captions on:
    “Hello everyone, this is Bumbo Cactoni (let this stay pls)…”

    Lol. I’m definitely not the first one to notice this, right?

  30. mumbo can u add music pls ive been listening to zombies and villagers talking the whole time

  31. 11:31 "Brain wave"? No no no, I think you meant brain blast.

    (If anyone gets this reference I will love you forever.)

  32. You have four beacons. That means SOMEONE fought the Wither FOUR TIMES.

  33. Villager: Sees player send one of their brothers down to a zombie and does nothing
    Also Villager: Sees player turn him back to a normal villager “Suprised Pickachu face”

  34. my old dog hated the default "message sent" noise for iphone and would leave the room no matter what she was doing

  35. I built that hall but my villagwr wont drop at the module. They get ejected between the redstone blocks somebody help me please

  36. Progress update

    It’s episode 115 out of 121

    I have 6 episodes left

    I’m almost completely caught up

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