Hip Hop’s Reckoning with Asian Rappers: $tupid Young, 88rising, and Ebro Darden

100 thoughts on “Hip Hop’s Reckoning with Asian Rappers: $tupid Young, 88rising, and Ebro Darden

  1. $tupid young comes from the aftermath of the Vietnam War. His parents and grandparents were not just immigrants but refugees who were settled in the ghetto of Long Beach in the 1980s. And Southeast Asians are brown man…. His family are war survivors.

  2. I am the Big Boss when you talk about asian you talk about me!!! Do YOUR RESEARCH EBRO!!! CAMBODIAN ARE THE NEGRO of ASIA!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH and HISTORY!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzS5g3rLKOA
    ig: tigersonhouse
    ig: princetigerasia

  3. Stfu ebro, stupid young will pull up to your face and say the n word to your fucken face.

  4. As a Cambodian-American I don't support other Cambodian-Americans saying the n-word, but I understand it. Southeast Asians are trapped into the poverty that systems of oppression have created– along side Latinx and Black communities. The model minority myth hides our struggles. Southeast Asians in Long Beach, Lowell, Chicago, Atlanta, and all over the country are struggling to survive but at the same time they want community. White communities don't accept Asians that fall outside the model minority myth. So where do we go? To other communities of color.

  5. What’s the banger stupid young spitting in the studio . Help me out I’m trying bump

  6. Ebro the type of dude to compare kfc/popeyes and have an argument about which one is more black influence 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, an vice would pick a lame ass reporter to interview him 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. They sounded better than some of the typical young rap artists today. Like 4real tho


  9. Fuck ebro he is just a bitter old man… I can't stand that mother fucker!!!

  10. Time to delete my rap/hiphop playlists. Since they don't like non blacks listening to their song so much.

  11. Dey have every fuckn rite to ball n do watever df dey want like anybody else quit segregating mothafukas

  12. Can someone help out and do a quick lyric search on the word "Chink" on Genius.com and confirm that it doesn't get used in hip hop ever? I'm pretty sure there's nothing to be outraged about, but just want to make sure.

  13. Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, Javanese, Malaysian, Khmer are welcomed; but modern Chinese should be cautioned.

  14. Hey Ebro, let me tell you it's just satirizing rap cliches not for racist things, be smart Ebro

  15. What about China Mac? Vice doesn’t want to interview him because he’ll get in their face and meet them on equal level

  16. Yeah they right when Asians grew up they be sayin the N word like me as a Asians my self I grew up knowing what the N word mean cuz people be sayin the N word around us soo we assume the words fine to use

  17. I have a great respect for Asians but this is wrong, y'all can't keep trying to bring us down constantly and then use our culture for profit 😤😤😤

  18. Rich B. already explained and apologized for his old rapper name, chill Ebro, chill bro

  19. So, Ebro would be ok, for Asian Doll to used that as her rap name and he probably doesn’t see a problem with that. Lame

  20. This is the worst documentary i’ve ever seen on youtube. They could’ve have discredited Rich Brian less. Young Stupid or whatever the guys name was is atrocious. They barley even talked about Joji and at all. The whole documentary was about the N word. Title should’ve been “Making sure asians don’t say the N word.” Rich Brian’s album the sailor is incredible and one the best albums of the year you fags should make a video about how fucking good that album is or just talk about about cultural appropriation and whining about how discriminated you are. This will lead to y’all failing as a company no doubt.

  21. Let them understand is not whoever's come from poverty can use the N word…oh I know the black men lack knowledge of themselves, why give them pass if there are many thing to mention or used in your songs..c'mon

  22. History lesson Asian people are black period, do the history search!

  23. asians getting on the map now. They're coming up on music, movies, sports everything is changing. They had no representation before

  24. Who the fuck is Ebro? You ain't nobody special you work at a radio station dude, did you all the sudden bring out your black side like Cap. You don't fucking fly, don't nobody give a shit about you being offended about it cause it doesn't apply to you halfbreed. They do what they do and that's it ain't nothing you can do about, it's like a black person coming up to you and saying you can't talk like that cause you're not full blooded black see how stupid that shit sounds?

  25. TBH….I'm not cool with this. At all. As a man from California who currently lives in Germany and has traveled all around Europe and across the globe (to include Asia on multiple occasions), there is one thing that I can attest to having learned about other cultures/societies that I will sum up in one statement;

    Everyone LOVES black culture…but not everyone loves black people. Our culture is accepted — our people are not.

    Our culture is copied, profited off of, mimicked, sold in stores (clothing)…everything. Everyone wants a piece of what we created and wants to be included into our culture circle – when it has their benefit in it. Yet, when it comes to anything reciprocal that benefits the black community, our people come last on everyone's list and repetitively remain left out. As the video started out saying, hip-hop music is the most listened to genre nationally and internationally, as well as being one of the most profitable exports coming out of America right now. Funny enough, despite the fact that the very culture that black people created is one of the most economically profitable exports, our communities remain impoversihed and financially/economically powerless. With a few exceptions within the black community, everyone else seems to be profiting off our culture more than we are. There's a need for self-preservation that the black community has never quite understood because we've always been too busy accepting any and every "bone" that another culture would throw us, and letting any and everyone else take a piece of our pie, our pie being anything that can bring us economic leverage, or in this specific case — hip-hop.

    Asians, on the other hand, understand the concept of self-preservation incredibly well. They are a people who are very protective against "outsiders" and are very "do-for-self" minded when it comes to their people – this 88Rising event is proof of that. When it comes to whom they marry, date, formulate social circles with (to included friendships), form business partnerships with, and endow with opportunities/positions of power; they reserve all of the above for themselves to maybe include people of white skin color here or there – that's where the buck stops. On the surface, they are very curteous and friendly to foreigners, and specifically within the hip-hop community, they allow us to have a few bones here n' there such as using names that elude to their culture, as the video points out; Wu-Tang, Chun-Li, etc. However, don't allow that to fool you, those are just small bones that lie in the outer circles of their culture — they don't really change or affect much. However, on a deeper level, when it comes to anything that would disrupt or penetrate their inner circles (such as marraige, businesses, finances, etc.), they keep those strictly forbidden to outsiders – and ESPECIALLY black people.

    Asians travel all across the globe, learning the language, opening up businesses, starting franchises, and then eventually bringing their famillies over to share the benefit of foreign opportunity and create an economic foothold for thier people, yet that same welcoming attitude is not extended by them to other countries. There's hardly a major city in America that doesn't have a Chinatown in it. Vancouver, Canada houses one of the largest communities of Chinese people outside of China, and Sao Paulo, Brazil houses the largest community of Japanese people outside of Japan. However, whenever you go to their home countries, there's hardly a gathering or community of non-asian descent to be found (once again, with a very small exception made for those of European descent). They invade other communities constantly, but allow very little and incredibly restricted invasion of their own communities (a quick Google search on demographics will confirm this). As I said before, they are a people who do for self. Asians seek out and jump at opportunities to get their foot in the door, just to hold it open for other asians to get through — exclusively asians. 88Rising is a prime example of that. Funny enough though, I can't remember ONE-TIME when asians have ever held the door open for African Americans. Whenever our community is suffering, under-attack, or being shot at – literally – asians have remained eerily quiet. So now here they are, asking for a foothold within the hip-hop community. Asking to have a piece of our pie, while denying us access to theirs…and we're just supposed to be cool with it.

    Saddest part is that, as a community, black people are incredibly insecure and are always happy to have even the slightest bit of recognition from other communities, so of course….we actually are cool with it.

  26. Vice, good on you for taking this topic on but would love to see a reporter who is familiar with Asian American history to present a well balanced view. Asian Americans have also been prosecuted in history yet have been erased from the fabric of history. Asians were slaves also targeted by white America and also lynched. Have you heard of coolies, the Exclusion Act, or of the Japanese Interment Camps?


  27. I'm so damn uncomfortable with these comments saying Ebro is the problem and not the Asians literally using the n word. And most of them are coming from Black men (what's new 🙄) and none Black ppl. Like are y'all okay? Serious question because this shit y'all speaking is sick. Real shit.

  28. The problem I have with Ebro isn't that he's not full black but who is he? I mean really who tf is he??…He's basically a bad Ryan Seacrest but he acts like he speaks for the black community and all rappers🥴

  29. Just bc you grew up around black it dosent mean you can say the N word bc you are NOT an African american.

  30. Are we all gonna pretend like Asians don’t hate us? I would rather have a white person say the n word than an Asian person to be honest.

  31. Y’all think y’all slic releasing this on vice Asia like it wasn’t the same exact episode as this one

  32. Yooooo dead ass I thought Ebro was white this whole time till I googled him 2 seconds ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. What a wankers ….they are using also the N word … in some places they turn to pieces for been soo disrespectful..they are soo many way to be cool even if you are Cambodian without using the N world

  34. Stop bein sensitive in 2019, i grew up in the hood had that art bug all my fukn life and always just appreciated everybody being them whether flawed out the game or real af. $tupid Young is aiight in my book.

  35. Shocking that a liberal black dude from the Bay Area is offended by everything.

  36. Keep this in mind. Cambodians immigrated here early 70’s due to the genocide where over two million Cambodians where slaughtered by the hands of mainly child soldiers. Bullets where expensive expensive so slitting throats and bashing of the head were more economical to kill. Stupid young is a second generation Cambodian just like myself. Believe me when I say this, we aren’t afraid to defend ourselves by all means necessary according to the threat. That’s why Cambodians took to the African American culture more because that’s where Cambodians were put. In the hoods.

  37. I can’t speak for the other Asian rappers but stupid young is official street credit wise. Cambodians aren’t like other Asians. Cambodians are the blacks of Asians.

  38. I'm not okay with males using the B word. Bitches own that word…that's ours. next time you use it, you should get fired and shunned by the media. The man with skin almost as light as a white person's (because he may be half white) is trying to tell people what they can and cannot say….so much for freedom of speech. ..smh.

  39. “I grew up like this, I can’t change it” ……

    Ughhhh change represents growth… you child. People grow up and change all the time. You sound as dumb as your “rap” songs. You embarrassing pos.

  40. idc how you grew up if you not black don't say the N word not that hard to comprehend

  41. 12:05 was the realist shit bruh. Samoans blacks and asians be cool in the hood long as we on the same street bruh. Shoutout to my uce's

  42. I love 88rising so much. I'm fucking stoked to finally have more Asian representation in music.

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