Hoff & Leigh – Commercial Real Estate in Akron, OH

I don’t think anyone can go wrong
using Hoff & Leigh. They will have all of the services that they need from
beginning to end. It’s kind of a one-stop shop. We don’t farm anything out, all of
our work is done in-house. We’re starting to expand into many more
areas and people now, you say “Hoff & Leigh” and they know us because they see our
signs everywhere. We’re actually going out there and we’re mining information
about who might use that space for what. Our group has significant experience in
our market and we’re able to provide information to clients so that they can
make the best business decision for them at that time. We will always work hard
for you and we will always do everything that we say. We listen is what it all
boils down to. We listen to their needs and we try to fulfill those needs best
we can. We add value quick by that level of
trust, by that level of relationship. Trust is the most important thing that
we can possibly build between our clients here at Hoff & Leigh. Family is always a big focus, everyone here works together as a team, and there is support all around.
We get along so well together it’s just it is like a family here. We support each
other, we have each other’s back, and knowing that allows for you to always be
successful. I just love the people I work for. I love helping them meet their
goals, whether it’s acquisitions or dispositions, or a simple small tenant
lease. I would encourage people to use Hoff & Leigh because the folks here are
direct, they have been forthright as far as if they’re working with other folks
who are looking in the same sector, so the integrity they’ve given to me has
been really appreciated. It’s like having a high trust level with them. First and
foremost they knew the market. They knew what was around, they knew what was
selling. I wanted to have someone who I knew would really work the listing and
sell the property for us. I think that’s the thing that comes out with Tom and
his team, you can see that they are people of their word. Debra was down earth. She spoke in terms
I understood because I’m a nurse, not a real estate agent. And yet she was
respectful not condescending. I’ll never ever do anything without a real estate
broker again. I think five years from now we’re gonna be a household name all over
Northeastern Ohio as opposed to just in Akron. Now when you hear Hoff & Leigh around
here you know exactly who we are, you know what we do. We now enjoy being the
largest commercial real estate firm in Summit County. There’s a reason for that
because we’re getting the job done.

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