Honda Odyssey Long Travel Build ATV Front Suspension

12 thoughts on “Honda Odyssey Long Travel Build ATV Front Suspension

  1. You guys have some of the best montage music it’s so good, just flows through the video

  2. Have you thought about a brace from shock tower to shock tower? Have a great day…

  3. having done long travel suspension to my own odyssey. that is quite different, not the way I would of done it, but what ever works

  4. This is SICK! I've always wanted to engine swap and long travel an odyssey, didn't think about how involved it would be. Great work!

  5. Question again… What became of the fancy hand made gas tank!??…. What is it using now?…

  6. I'm a huge fan, and fellow builder.
    I'm a machinist/fabricator..
    I also have an odyssey and endless list of other projects.. I don't have alot of time to watch you guys build stuff.. because I'm building my own..
    But when I do I'm always impressed. The cinematography is top notch as well Edwin.
    Maybe do a special with viewers builds.. My daily is a sick old 2wd yota that I jump at least twice a day.. Rockin' your sticker on the back.
    I'm in northern utah, have endless ideas and tools to build with.. Let's get together πŸ€”

  7. It'd be cool to put the headlights inside the dimple holes on the shock mounts

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