Honest Harley Davidson Commercial

You’ve been dreaming for years and it’s finally
time to buy your new Harley Davidson motorcycle. Get ready for a new life full of cool friends
with poor personal hygiene and drunken brawls over who spent the most money on chrome,
and who has modified their bike to have the most uncomfortable riding position. At Harley Davidson we’re proud to deliver 1947
technology at 2010 prices. Take these Springer motorcycles for example… beautiful aren’t they? Well, they have the same suspension as this
1950’s bike. That’s heritage. That’s tradition. That’s an obsolete form of suspension,
and we’re going to charge you extra for it. Harley-davidson has always been an advocate
of motorcycle safety. We have a huge selection of bandanas with
our logo emblazoned into them. These bandanas have been endorsed by the Hell’s
Angels and the American Organ Transplantation Association. Don’t worry about that, because you’re going to look like a total bad ass. With foreign motorcycle companies is developing
better bikes than us, we have been able to come up with some great
new names for the same old product. Like Extra-Soft-Tail-Deluxe-Hyper-Glide
American Bald-Eagle Historical Limited VXFR 1200 Patriot Flaming-Skull-Edition. Confusing right? But at the same time, totally bad ass. This is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This is heritage. This is tradition. And this… is the most reliable bike on
our showroom floor. This has been brought to you by the foundation
to make Erik Buell feel just a tiny bit better about getting royally screwed by Harley Davidson.

100 thoughts on “Honest Harley Davidson Commercial

  1. Wow why not just ride what you like and enjoy the ride it does not matter what you ride as long as you enjoy it.
    I am almost 60 years old I have owned many different makes and happy to still be riding if your going to sit in front of a donut shop or a cafe all day and argue who has the best bike I have no time for you.
     I am to busy riding and enjoying myself this forum sounds like a bunch of kids in a schoolyard arguing my dad can beat yours up .

  2. My Grandfather liked to point out how they still looked like the Harley he rode when he was a young guy. No dirt bikes or ATV's for this company. 

  3. If you can afford one buy one, ride it then realize you talked out ya arse,and say your sorry ,nuff said

  4. Harley-Davidson….Purchased two new motorcycles from HD first one had for 6 years
    not had one problem with it great bike…second purchase have owned for 5 years not one
    problem,keep to services etc. never failed to start… great bikes, only an owner can tell you what their like…. don't listen to the tire kickers.

  5. H.D. Works,don't have to make thing"s complicated to be dependable. think tractor, not space shuttle.

  6. Hey hey hey! Ride what you like.
    But! Buy a harley and it keeps its value over a jap bike. I like them both, I've had them both, I ride Harley's now. Why? Love the sound of the engine, it can't be produced by any of the others. I love the metal and leather, not plastic and I do love the look. They ride fine for me.

  7. My Yamaha runs like the day it was new. It's an 07 YZF-R6 and has never needed anything other than routine maintenance. It's nice know it didn't cost 25k but runs better, faster, and more reliably than a Harley Davidson. Is that much money worth an image?

  8. One of my main reasons why I never got a Harley was the price, they are just too darn expensive for what you get in comparison for the type of bike and reliability you can get with other brands.  Even the accessories are crazy overpriced and not even made in the us period! The truth is that you can get a lot more for the buck outside of HD and face it, if its all about buying American then you better ditch your flat screen tv HD riders cause they are all made in china but I digress. Riding is a personal choice first and foremost but too many people choose based on the thoughts, opinions and social stigma of others that leads to making an overly expensive choice and as far as HD being all American.. sorry to say that Many parts are not made in the US, much like everything these days, parts are outsourced simply because its cheaper and lead to a wider profit margin and HD is a business first and foremost like every other one will sell out in the name of profit. Those who are loyal are loyal to a name and the stigma behind it, nothing more. If it had to do with it being all American, they very much fail there! I love when people wont even let ride or park near them cause I don't have a HD.. really now.. At least I am a rider and one who doesn't care what you ride as long as u ride period!

  9. if you like Harleys, buy a Harley. if you like Triumphs, buy a Triumph.  if you like Hondas, buy a Honda. if you like Indians, buy a Indian. if you like Yamahas, buy a Yamaha. just buy what you want and respect the choices of your fellow riders, ride safe.
    many doesn't understand it, I'm a real rider, I don't hate others, I only ride and enjoy riding whit everyone.
    Don't discriminate.

  10. I have an RZ 500 mostly plastic but a nice bike. I have a HD Night train, lots of steel and Chrome, also a nice bike. You get what you pay for…metal is more expensive than plastic so it costs more to buy. Try keeping it real people, some may need to give their head a shake in order to keep it real though. Ride what you have and enjoy. Just ride.

  11. I own a harley and i mosdef agree they need to update their motors and suspension. This is why i will never spend more money then a used sportster!!!!!!
    Willie G is an idiot !!!!!!

  12. On behalf of real Harley Owners everywhere…….Go Fuck Yourself!

  13. This is HD. Hardly Desirable motorcycles.!
    Ridden by HD's.! Huge Dickheads.!
    Have ridden bikes 35 years… Real bikes..
    Not compressors on wheels..!!.
    Love to see one at the Isle of Man tt, or in moto gp. 'Oh what's that'? You couldn't argue that Harley's are the best motorcycles on the planet anymore.?!?! Or going to say "they don't do either as it would be unfair to the other manufacturers lololol

  14. I've owned 4 Harleys. I ride a KLR 650 now. It doesn't do anything exceptionally well but it does almost everything well enough.
    The KLR ain't American made; but neither is the Harley.

  15. My first bike as a 1987 Kawasaki Vulcan. Second bike was a 2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E. (or as we called it, the Honda-Davidson.) Third bike was a 2006 Honda VTX 1300. My current bike is a 2014 HD Heritage Softail. I loved every bike I've had. Ride what you want and don't apologize for it.

  16. LOL. Funny video. Harley Davidson : The best way to turn gasoline into noise WITHOUT the side effect of horsepower.

  17. the bikes are pretty shitty!! no power, poor braking. cmon its not a bike company… Its a marketing company.. u know better than that..

  18. I don't care what negative BS is said about HD. I still love the brand and it is the only bike I will ride. I believe in buying AMERICAN, because the next job you save may be your own.

  19. Harleys are fine machines, just depends on what works for you. I ride a Wing, performs flawlessly two up and overloaded with 100 pounds of gear. Steepest American mountain passes don't slow it and usually can reel in any Harley ahead of me. Japanese big rollers serve a purpose, to haul your ole lady and her closet to Sturgis.

  20. i owned kawis, honda's, yamahas, triumphs, chopped, butchered, beaten, broken, custom, you name it, and i'll stick with my harley any day..when you pass someone in a wheelie on gixxer or a ninja its like "oh hey look at that", but when you blow past someone in a wheelie on a big heavy ass softail or bagger its like "OH SHIT".Not to mention my front rim is worth more than a kawi or gixxer even after i wreck it.

  21. Get a Triumph Thunderbird has the same heritage but not the problems and it 21 century tech. Real bikers ride triumph not want to be Sons of Sons of Anarchy who only have ridden commuter bike before they buy a Harley.

  22. most hd's on the road are usually parked when you see them, talking about ridin.

  23. It's a fact that Harley is the number one loser in consumer reports. Jap bikes out perform and out last harley. Don't forget that it took a Honda mechanic to set Harley straight with the evo motor.

  24. Haha! I ride a Harley, but much of what you say in this "commercial" rings true. I've had my Road King for 12 years and it's been very reliable, but I'm not a huge fan of H-D corporate ethos, and most (almost all) of my friends are non-bikers.

  25. the typical video of a loser who can not afford to buy a harley. Go to mourn under a bridge.

  26. I know exactly what you mean. Hell, my brother's Heritage sidecar rig only had 250,000 miles on it when he sold it. It didn't hold it's value, either, he got six grand less than he paid! He did his own maintenance, no major repairs, never opened the bottom end. It still ran fine, he just couldn't ride it after his wife died, too many memories.

  27. I ride a Harley Davidson 2012 Sportster in Dubai. I have no added extra's on the bike as it is what it is. A V Twin replica of a 50's bike, some modern technology but I ride it for what it is. In England I have a 2012 Bonneville SE, with the latest technology, and have an option on a T120. So I see both sides, I would never consider doing Lancashire/Yorkshire and Cumbria (England that is) on a Harley, equally I would not wish to do Dubai to Al Ain or Abu Dhabi on my Triumph….. but I love the video and the pop at the extra's, but remember, go to your triumph dealer and check out the cost of a Triumph branded Jacket or boots ….

  28. Oh Halfthrottle…I remember this video from back when I was merely a lurker.

  29. Holy hell that was beautiful.. 6 years and this hasnt seen over 1mil views? wtf! 😉

  30. I have seen fist-fights over this argument; literally. Back about the time I bought my first Harley, we wouldn't let a "Rice Grinder" anywhere near us.
    A lot of years have gone by and I just don't give a shit about most opinions I hear or read. I don't give a damn about the back-stabbing pricks who wanted to talk about "biker brotherhood." I don't expect my motorcycle to do any of my talking for me. My sex appeal ain't gonna be improved by some chrome.
    I put a leg over a bike for my own reasons. I prefer to ride alone and not be concerned about anyone elses agenda. I ride a KLR and spend my money on other stuff.
    Halfthrottle and his videos make sense to me and I like the attitude. But I have noticed that since he got rid of his KLR he ain't making videos like he once did.
    Every spring, I see old farts my age on new Harleys dragging their feet through intersections because they're scared shitless of their new bikes. They like the leather vests with some kind of patch on the back and they like making the right noises and they like talking the shit but when the rain is flying, their bikes are in the garage.
    I don't ride Harleys anymore. I'm not a "real biker." But I don't give a shit about the rain. When I want to go, so does the KLR.

  31. Too bad this mutt wants to send his money to Japan. They REALLY make great lawnmowers there. And WHY are the ALWAYS trying to copy the sound????? Either you have one or you dont.

  32. nobody who has a springer front end uses it because it's cutting edge technology. Who gives a fuck? A lot of people aren't interested in buying a motorcycle that will deliver the same experience as a Honda Civic just because it's more reliable or advanced technology. Don't fucking care. you ride your gay ass Goldwing, not for me

  33. narrow-minded sniveling punk bitch… probably got your ass handed to you by a biker. chances are you don't even ride. if you did you would have tried one of these and realized that there's no replacement for torque… I wouldnt take the world for my superglide. and when there's something that it can't do that I desire I have a Kawasaki that would make you shit your pants should you have the balls to throw your leg over it…so try not to be so narrow minded and critical… and Freebase my shorts.

  34. Iron American Dream on YouTube. Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Get your motor running.

  35. This commercial must have been made by those f*** Indian writers or the rice grinders they can't find their ass with both hands pathetic little boys!! They have been trying to screw over Harley over for years!! Pathetic piece of s***'s!! come on down to your local Harley place and say some of this stuff. will be carried out on a stretcher little bitch punk

  36. put your money where your mouth is little b** boys!! Harley-Davidson rules Pro Stock not a ricer!!!

  37. I love this video!!!! I think I'll create a shortcut on my phone so I can play it any time a damn HD lover gives me the 'Oh, nothing sounds like a HD' speech 😉
    Btw, Harley Davidsons sound just as if they were agonizing and begging to be put down for their own sake.

  38. Still one of the best ads for not buying a Harley.  1974 is coming for HD again.  Not one new owner has been born in the last 25 years.  The cruiser market is dying fast.  HD sales are down 25% in the states.  Image only sells to Apple owners these days.

  39. I'm from Brazil and I love my Harley…… I had Honda, Triumph, Suzuki etc…. very nice bikes but I love my Harley !

  40. I guess halfthrottle cannot afford one, hence the hate… I Own one, yes heritage look with today's technology…

  41. Obviously the community of slack jawed faggits opinion is leaking its lame ass agenda into almost every element of American life. However, the first amenment applies to all citizens of this great nation. So, this is my 2 cents. Ride free my fellow bikers (no matter what you ride). And to the author of this simpleminded vid, F&$% OFF!!!

  42. I wish my 03 Sporty broke down a little more in fact. I love working on her! But then with a 1250 kit, cams, and some XB heads she deserves to be pampered.

  43. Hey dude, just wanted to let you know I still share this video at least once a month!Hope you're having fun wherever you are

  44. I've been riding, building, and wrenching on Harleys for the past 40yrs, and in my opinion the company and the shit they've been putting out for the past 20yrs deserve every bit of this.

  45. Two types of idiots out there make all motorcyclist look bad. The Harley only clubs with false affirmation of togetherness. and the Sport Bike group riders. Both are Pathetic with their need for all male companionship and both unable to ride. Sport bikes are the worst, brave enough to speed on the street but too chicken to race on the track. Pathetic!

  46. I escorted funerals in Los Angeles for 10 yrs (hard hot service for any bike)…and I put 90K miles on the brand new 2003 Road King Police Special…it NEVER broke or let me down and didn't LEAK one drop of oil or burn more than the expected quart every 4K oil change…and thats idling for long time in intersections on HOT days and hard stop and go running…best bike I ever owned..and at age 64, have owned many…so eat that…true too!

  47. Sad to say Harley is now going under, Harley is now made in India. In my town (SLC Utah ) there is over 900 Harley's in the ads and more everyday. People are dumping their Harley's because now Harley means (look how stupid I am, buying a overpriced bike). Please pick up the parts falling off my Harley because it shakes so much. HD no longer means Harley Davidson, it means hundred dollars because that's what they charge you for overpriced crap. The last time anybody used a primary chain drive on a motor was the 1939 Nash. That goes to show you how much Harley has come in all these years.

  48. Error. Today's springer fork has twice the travel, Teflon bearings and trimetal alloy chroming to prevent the hydrogen embrittlement from a traditional chroming process.
    These technologies were not know in the 1950's nor was there any finite element analysis done by computers or hydroforming as is the case with today's structural components such as frames and engine cases.
    Before you try to be cool and edgy from being yet another bad ass who shoots his mouth off before knowing any facts you might want to look at some other area of social commentary. The Harley bashing is getting pretty stale.
    It was stale by 1981 when I bought my Harley.
    The one I still have today.

  49. This video once again proves an old adage. "Opinions are like Assholes. Everybody has one."

  50. buy american and with all the made in China trinkets, Harley passed it's day and technology left them long ago, excessive gunning of the throttle is a joke. it's the same old pile of shit with a different name made out of left over parts from the last century, Harley should be embarrassed, a screaming eagle is the red white and blue dying of embarrassment.

  51. This is why I have four motorcycles, only one being a Harley…A 1985 Fxrt. Why an FXRT, possibly one of the most unpopular Harleys built in the last 40 yrs? Be cause it represents the peak of Harley's admittedly limited technology. The FXR frame ( Eric Buell had a hand in its development) was many times stiffed and superior to the Dyna it replaced. So why replace it? Well for one, the Harley faithful didn't like the look…too Japanese. It had side panels…and the battery was tucked away where you couldn't see it. It was taller than most Harleys, with real suspension…a no-no in Harley think. The FXRT was a bargain. For $895.00 you got longer travel suspension with anti-dive front and air assisted rear air shock. You got a second front disc brake; king and queen seat with integral passenger backrest, a fairing and hard, lockable saddlebags. Reason number two? the Dyna was cheaper to manufacture, the FXR requiring many hand welds in its frame triangulation. Money and profit always move the meter.

  52. This is american piece of crap. I bought few years ago one and…. except sound its a disaster

  53. I bought a 2018 fxlr new from the show room floor. The sails team all called me a taint for riding up on a honda and asked if I needed a tampon. The first thing I noticed was it wouldn't start, but after they switched the battery and tightened some bolts it ran like a dreem. A lot of people freak out about the smoke but it's all a sign of the classic early American 6000 cc engine design that single handily beat the Germans over Europe in the 40s. I had to sell the house and my wife left me but payments aren't that bad and the after market exsost plays the solo from Free Bird. Overall I like the smell of burning electronics and my H-D brand chaps that I have on lay-away, 3 more payments and those baby's are mine! It doesn't run anymore but I tear up when I remember the day It made it all the way home from the dealership.

  54. I've had Jap bikes, I've had Brit bikes, I've had and still have a Harley. I like my Harley because of the feel of the bike, the torque of the bike, and the sound of the bike. And I'll keep my Harley over any others bike. To each THIER own.

  55. Looks like a bunch of stupid ricer fan boys that don’t know shit about bikes running their stupid mouths about them. Looks like they’d move to an Asian communist country that makes things that they can be proud of.

  56. Yet all the other bike manufacturers still copy Harleys style. Oh, and the comment section FILLED with millenials…hilarious.

  57. Pretty bad when the ONLY thing Harley has that is "better" is the sound their motor makes….Harley has a history of being big cheater ass cry babies! Filing law suits against Honda for making bikes that sound too much like Harleys?? Seriously?? Or how about when Honda started winning in the ONLY form of racing Harley was competitive in? (flat track) …Rather than working hard to make a competitive bike? They petitioned the AMA to force Honda to install put intake restricters to slow their beautifully engineered RS750s down enough so Harley could win again. …Right Roughly about the same time in history that they also petitioned the US government to attach HUGE tariff fees on every new 750cc and larger Japanese motorcycle purchased in the US! About a thousand dollars per bike as I recall! Forcing buyers of Japanese sport bikes to pay like 25% more for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! What? As IF that tariffs would what? Inspire buyers of new SPORT BIKES to entirely flipping change their passion and hobby and instead ride an unwieldy Harley through the canyons???? That was the most could cold-blooded ridiculous EVIL thing! That is the year I decided Harley SUCKS! The year they robbed me personally!…

    I have bad mouthed the company ever since then and won't stop until they pay me back or else AT LEAST take some of their products and actually at least TRY to build altogether new motorcycles that some of us would actually want to own and ride! …No? Hey don't condone the company! It's not okay to have a huge portion of the market and get IGNORE entire domestic markets…REFUSING to WORK and compete! Just about every other brand in the world at least TRIES to compete in various categories ….there is not an acceptable reason in the world Harley could not have developed a true Sport Bike, a dual purpose bike, and adventure bike…no acceptable reason in my opinion

    …As an American that company shames me so! And the thing is? They COULD have simply bought an existing company and become instantly able to compete….what if they had bought it merged with Ducati? Or Rotax? Or KTM etc ….Pisses me off whenever I think of how stubborn and narrow minded Harley has been ….Too scared to venture into ANYTHING for fear of what? They would tarnish the brand by not instantly be the best?? Or might confuse the inbreds buying all their bikes? Heck they could have just made a spin off company headed by on I don't know…Erik Buell?….be like Chevy is to GM or Lincoln Mercury to Ford etc …

    The point is they COULD have easily done it but they never had any balls to do such …lost their nerve early on when they chose to sell the lamest Italian bikes in the world as Harley Davidson …. Harley did make one serious attempt later on to build a serious dirt bike (a250cc I want tosay?) But instead of just building a known workable design they engineered some bizarre crap that ruined the entire effort! And then? Rather than correcting that error? They fricken just gave up !!! LAME! Just quit rather than to keep trying! So embarrassed to be an American when they did that! SO SO many American riders WOULD buy a US made dual sport or adventure bike or sport bike IF ONLY Harley would build such! Would not even have to be the best …just competitive and high quality is all…but they are chicken to try and now?

    I understand they are in serious trouble these days as their entire market becomes both too old and too stocked up with almost new bikes parked in garages all over the country ….So what are they spending the money on to save the company? Electric motorcycles is all….Seriously they just refuse to even try other than that…pathetic morons running the brand unfortunately…

  58. It is mean if me but I almost want Harley to plunge into flames as their entire market slowly dies of old age. The company so richly deserves to go down HARD. Why? Because they utterly failed and stubbornly REFUSE to diversify their product line! Balless cowardly stubborn greed to focus on a single formula of big old school V twins. Take a company like BMW …originally they too had one engine format, the boxer twin….but lucky for them their market was not nearly as lame and ignorant as the American market has been …

    BMW chose to COMPETE with the rest of world …sure they continue to sell boxers for that for that die hard market …BUT they tossed their hat in the ring since then for all kinds of motorcycling….they build singles, in lines four cylinders, parallel twins, sport bikes, touring bikes, dual sports, adventure, sport routers …in other words? They TRY! They COMPETE! They make German riders proud! NOT Harley! Harley stubbornly REFUSES to make all sectors of American riders proud …they simply don't care..they would rather keep milking the same place senile and dying cow than to try …their idea of making ends meet? What is your plan? Selling more HD branded clothing and crap at Xmas time to take up the slack? 90 year olds in homes their kids gift them with HD robes and slippers and coffee cups? Coffins with the eagle logo and handlebars?

    Dear HD Co.: Your company just frustrates the shit out of me every time I think of you all!….WHAT you are doing? (or NOT doing actually) is sort of everything that is wrong with America in one corporate microcosm …it is just embarrassing to witness if you ask me. You have been flush with profits and COULD have by now branched out and built several much different motors than the big Vs …and diversify your line up!

    Think of it..It won't even cost that much….just start with building for instance a really nice 600 6 speed fuel injected single? You could eventually base a dozen models off the one design! Eventually sell TONS of em to all the folks that would sincerely LOVE to ride and American built bike if ONLY someone would BUILD the kind they want to ride!! Something NOT a giant old school V twins which more and more people do NOT want!

    HOW can the management of this company be SO incredibly LAME to not even try?? I guess they are what? Scared shitless to fail? Build a great motor and it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to fail so long as the economy holds up! Damn they could simply basically copy successful existing motors …have a computer merge good designs from multiple brands ….build a thousand engines to begin with and simply sell the motors and no bike to go with to start out….no judgment even to risk …..let the privateers run with them…take em flat track racing….

    Let folks like Eric Buell have at em building retro cafe racers, Dual sports, commuters…whatever ….make a 450cc version too on the same cases (Dakar foundation!) A 500cc, A 600cc version etc …(just look to KTM for model variations) …once the design is race proven? Also why not provide an ultra high end "Titanium Line" version sporting perhaps magnesium cases, titanium crankshafts and connecting rods with all titanium hardware…..motors that weigh half as much and run like banshees!

    Then once this initial production run of motors are selling like hotcakes and in short demand with fabricators screaming for more? THEN start in with brand new parallel TWIN engines doing the same damn thing…..And after some racing success and when people are literally BEGGING Harley to build complete bikes around the now fabled super hard to get engines? Well? Start BUILDING them for us….DUHHH!!…. damn DUHHH!!!! In other words PLEASE you morons! Get off your day corporate ASSES and BE a real motorcycle builder and not just a builder of ONE slowly dying obsolete configuration! THAT is mostly OVER! And electric bikes are MAYBE in the future but not going to be huge anytime soon unless there is battery stations all over the country where you pull in unplug depleted rental battery and plug in a fresh one…cause it takes WAY too long to charge a battery even on fast charge….

    Corporately you all are SO late to the party now but there is still time! You can still pull it out of the fire if only you will TRY and not give up..not try to do something radical like you all did with the dirt bike attempt i(n the late 70's was it?) You learned NOT to put your logo on some particularly crappy unwanted Italian brand bikes (like the Sprint and the Baja) and NOT to try and build a bike with entirely unproven innovations that people won't accept ….just build good reliable quality engines and everything WILL work out for you! If not immediately then a couple model years later….by virtue of it being US made they WILL catch on and be successful! They WILL…its a slam dunk you dumb asses! DO IT while you still can!

  59. harley is the largest cosplay group on planet … dirty jeans, torn t-shirts and scruffy looking homeless look..

  60. This video is so good, it should be required viewing before shopping for a bike

  61. I ride a 97 Honda Shadow 1100 American Classic Edition and I'd take that over an H-D any day

  62. If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I have spare time. But for your sake and your daughters sake, you might want to buy a quality product from Japan!

  63. I've had mine for 37 years…. It's a black and chrome masterpiece… I love the many people that come up to me any and everywhere to talk to me about it or compliment the looks of it… I've met hundreds of people or possibly more that I would have never met before… I have had thousands of people give me thumbs ups while driving by and even an occasional photo over the decades… It's something you'll never experience.. I also had a 72 Norton 850 Commando that also had a serious cool factor..

  64. It's American nostalgia.. Maybe we should burn all the classic cars and buy only foreign cars…. It's simple They're fun… Were you going to vote for Hillary???

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