How could Trump’s call for China to probe Bidens impact trade?

92 thoughts on “How could Trump’s call for China to probe Bidens impact trade?

  1. Mr. Hurd immediately changes the subject, and proceeds to bounce all over the place

  2. Not at all. He said "maybe china should investigate the Biden's" he didn't ask them to, he suggested that they should. Big difference!

  3. Trump was taunting China.
    China already paid $1.5 billions for Biden's retirement, they forced Biden to run against Trump.

  4. Trump is trolling China, he knows they will not help. China bought off Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. China even paid off former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley who sold China an entire city block in downtown Chicago.

  5. Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Obama were putting this country up for sell. What is Barr going to do about it?

  6. That congressman is saying china is killing 5om of its citizens because of communism. But US is also killing thousands of babies everyday because abortion is allowed. What a hypocrite congressman!

  7. Ya just gotta put a moron on your show once in a while, huh??…..but that's why Trump is our President and he's not!!

  8. Trading? Is that what's it's called when Trump offers China reduced tariffs if they will make up lies about Trump's political opponent? Is the Latin phrase for trade talks quid pro quo?

  9. Will Hurd a former CIA clown. So I wonder who Hurd wants to investigate corruption with China…the CIA? Or maybe don't investigate at all? ..i need a good laugh. I am glad he is not running for office again. We in Texas deserve better…a real conservative.

  10. im boycoting fox untill they stop giviving these anti trumpers a platform to smear the president….

  11. “Asking” he didn’t ask them to. He said in a informal press question and answer that they should look into it. And if he was them, he would. That’s hardly a request

    Fox is taking a turn with never trumpets like Paul Ryan on it’s board.

  12. Rep Hurd you condemn China for Communism then said we have to have this deal with Communist China. so which is it?
    at least be consistent.

  13. Y'all need other jobs
    getting to the truth is not it
    Maybe y'all can clean toilets

  14. I love the way Donald Trump is trying to run this country like a mafia boss. 😎

  15. This pos didn't have a problem exporting US jobs to china for profit. Trump has a big job rooting out all these corrupt politicians.

  16. I don't know, how could betraying America to the putins Russia by Donald Trump affect the stock market? You idiots

  17. China isn't as corrupt as the democrats or the Bidens in particular. Democrats hide their money in off shore accounts much more than the Chinese launder money in US and other foreign real estate.

  18. A show of good will to the world. Also challenges China to follow our lead as well as other countries. President Trump is for changing the world to serve the people. Its really time to ACTUALLY step out of the dark age! Listen to the speech our President gave at the UN!!!

  19. So, Hurd what have you done? You should register as a Democrat. You are a fake Republican.

  20. Well, it should remove him from office. You'd think someone would learn from 'Russia if you're listening'. Another joke? Give me a break

  21. To-night… Lou Dobbs asked Gomert: "WHY are you republican'ts so "NICE"… He didn't give a real answer or explanation… because they are NOT being nice, to their President… They are all talk and no action and embarrass themselves and America with their FAKE rage… They are as much establishment political career parasites as the liberals who don't like Trump because he promissed to end the careers of all the deepstate traitors. I believe all of the republicans in DC flipped… aside from only a few real patriots that fight by his side… They are the ones that FIGHT… not come on tv to peddle their fake rage to the American people, while they sit on their hands and do nothing to support or protect the President from these baseless, vicious, fabricated attacks.
    They flipped well before the 2016 election…long ago when they thought like the dems that hellery would win, and she would pave the way so the globalist nwo would become the future for America. The believed it would be in their own best interests to turn on America and the constitution to keep the gravy train they grew to love, on the tracks…
    There is NO turning back for them now… They are trapped in their own conspiracy trap, so it is do or die time. These treasonous leaders and authorities who are lower than rinos, are either either sitting back waiting in hope, that the deepstate liberals can tear the President down, or they will participate in the coup, as some have already done, or they will turn on each other, in a last ditch attempt to save their own miserable hides WTSHTF…
    Well… Don't look now but the schiff is hitting the fan… LOL

  22. Funny I listen there talks and trump did not ever say anything about 2020 he said about 2016 the idiot dems are the ones that said 2020

  23. People are killed in the US by dems… seth rich, epstein etc. Biden is not above the law.

  24. Don't worry Rep about talk's.
    Joe Biden investigation and tariff's upon China two different thing's.

    President is great in dealing with Nation's. Who drawn border's to the Nation's?

  25. We must be tough on China always as they will be & are the 3rd world war instigators! & agent provocateurs!! We can't let them be the world leaders, look at their people! Over 800 million in brutal poverty, their government officials are afraid to say anything agaisnt their president due to fear of being killed or any member of their families, they are nasty, liars & despicable dictators! This goes to the chinese government & anyone who supports them like Micheal Bloomberg or the Clinton's as well as kamala & warren, not against their people, tulsi is too weak on china too, which is why i stand & will support President Donald Trump, he is tough on them & hope he gets tougher!!!! On them!

  26. fox has lost its credibility with me he said no such thing about a request just that they should

  27. So I guess John Kerry telling the Chinese to walk away from President Trump's trade negotiations in the expectation that they would get back into power next time was not a breech of the Logan act which criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. Obviously the Democrats think that it is OK to obstruct a duly elected President from investigating allegations of violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by Joe Biden (which the President is obligated to do). $1.5bn seems a small price to pay in exchange for the Obama Administration giving $500bn worth of trade to China. What did Joe Biden say about China – haven't the Democrats flipped their narrative about China just like they flipped their narrative about Russia simply because now it is President Trump talking to them.

  28. His game playing is at the expense of our country. It’s time for him to go.

  29. It's a response to everyone looking into him he's saying look at me? Look at him! I don't know who these losers are giving advice to the author of Art of the Deal about how to make deals but they sound less than knowledgeable on the subject compared to Trump and they also are not the President.


  31. Didn't China and the US sign a treaty in the year 2000 to share intel to stem corruption?

  32. Want Something effect/beneficial done for the USA??? TRIPLE the Tariffs!!!!

  33. Remember 5-6 years ago when the media was investigating Biden's shady dealings LOL What a bunch of selective memory clowns

  34. Tell that to our past corrupted government that let China rip us out of billions of dollars every year.

  35. that's the one impeach that Shifty schiff
    Don't forget to go out after Nonsense nancy
    Maybe even have a look into that occasional cortex
    And add Mad Max

  36. Why is it impeachable to ask china to investigate corruption? Are the liberals worried? Lol

  37. Fox Business the worst place for business advice.

    Fox Business the best place for the rich to launch their propaganda.

  38. The way things has been going just like everything else Trump always finds away to win for the people of the United States of America Trump don't bow down to know one and we love it 💯💪 go away weak Democrats go away
    . Trump 2020

  39. It's a 10 year trade war. There's a bigger geo-strategic game at play. Stop buying cheap imported shite.

  40. That commentator with the tie and glasses isn't very intelligent. Is he really a politician/leader? Who could he lead?

  41. I thought it was a pretty good answer. He's an anti commie. What's wrong with that?

  42. And here it is, finally not only pro-Trump spin on Fox News. The end of Trumputin is near.

  43. All US major fast food chain, big 3 autos, GE, Boeing, Honeywell, 3M , P&G and many more are selling/operating in China. KFC has more branches in China than any other countries. GM sold more cars in China than they do in the US. Number of Apple sold in China is close to that in EU combine. Yes, cut the trade!

  44. People still don't understand Trump's motives and how he operates. When he asked China to help investigate Joe Biden he is calling out the Chinese for the dealings in particular military dealings Biden had with them. He put the Chinese right on Front Street by asking them to investigate a corruption deal that directly involves themselves.

  45. Trump was joking about this…like when he said that he would date his daughter ivanka.

  46. Why Wall Street still wants Trump to strike a trade deal with China? Have they not seen the muscle displayed in China's 70th Anniversary?

  47. §30121. Contributions and donations by foreign nationals
    (a.1.A) It shall be unlawful for a foreign national, directly or indirectly, to make a contribution or donation of money or other thing of VALUE, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a FEDERAL, State, or local ELECTION;
    (a.2) a person to SOLICIT, accept, or receive a contribution or donation described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1) from a foreign national.

  48. You can bet that ANY leader of any country is going to take a look at their own back yard after all this hub bub. I sure would.

  49. The president is such an idiot,he doesn't know how to deal with china.Start reading books and learn,that's if he know how to read which I doubt.

  50. It won't impact the trade talk at all. Tbh impeachment is just another failure to get rid of trump.

  51. Quite frankly, we cant have any meaningful trade talks because of Democrats , the rest of the world sees us as unstable because of the non-sense they pull.
    Trump asking other nations to investigate and help expose corruption is not going to negatively impact any trade negotiation, because with democrats throwing their temper tantrum nations are more inclined to wait 2020 out and see if the bipolar side of America wins. Why negotiate a trade deal when there is a 50/50 chance that the democrats win and they get to go back to pillaging America like they have been for decades? If I was running china, id wait it out, see if the dems take the executive, if they do it would just be business as usual, bribe the democrats, badabing badaboom keep robbing American tax payers and factory workers for another 20 years.
    China has its hand so far up the democratic parties rear…..

  52. So Trump in his NewYork way stated do me a favor. The Bidens demanded Millions and Trump is the Crook ??????

  53. Trump’s desperation to make a deal (as his impeachment looms) means that China now has the upper hand.

  54. Couldn't find a clip of Trump congratulating China for its communist government. I'd love to see it if anyone has a link

  55. The so called transcript is only 6 mins of a 28 minute conversation. Trump doesn't want his followers or his opposition to see the whole truth. The only "deep state" is the mass willful ignorance of the Trump cult.
    "Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action"-Goethe

  56. He wants info for a crooked politician. DUH. You people need to grow up and use your brains.

  57. Why would China investigate trump opposition ? China would welcome anyone else BUT Trump..

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