How Jay Park is changing attitudes to Korean Beauty

100 thoughts on “How Jay Park is changing attitudes to Korean Beauty

  1. I've watched this video a few times and everytime there are more comments abt her calling Jay the Korean Justin Beiber, YES he technically is- in terms of popularity in korea. She obvioulsy isnt a fan of korean music so she doesn't know all the differences between Jay and Justin. Calm tf down u triggered kpop fans

  2. Actually I really enjoy the documentation but then again: U inverviewed a gang member who says that killing is alright and he is talking about it as if it's natural to him. I don't really know how I feel about that since U only criticise that tattoos are illegal in Korea. And not the fact that he is a gang member killing people lol. Other than that Korea may have their official laws towards tattoo studios but it doesn't really seem to be a thing since they can openly tattoo actually. And you were able to do this documentary..

  3. I hate these non-stories where some white person goes to some foreign country and summarizes that it’s becoming less conservative and ~adapting~ to western cultural norms and how they are an authority figure in said cultural norm

  4. Yesss Jay
    KHIPHOP for the win
    “Give me a cha cha beat boy”
    “Cause we everywhere”

  5. pls make a Video about being tanned in Korea or people WHO didn't fit korean Beautystandards

  6. Damn and he chose the neck to get a tattoo, he's really f**king brave, well done

  7. Its dumb and strange to think that: not getting tattoos because they are concervative, but plastic surgery is just normal and 'conservative' for them

  8. I've got a question- If tattooing in Korea is illegal, is it also illegal to get a tattoo from someone without a license? Could you get in trouble for having an illegal tattoo?

  9. I wish my country was just full of my own people but it's infested with third world scum

  10. aah…plastic surgery i don't get :') i mean it's your body do what you want but it's sad

  11. 0:45 guy on the left looks like Sam, the dad from The Return Of Superman

  12. Towards the end of the video 10:41 Myeong-Dong is my birth place outside of Soul Korea.

  13. This nerdy as hell looking dude is in a gang, gangs here in Asia just have some rebel youth. Most aren’t hard like street gangs in America

  14. I’m probably one of the few Asians that has wanted a lot of tats since I was in elementary school. With Allen inversion being my fav basketball player, it just seemed right

  15. You know…you can't put your worlds views and values like that, to judge others. Each country is a world you don't know and don't understand. So you should try to see the other world you are relating with, by what they are, not by what you believe. Even language change people's perception towards the world. Jay Park is from US. And what we see is an obviously increasing western influence in some asian countries, look at religion for exemple. Its the colonization thought the midias. PS: I like Jay Park. No Shade. Just Love and knowledge.

  16. The dad is cool as hell. Love how he has the "fuck it" attitude about getting a tattoo at his age.

  17. mmmm i guess everyone has his own sense of beauty…i get what the old man said about her ruining her beautiful body but the important thing is that who has tatoo on their bodys likes them. its not important what others things. But at the same times as tatoo lovers should do what they like without a problem, those who don't like them are free to think that don't like it..without bulling people with tatoo. mmmm like i am thinking the law about forbidding tatoo is a bit 2much but giving to much esaltation to tatoos is a bitter too much too? mmm don't know if i was able to espress what i wanted xD btw by from Italy

  18. so youre really just gonna have jay in this for 50 seconds and title it as if the whole thing was about him to get views?

  19. This is so beautiful. I apreciate all the things that are you doing for my generation. Thank u so much💜

  20. Hey I am 12 and I really wanna be a mafia or a gangster I know it sounds weird but I just wanna be one. When I told my friends about this and they were like “why? Do you wanna kill people? Or drug dealing?”
    I was like I just want to. I wanna try everything I can in my life.

  21. Objectifying women is fine, so long as you promote something evil to make up for it.

  22. I hate tattoos, but I hate it more when people who like them, don't get them done. Grace is an inspiration for everyone. She is not that arrogant, selfish, or ignorant girl, she spreads love and has so much of it to give to other's. That's why she is so loved. Beauty makes one pretty, so that they can love the world more than ever, and that's what Grace projects.

  23. man I got little homies here in Fresno California that are TATTED UP.. really gang related hot heads that'll smoke Yo ass.. for staring at their face tatts for too long

  24. True gangsters and thieves don’t ware tattoos and “urban” clothes, they ware suits and work in offices

  25. I believe Korea is slowly changing, mainly because of artists like Jay Park. I like how the dad and daughter got their first tattoo!
    I got my first tattoo just a month ago (31 yo) after years of dreaming for one! 😊

  26. Why are ya mad she said that’s from what she hears about him 4:25 not what she thinks of him🗣😲

  27. It's so sweet dad is so supportive, wish I had parents like that and I live in the USA

  28. kpop idols don't work their asses off, just to be called the korean version of someone

  29. All these people talking about kpop standing alone, dont compare it to west, do you really think thats traditional korean music? Its got american black culture written all over it in every way, it didnt grow on its own… its a copy of western music 100%, a soulless meaningless one at that… they made rapping and breaking, those beats? Come on man, its plaguirism straight up gtfo here its korean

  30. tattoos are beautiful piercings are beautiful and its your body so do what you would like and don't let others decide for you.

  31. I love jay park! I think he is very unappreciated. Honestly not rlly a tattoo person. That’s my own choice. But when I see a shirtless video or picture of jay work I think it suits him. I just don’t like pain. I’m a weakling 😂 but it makes him look it bc he is confident in it. Tbh I didn’t know it was frowned upon. Idols are starting to get small ones now. Including some BTS members. I’m a big fan of Kpop even if I’m from America. I think anyone should do what they want. 😊 even if I’m rlly young.

  32. im 12, and i just thought about wanting to be a tattoo artist .. why? because i think its a beautiful way to how you can express body art

  33. No matter how they explain why they wanna tattoo their eyes id never get it like why- I mean if u go broke how will you get work but I mean u do u

  34. Bro how is everyone not talking about the end when Grace said thank you in Korean to the dude that was cute as shit

  35. 와 조폭이 나올수 있구나! 차별은 안하지만
    정의로운 조폭이 있을까 한다
    한국에선 이거 못보나??

  36. im single 38 look for friends or more im from u.s. i like asian guys. i have line app

  37. Gal he used to be in Kpop but not anymore. He's not a Kpop artist. He's a rapper with his own label (2 successful labels in fact). Next time do your history before just making such comments.

  38. He is JAY PARK not the korean jay park ! Korean artists are not working 24/7 to call them the korean version of a western artist come on

  39. Gang boy is lying. They show off their "i am a gang" tattoos to scare people. There are some types of tattoos that they get. And plus, when it comes to their "business", they hope their trading partners to commit foul play. So they can justify themselves to take more than they should.

  40. Imagine calling Beyonce the Black version of another singer. The Beehive would come for you

  41. She looks like a clown. Speaks from uneducated background to. She probably died her hair black to try and fit in with Asian people, thinking that was ok and it was exclusive to her.

  42. I watched Chef&Fridge on Netflix and G-Dragons tattoos were blurred sometimes but not all the time. Grace is the best.

  43. First of all do not compare jay to Justin beiber, cause in my opinion justin beiber is ugly as fuck.
    I said what i said.

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