How to answer: Why Commercial Law? (Warwick Law student advice)

Pavithra: It is not so straightforward as
why commercial law, why law. Why are you here? Tell us something about your journey you know
your resume you have done all these different things and what has brought you here now you
know. So it’s a very general open ended question which I think works well because
you are then able to highlight what you think are your strengths and you know in your resume
in terms of directing it to why law, why commercial, and why this firm.
I think that those are always things that you should
It’s good to have these questions in mind you should prepare for those questions
but you should know that that question will be asked directly all the time it can be quite
open ended But so I feel like this is more general advice.
You should always before you go in for an interview know what it is that you really
feel that you want to talk about in your resume, what you want to highlight. What you want
your interviewer to know about you by the time you leave the room?
So if there is something about this firm that you love and they didn’t ask you why this
firm you can work it in in a general question Sarah: Yeh I think, my experience was more
related to modules, I guess, in my experience in the academics and how that led me to want
to go to this particular firm in a particular area So I think I… my modules at first were almost against commercial law but then they were more I think interested in why now am I looking to the commercial law. Have those modules influenced me in any way and I think you can try and use those kind of questions
that almost point out something that’s contradictory on your application to actually show well you know I was exploring new areas or it actually was just an Academic interest but this is a career interest so you can try
to bring it in different ways Nowtash: Yeah I mean just touching upon that is.. I feel like that when they ask those questions everyone has a particular story
attached to it.. So I mean out of us three such diverse stories
so when they asked me why commercial law I had a huge story attached to it I never said I dived into the commercial law I was actually interested in politics I explained
why politics wasn’t suited to me Then I said banking, I considered banking at the particular time maybe it was a good choice maybe it wasn’t But then basically I was just saying that throughout my journey why I ended up at commercial law.
Why I actually ended up at commercial Iaw I think it is that
Particular element that givers unique touch compared to say the others that just give you standard responses

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