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  2. make a video on how to open a trading account under 18 and how tax's work for that

  3. Very good video, thanks for the down to earth and transparent advice , and i check your book out

  4. I started an acct on e-trade. When i try to buy stocks that I'm interested in. I only have options to do short term like 24hr turnover…

  5. My Canadian friend is able to open a trading account through his bank. Is it the same in the US? Or do we only have the option to sign up with one of these sites?

  6. Great video. I live in Asia and I want to invest in a Euro or US stock market. I don't have any idea on how to start. I don't know what online brokerage to use. Please help

  7. Thanks for the helpful video, Ryan! I do have one quick question if you don't mind. If you make a "profit" on your trades for the year, does the IRS require taxes even if you reinvest your profits with more trades instead of cashing any of it out? Thanks.

  8. great video! I live in europe does this mean it is better for me to search for a discount broker in Europe? Or does this not change anything? Can't really find information on this..

  9. Employment verification? Damn. To bad my temp job is over and my tuition is due!

  10. Ryan, this helps immensely. Thank you.
    I have to ask, why is "familiarizing stock order types" listed as #5? Should one not begin learning these in parallel with #1?

  11. Hey, I messed around with a Forex platform a while back that offered a practice mode with real time rates, so that you could get a hand of the platform and of Forex trading without putting the money in right away, do you know of any platforms for stock brokers that offer that?

  12. Where can I open an account since I don't live in the US and don't have a social security number?

  13. hey im under 18 is there any way for me to get started trading either with a joint account or my own?

  14. my bank have mutual fund savings now.. should i just use that instead of going through an online site?… thats like skipping 3-4 of your steps, cause most of them are already in place when i made the bank account to begin with.
    so i can see the advantages for using my bank account to buy stocks.. but are there any drawbacks?.. any reason i would want to use an online site instead of my bank?

  15. Hi Ryan. I like your accent. Is your accent from Minnesota?? Thanks for another great video!

  16. I'm literally sitting on tens-of-thousands, but it's just sitting in the bank. Had been a bit sketchy about trading due to lack of understanding, and some negative read reviews. This vid has been a decent start, as I attempt to navigate my way to careful trading. My goal is to create several avenues of revenue.

  17. Hi,

    Can I sign up make an Scottsdale account and invest in American Stocks if I live in Australia?

  18. I've got small amounts(?) of stock in 3 companies that I bought and held for 15-20 yrs. I'm w/ EJ . Would it cost me more to sell off some shares in order to buy into another company rather than to just cut a check and buy that way?

  19. Dude you should go be a trader or something. The way you talk I'll definitely consider buying a stock or some crap from you. Seriously.

  20. Hello I see that Scotttrade is now TD Ameritrade, my question is what is my best option to choose if I'm investing with cash? Individual, Joint Tenants WROS, Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, Rollover IRA. and Also what's the best buying option to choose for a 1st time investor, Options: Buy, hold, and occasionally trade stocks, mutual funds, ETF's, bonds OR Actively trade stocks, ETF's options, futures, forex. Thanks for your time I have no clue, but have the money to do it.

  21. Hi, I wish you would talk a bit about taxation in a taxable brokerage account since that is something that many didn’t know or unsure of. From my understand, if a stock that we bought pays dividends, we will have to pay tax for it (when we file our annual tax return) even if we don’t sell the stock and the dividends are reinvested. Then we have to keep track of all the dividend amounts that we have already paid tax on so we don’t end up paying again the following tax season (double taxation on the dividend). Is that right? Also, the tax rate on capital gain is higher if we sell the stock in less than a year after we bought it.

  22. I've watched your recent videos and i am so happy with how you've become so comfortable infront of the camera.

  23. Great video there Ryan- not to fast, clear voice, and made as simple as
    possible for everyday people. I do have a question – maybe a rather simple
    and stupid question – but I do wonder about it ??

    Question is this – if you want to buy stocks in a company, is it possible there
    are no sellers, because that stock is going up, and all the stocks are taken ?? OR
    is there always sellers ?? or do companies have surplus amounts of stocks
    set aside for new buyers ??- that are available ?? can you answer this ??

    Second question- same as the first – if you want to sell a stock, is it possible
    there can be "no buyers" as maybe the case if the stock is plummeting down ??
    or do the brokerage houses automatically credit your account with what the
    market value of the stock is at that time ?? In other words, do you have to make
    an offer to sell so many stocks, and post this offer, and wait for a buyer to buy
    your stock that you'd like to sell ?? Can you answer this question Ryan, as I'd
    like to start trading, and as of right now, don't understand the basic processes.

    Thanks and great video.

  24. hi ryan, i'd like to know if you may know of an personal investment advisors (for a one on one) relationship to hire to build my investments. i don't want to work with a large company but don't want to pay high fees either. is this possible in the chicago area?

  25. great stuff man, thanks for taking the time to help people like this

  26. We'd like to give our kids some money to start investing online. Would Scottrade be good for this like you suggested in this video? Any specifics you'd recommend? Thanks.

  27. Ryan! You are doing a great job! Can you explain, please which fees, commissions are paid in Scottrade? Do I need a real broker to trade stocks or it's being done online? What is actually a stock? A piece of paper or what? I need to investigate many simple things before starting trading stocks.

  28. Hey! thanks a lot for sharing your info and experience!!

  29. quite complicated ……. i would prefer to go back to zerodha again

  30. Hi Ryan, i came across your video while i was in the midst of researching about trading stocks for beginners. I must say all the info and tips you provided with explanation are really of great help to anyone who is brand new into all this.. You already mentioned whats the best online brokerage for you amongst many of them but i still need some help in choosing as i'm from Canada. Thanks

  31. Very informative for someone who is a beginner like myself! Thanks for breaking this down so well Ryan!!!

  32. his little story about buying a car, I had the exact same thing happen to me. Lucky me, I sold during a point where there was a small return on my investment but it could have ended very badly.

  33. Ryan, I signed up for a Jason Bond who claims to have proven strategies to win in the stocks and bonds trading. I am trying to open up a TD Ameritrade broker account with the low balance option (since I cannot afford to be a day trader $10,000+ account starter). How can I acquire your book "the ultimate guide to stock market trading"?

  34. Hey Ryan *IDEA FOR NEW VIDEO * Make a video about how a non US resident who don't have VISA for U.S lets say a resident of Europe as example, can buy and have exposure to entire U.S market since some of the best Vanguard securities outside of U.S most brokers don't have.

  35. This was sooooooo helpful and informative. It's exactly what I was looking for. A step by step guide. Thank you! Your knowledge and content is much appreciated! 😄

  36. I set up an account on e trade. took 30 minutes. they did need my social and address. took 30 seconds to add money into my account. download yahoo finance to find what companies you want to buy shares from.

  37. Ryan, do u do consulations on phone or email? I have specific questions -…thanks

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  39. Trying to learn day trading short stocks how to read charts buy and where to trade or sell new to the stock market

  40. I want to put $1000 in the Canadian Canabis industry any suggestions?

  41. I am a Nigerian, I want to buy shares (stock) from amazon or apple how do I go about this?

  42. Hello Ryan, I have 17600 in savings in a cash ISA in the U.K. I’m looking for a way to grow that money and make more on it. Would buying stocks & shares be a good option for me to follow? I realise that my money isn’t doing much in a cash ISA. I was also thinking of purchasing a rental property.

  43. An honest informative without any – ahem – 'padding'. An excellent resource! Thank you

  44. I need big help! I’m on SSI and I want off! I’ve been squirreling away enough for 20% down on a used car to do rideshare. Due to mileage and other deductions my tax liability would be 0, and it wouldn’t interfere with my SSI check. Ok now that my little pile is growing, I think I should wait on car and invest instead and then buy car with dividends. How do poor people begin investing? Will $500 -$1,000 work to open an account?

  45. a lot of people are starting to wake people up on how to invest. for stock. I have a good ideal how this work. I look into it from some movies. It is a hustle, but for the real people money can be made for them. but from me to start, it just me giving. When do I receive

  46. Financial Users recommend trading with a pro to help adjust system of trading and enable effective returns, remember that as with any type of trading, your capital is at risk. New traders should start trading with small capital or trade on paper to practice.Most financial experts and advisors consider foreign stocks to be a healthy addition to an investor’s portfolio.They recommend an allocation of 25% for foreign investors.

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  48. Another video promising to be technical and it opens up with ADVICE. I don't care about your "best tips", I just want to know how to open an account!

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