How to Close a Sales Interview

Closing the interview. You are sales professional in
a sales meeting in a sales interview, you are expected
to close. I can’t tell you how many times
the candidates rung me after an interview, said
fantastic meeting, got on like a house on fire, it
was fantastic. Did you close? No, it wasn’t the right time. We got on so well it
wasn’t necessary. I, then, ring up the employer
with the feedback and they go, nice guy. I’d love to go for a drink with
him, wouldn’t hire him as a sales person though, because
he couldn’t close a barn door. So it’s imperative that you
close in every sales interview that you attend. You wouldn’t attend a sales
meeting without asking for either the order or how you’re
going to progress through the next stage of the sales
process, so ensure that you close. Just to give you an example of
how important this is, many years ago I did some extensive
research– well, to be true, what I did was
had a bit of paper by and the side of me desk– and when I spoke to candidates
I asked them whether they closed and I put a tick in
either the yes or no. And over the course of the
month, it was just under 3/4 of sales professionals in sales interviews did not close. It’s a travesty. So how do you close? Let’s go back to real kind
of sales basics– DADA. Direct close, quite often it is inappropriate in a sales interview. It’s a bit to double glazing. It’s a bit to full-on. But if the moment’s right,
go for the jugular. You’ve then got the alternative
close, the “I understand you’re looking for somebody to start in September. Is it the second week or the
third week?” Close in that kind of way. You’ve then got the deferred,
“I understand that you’re working through an agency. Basically, I understand that
you’re going to be talking to Aaron Wallis, and that you’re
going to talk about it in a lot more depth with them before
coming back to me”– the deferred close. The easiest way to close, and
probably the most natural way to close, is the assumptive
close. “I’ve really enjoyed
my time here being interviewed with you. I’ve really liked everyone
that I’ve met. I feel that we can get on. I like your style. I like you direction. I really like the business. I know I can sell your products
and services, and I really know that if
you give me the opportunity, I will succeed. So I really look forward
to working with you. And I’m really looking forward
to hitting the sales targets that you set me. Look forward to seeing you again
when I start with your business.” Nice and easy, nice and
assumptive, very, very natural, and it just gives you
that tick in the box that you have closed the interview
down. But how do you get
to that point? As a sales person, you
know you just don’t go in with the close. You’ve got to ask you lots
of questions beforehand. When you feel the interview is
coming to an actual close, when you feel that their
questions have come to the end, ask questions about
your own performance. One of the best ones is, how
do you feel our meeting has gone today? It’s no longer an interview,
it’s a sales meeting. You’re on a level. Ask questions about how they
feel you’d fit in with other team members, whether they feel
that you’re the cultural match for their business,
whether they feel there are any areas of your expertise
or your qualifications or abilities that aren’t right
for the business. Overcome them. Acknowledge that you’ve overcome
them, then go for a semi-close. OK, so you didn’t feel that
I had enough experience of national account
type business. I hope that I’ve now
overcome that. Do you agree? Yes. Then move on to the
semi-close. Are there any further things
that you’d like to explore before this meeting closes? If you’re not getting any
negative feedback at that point, you’ve got
the opportunity to go for the close. I can’t stress how important
is to close, so ensure that you do close at every sales
interview that you attend.

11 thoughts on “How to Close a Sales Interview

  1. Rob, out of interest, as you are a sales recruitment firm, do you have any software sales roles? šŸ™‚ Sincerely, Jason

  2. Got an important interview tomorrow. Thanks for your tips. Will definitely use someĀ 

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment and really good luck with that interview tomorrow #TheMsToffifee Ā 

  4. I buy your words,but not your jacket! lol. Anyway,thanks for your tips!

  5. Always Be Closing, right? What are some good closes to throw into resumes and cover letters?

  6. I think that closing interview by asking question such as "how do you fell our meeting went today?" it can be described as I would like to get the feedback, and normally as I understand that this question can be taken in negative way as is inappropriately to ask for the feedback to be given to you before you leave the room of the interview, am I correct?

  7. Maybe I am mistaken, but I haven't heard any closing question, like: "Where are we going from here?", "How are we going to proceed with this?", etc. From your accent, it sounds like that you work in the UK, where maybe such questions would be perceived as too blunt.

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