How to Completely RUIN a Sales Call

Is your sales team’s performance not where
it should be? In this video, we’re going to go over the
five ways you can completely ruin a sales call and provide simple solutions so that
your team is running at full speed and generating the revenue your business needs. We all know how it starts…. You spend hours and hours of your time working
with a lead and you are so close to making a sale. You can feel the excitement rushing. You know it’s almost there. And then poof! It’s gone. Sales is not an easy job. Discovering the buyers’ needs, presenting
your solution, then getting a commitment – these are all important parts of any sales cycle. Customers are busy. They are hesitant. They don’t want to be bothered. And if you are not taking the right steps,
it’s easy to lose a good sale. Although there are many things you can do
to save a call, we are going to focus on the 5 ways to completely ruin a sales call. Starting with Number 1. Doing The Bare Minimum. This one may seem obvious but it’s important. If you don’t sound enthusiastic on the phone,
then how do you expect prospects to listen to your message? If you aren’t putting an effort into reading
the script and you are just speaking in a dull tone, this can and will completely ruin
any sales call. Period. Your excitement and enthusiasm can be contagious,
so use that energy to get your customer excited to learn more about your product or service. Smile. Sit up straight and take a deep breath before
answering. Believe it or not, these tips will help. And your customers will feel more welcome
and open to your pitch. Number 2. Ignoring Your Customer If your sales team spends 99% of their time
discussing your product and nothing else, they are doing it wrong. Communication is a two-way street – and your leads don’t want to spend the entire call listening to your pitch. So, how can you fix this? Build rapport. Engage your prospect. Ask questions. Diagnose their pain points and then match
your solution with their unique business needs. Empathize with your future customer. After all, you are building a relationship
with them. The more you show you care and understand
their needs, the more likely they will trust you and buy from you. They may even recommend your business to their
colleagues, friends, and family. And word-of-mouth can be an effective driver
for new leads for your business. Number 3. No sales training… or not being trained
enough to talk on the phone. Repetition, confidence, comfort. Whether you are managing a team or you are
a soloprenuer, on-going training is vital. Training can be refreshing and ensures that
you are up to date with the trends and needs of the industry. If you are a manager and you aren’t spending
quality time coaching your sales team to pitch better – then they aren’t going to perform
the way you want them to, resulting in customers slamming the phone down or even worse: insulting
your sales team for their poor performance. Teach employees to speak loudly and clearly. The person on the other end of the phone will
be able to sense that you’re uncomfortable. Remember: Practice makes perfect… It’s helpful to analyze your calls with
call recording and identify your mistakes and make improvements. Which brings us to number 4. Not Paying Attention to Quality Assurance. Managers should be screening and monitoring
calls often to ensure that everyone is doing their best and that the call quality isn’t
causing your business to lose profit. If you don’t have a call recording service
in place, then maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Effective quality assurance is absolutely
necessary when managing a sales team. Having the right equipment and phone service can either make or break your whole sales process. Getting a third person perspective, such as
a manager listening in on a call or reviewing a recording can be very helpful. This also ensures employees follow compliance
guidelines. Rather than criticizing them, provide constructive
solutions and ways they can do better. Support your employees so that they can support
your company. Don’t have call recording? We will show you how to set it up. Just keep watching until the end. Our last and final piece of advice on the
5 ways to completely ruin a sales call is Number 5. Calling and emailing too many times. Contacting a prospect too frequently can be detrimental to a sale. On the other hand, not following up is just as bad. It is important to keep track of when you
are reaching out to your customers. Plan and maintain a schedule so that following
up with your call list is easy. This way, you won’t do too little or go
overboard with communication. It takes an average of 8 touches to get an
initial meeting with a new prospect. You need to make contact with your leads without
harassing them. You shouldn’t call people multiple times
in a one hour span nor should you send multiple emails in a single day without a response. You will definitely lose the sale. If your team is so motivated that they are
constantly calling and emailing potential leads, that’s not a bad problem to have. But watch carefully for those who are too
aggressive or eager to make a sale and show them ways to remain calm and confident while pitching. Use Quality Assurance tools like call recording
to monitor all interactions possible to diagnose existing issues occuring during your call. We understand that managing a sales team can
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