How to Draw Trend Lines | Technical Analysis | #31 Invest Diva Education

the art of drawing trend lines you never
thought you would find a place for your artistic skills in forex trading did ya? drawn trend lines is an art and just as with any other type of
art everyone has his own unique opinion on them. there is no perfect way to draw
trend lines but if you have an artistic eye, usually won’t miss a strong trend to draw a trend line once you have casually identified the trend with your naked eyes
you simply have to click on the trend line instrument on your trading platform
and connect two or more major valleys and two or more major peaks In technical analysis the valleys are called bottoms and the peaks are called tops for newbies identifying valleys and peaks may be easier on line charts but with
just a little bit of practice you will be able to see any mountain hill or lake
in the next generation charts crystal-clear remember to draw an
uptrend connect the two valleys: higher lows To draw a downtrend can connect the peaks: lower highs you can identify no trends or a consolidation when you
connect either the peaks or the valleys and the lines turn out to be horizontal
or sideways do not ever let trend lines cross through prices or draw trend lines
by forcing them to put the market Oh now you may ask what if the prices break
the trend lines after I draw it? the answer is simple draw another one! you can have several trend lines on a single chart and here is Invest Diva’s
word of wisdom: let’s think art touch the chart look at all these fine lines! once you get comfortable with these waves you can easily surf the trend
lines under any circumstances and nail the next price action by identifying
support or resistance we will get into that in a little bit but first

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  1. Could have done without the childish attention grabbing parts, the video is only 2 and a half minutes. if you dont have an attention span of many times that… you should probably stay away from stock trading.

  2. OMG, I love her!! this is the best. and she is gorgeous and smart. lol

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