How to fill in a commercial invoice

In this video, we’ll show you how to fill
in a commercial invoice. It’s important to complete your commercial
invoice correctly, to lower the risk of delay. The invoice should preferably be printed on
paper with a company letterhead. It must include your company details, such
as the address, contact details and tax number. You’ll also need to include the same details
about the receiver. First, fill in the shipping date and number. The shipping number is sometimes known
as an Air Waybill. Next, state the reason for export. Why are you sending it? Is it for example for trade or is it a gift? Don’t forget to state the correct Incoterm. This determines who’s responsible for the
package during shipping. If you want to know more about this, you can
check out our video all about Incoterms. Fill in a detailed goods description. This means that instead of putting clothing, put ‘men’s t-shirts 80 percent cotton 20 percent polyester’. If the package contains branded items, include
the brand, model number as well as the description. And don’t just rely on the company product
code to describe the goods. Remember to state the quantity. If you’re shipping different products, state
the quantity of each. You’ll also need to include
the correct HS code. Check out our video all about HS codes. Include the country of origin – this is where
the products were originally manufactured and may be different from the country
the shipment is being sent from. Write down the true value of the shipment. This should be the market price of the goods,
along with the currency. If the value doesn’t seem reasonable, customs
may ask you or your receiver for evidence of the value you have declared on the invoice. You’ll also need the NET and GROSS weight. GROSS is the NET weight and weight of the
packaging combined. Make sure the details are in English and match
the information on the other shipping documents. Finally, sign the commercial invoice. Thanks for watching! Explore The Shipping Channel for more videos.

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