How to find Gold and Silver at Yard Sales!

24 thoughts on “How to find Gold and Silver at Yard Sales!

  1. liked the video, I was hoping you would talk some about finding coins too

  2. wow nice info thanks 🙂 (even if this is an old vid its still useful today)
    one question though, I thought there was a chemical a person could use to pull gold off junk jewelry (granted it'll come off as dust I heard) was I lied to, Or is it just not worth it ?

  3. Great info thx! I will need to watch the math part 100 times before I maybe learn it haha

  4. can't tell you how many candle holders I've tried to buy and the seller tells me they are three or four Oz's..I tell them about filler and weights and they just won't accept it.

  5. Always wanted some good ways to tell. Thanks for the info.

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  7. very informative ! thank you. Now Do you know of any decent place where I can sell sterling and/or 995 refined silver???

  8. Very informative Video as always!!! The wife and I go to a lot of estate sales and I have picked up a bunch of silver from them. I don’t have any of the stuff you have but if you hit the home button on your IPhone then it brings up the magnifier and that’s how I find the karats or silver hallmark.

  9. Love the video! How strong is the magnet if i were to buy the same please?

  10. Also watch out for "gold" items marked R.G.P.. It stands for rolled gold plating.

  11. this is the best the best informative video on the subject on YouTube. Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge plus sharing

  12. hey how did you how did you design your YouTube channel with the three Windows that's awesome. The letters and instructions are clear to read. The close-up scene can be observed at will and it's big enough while maintaining clarity. And the main screen is the exact size that it should be to be the maintain your focal Pointe. Did you have someone design this or did you do that yourself? No other YouTube channel has such a pleasantly organized screen or your attention to detail. Okay enough of blowing up your ego … Just kidding this is a good job.

  13. I have only ever found silver with silver markings like 925.
    925 is pretty common.
    U shouldn't really tell everyone like that, cos then people will go away and possibly miss out on silver when they see 925

  14. Silverware will not always say sterling. Some is marked "925" and some will say "coin" (90% silver). And MOST of the foreign silver will be halmarked. I would say only around %50 of the silver you come across will say "sterling"

  15. U.S. Gold Plated Jewelry probably has $4 – $5 Dollars worth of gold on them, Right. If you could buy that item for $2 – $3, it would be a good deal wouldn't it ?

  16. I did not understand how the testing works. Can you slow down and clarify for those of us who don't know anything? Very interesting! Thanks

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