How To Gain Confidence In Sales

100 thoughts on “How To Gain Confidence In Sales

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  2. I really agree with this video. It talks about something that is fairly common among Chinese people but almost gone from westerners: do you want to achieve success? Then work hard. And then harder. And then more. Until you want to scream.
    It works. I don't work in the marketing field, but I study and improve 16h+ a day on my preparation until whatever happens I have a way to fix it or a way to quickly find out how to fix it.

  3. Dan, do you believe that sometimes it's necessary to not show how confident you are or how strong your presence is to the person you're making an offer cause there could be a client who might get too intimidated by your demeanor and back off…?
    I'm saying this cause I can clearly see that you have immense presence and a strong aura about yourself (as expected of a successful business giant) which is something I look up to and am trying each day to attain…

    What is your opinion/answer to my question above…?

  4. Hard work, hard work, hard work!. That's what I love about you. You don't sell BS. Just the TRUTH!

  5. Hey im new in business world
    I work with a business man but i dnt know how to not let him steal my money
    I work at sales but i dnt know what to do to know his intentions
    In fact there is no contract in my hands

  6. Haha.. glad to see ur teaching but i have no money to join your HTC class. But i've learned alot from ur video

  7. Back then i watch a movie call The Mechanic with jason statham. And in that movie they use a quote “victory loves preparation”. Ever since then, that quote stuck with me and i’ve been always prepared.

  8. I just started watching your videos last night , and I love them already .

    I just got back into sales so watching something like this helps alot , and you crack me up too at the beginning with the unconfident closer hahah . The Letcher about positively is definitely right because nobody's cares about your positively if the budget isn't right.

  9. I'm doing face to face sale and I'm struggling. i need help with tips to close more sales

  10. I giggled a bit when Sifu you said that you are't "special and you're not a genius" HA! Good one sifu……… good one…… lol

  11. Also, "KNOW YOUR THING". If you know what you are doing, if you believe in your product, if you are not offering shady sh*t, you will have more confidence. Client says i have a better offer, you can say i offer Quality/Value. Do you want to go for a $2k half-assed offer and then after getting the project botched, you spend another $5k on me? Thats a $2k damage. Why not cover it from the get-go

  12. I just stumbled upon you looking for a way to be a better salesperson. I lack so much confidence and get alot of rejections. honestly the positive thinking twist blew my mind. Im gonna try this today at work! Definitely going to watch more of your videos!

  13. outstanding video….this really is the secret…..simple but not easy….it takes a lot of discipline and focus and most people won't do it….the ones that do deserve to be successful….bravo

  14. Hallo Dan, could you do a video one day on insurance sales and marketing strategies. I am insurance agent.

  15. Dan I’m 25 now, BBA student 👨‍🎓,from India. I want to start business I’m a second year student

  16. Just found your channel and I have been watching all your videos. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Knowing your personality, within the first few seconds I was cracking up. Love your posture and content! 🔥👌

  18. Dear Dan,Please give a video regarding how to do manpower planning and recruitment process professionally.

  19. Forget Positive Thinking in Sales & Closing!
    Instead use the "Positive Power of negative preparation"
    • Confidence comes with Preparation
    -> Over-Prepare to Over-deliver

  20. Wowwwwww great well done thank you so much for sharing the knowledge the sale and marketing..

  21. Dan in your words I hear the blood, sweat and tears of experience which has now rewarded you with great wisdom! Thank you!

  22. I’ve been in sales for the last eight months and I had to stop the beginning of the video and cringe, because he sounded exactly like me. Time to rethink things.

  23. I figure confidence will come with experience. But I don't have any confidence right now. It's messing me up in all aspects of my life. The fact that people keep rejecting me and the leads that I do get, I go out on these appointments, and people don't buy. So yeah when I do a cold, I don't have the confidence because people just hang up on me and say they aren't interested. So then when I call them back in a couple days, to continue the conversation I just get nervous especially when they get defensive and upset and tell me that I'm annoying them and everything. when you're doing all these cold calls and getting very little success, which is common with cold calls I guess, it's just hard to be confident.

  24. This is exactly what I do though! Familiarity. I'm a musical performer. I get really nervous so I like to go to the venue or open Mic without performing. Just watch other people do it. Get accustomed to the atmosphere. Then the day after my performance, I like to get on the stage a little bit just to feel it out and look at where the crowd would be. that way I feel like I'm in control of it. Or if I'm going to a job interview, I'll drive at night to the place so I'm familiar with the building and the drive there

  25. I once rejected a call by asking them to send me an email cuz I simply wasn't interested

  26. Hey Dan, after trying to join your community within YouTube, I clicked on the top right hand portion of the screen and then clicked on "Join Dan's Global Community" YouTube video, it brings up another page, but gives me a message that says, "This site can't be reached" under, "". Please let me know how I can join, love your stuff!! Same thing when clicking the "Click Here To Join Our Community And Become A High-Ticket Closer: link". Thanks for all the great knowledge/wisdom!!


  28. I really loved your videos Mr. Dan Lok, I wish that I can attend your live seminars,

  29. Takeaway " What makes a player master in his game. Knowing the opponents' ten steps ahead "

  30. “The positive power of negative preparation” You’re a genius Dan!

  31. I want to become like you, I always watch your videos, it helps me alot with my small business.

  32. Damn, That first 15 seconds, makes me laugh. Haha. That happens to me.

    This video is worth to watch. What a genius advice.

  33. People buy from confident people. If you dont believe it , why the hell should they.

  34. You should get more information about your clients and you should know, what you or your company can do the best to clients. More information and well preparation will take you one step front of any kind of conversation.
    By the way, i loved your suit))

  35. Yes yes please. How? I've started sales. Yeah…but it's kinda tough. Still did tried my best each day.
    Thanks for the tip

  36. Hello Dan lok thanks for the videos I'm a beginner in this kind of work Saling I need your help really

  37. Wow what a good video I was only thinking positive but not preparing for negative … being a sales girl am learning a lot from your video … I have liked and subscribe your video 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  38. We could all learn a lot from the way Dan talks and communicates.

  39. How do we develop confidence….?

    Invest in ourselves!!

  40. Amazing Mentor. Keep it up Dan. I am watching every one of your videos.

  41. Really good information. Kinda reminds me of Donald Trump when he said "I think I am more humble than you can understand"

  42. "You do 10X more than your competitors are willing to do or even more." Unique, Dan.

  43. how do you just call a prospect when you know they probably have another supplier?

  44. For the role play because I'm a beginner for work, is it free to join I want to try.

  45. Watching you feels better than all the seminars I have attended

  46. Great lesson to be learned, someone that is Lack of confidence is because they have lack of preparation, keep practicing role plays until one is so sick of it and practice some more to better oneself.

  47. No bro a master chess player researches countless his opponents common opening lines and previous games and capitalizes on errors hes discovered.

  48. Basically collect as much information (literally everything) as possible about your client before official meeting.
    Information is the key !
    then rehearse like this Dan Boss says!

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