How To Handle Sales Objections With The “3 F’s” Method

– Now if you follow my work,
you know I’m not a big fan of a lot of the traditional
sales methods, right? From time to time there’s
one or two techniques that I like that I keep on my tool belt. And today I want to share
one of those with you, and that is the 3F methods. So let me give you a
little bit of context. Let’s say you’re talking to a prospect, and you are getting resistance, right? They’re giving you objections. Just like, almost like martial art, they’re throwing a lot of punches at you. No, no, no, no, no! Why they’re not taking
action today, right? And they’re giving you
a lot of objections. So instead of fighting
force with force, right? Instead of, they give you resistance and you fight with force,
what you want to do is kinda do a little bit of redirection. And the way you do that is through what I call a 3F method. And that is, feel, felt, found. Feel, felt, found. Now very, very simple. So what you wanna do, is first of all, whenever you get resistance
and they give you an objection, first, you need to have empathy. Don’t fight, don’t argue,
say, “You know what? “I understand how you feel,” right? “I understand how you feel.” Felt, “Others felt the
same way,” you explain. And then, “Here’s what I found.” Feel, felt, found. Now, what you don’t wanna do is you don’t wanna do it like a robot, right? When you get an objection, “Oh yeah, I know exactly how you feel, “and others, customers, felt the same way. “And what I found is
this is simply not true.” That’s not what I’m talking
about, it is a formula. So during the feel phase you
might say something like, “I understand your concern. “If I were in your shoes, “I would have similar concern as well.” Or you might say something like, “I could see where you’re
coming from, I understand.” You see, so you don’t necessary have to use the feel word, right? But it’s a step, step one, empathy. Step two, felt. Now it could be, you felt the same way, or other customers share the same concern. And here’s the conclusion,
what they have found, or what I found is this. So let me quickly demonstrate. Let’s do an example where, let’s say I’m talking to a friend, right? I’m trying to persuade them,
and I would say something like, let’s say I want to convince
them of taking vitamins. Very simple idea, and I would say, say, “No, you don’t get it,
I never take vitamins. “I never believe in these things. “Hey man, you know what? “I understand, I totally get it, right? “I used to believe in the same thing. “I don’t take vitamins,
I don’t need vitamins. “I get enough nutrition just
from the day-to-day food. “And what I realize is there
are actually many types “of vitamins, and when you
take the right vitamin, “as such as this brand, right? “When I take it, what I
found is every morning “when I take it, I
actually have more energy “throughout the day, right? “That I’m more focused,
I’m more productive, “then my mind is more clear. “And I get sick less just by
taking these couple vitamins.” You see how that works? Feel, felt, found, let me
give you another example. Let’s say you offer
digital marketing services to, let’s say, traditional business owner. That they don’t know much about digital marketing or social media. They’re still doing very
old-school type marketing. Let’s say you want to close them on your digital marketing services, and they say to you, “No, I don’t believe “in this social media, Facebook things, “and all these things, I
don’t understand how it works. “I don’t think they even work,” right? “I don’t think they work.” “Hey, Mr. Business Owner, I know exactly “where you’re coming from. “If I was in your shoes, I
will watch every single dollar “that I spend on marketing. “‘Cause in a small business “every single dollar counts, right? “What I found from other
business owners is, “at first they didn’t quite understand “how this whole thing works, “but haven’t you had experience “where sometimes people
find you on the internet? “And then they come into your store, “and they visit your business, “and you ask them, ‘How did you find us?’ “‘Like, oh it’s through the internet.'” But if you are already
getting customers by accident, imagine what you could do if
you actually intentionally come up with a plan and most strategically have your website optimized, right? Being able to run certain ads on Facebook, or on Google, to bring you more customers. So that every single
customer that comes in, it’s not an expense for
you, it is an investment. So you spend a dollar, you get $3 back. Does that make sense? Feel, felt, found. Now, you don’t hear exactly
the word of feel, felt, found, but would see the
formula, by not fighting, not resisting the prospect, yes, right? The resistance coming, you redirect, and you go boom, boom, boom. So that’s the 3F methods,
feel, felt, found. Now if you want more in-depth training from me on closing and on sales, I have created a
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