How to Improve Sales Performance, with Sales Project Management

Hi. I’m Mike Goss. As a salesperson, do you get stressed out? Wouldn’t you like to have more fun? The tool that will give you that fun, and
lots of other things, is Sales Project Management. Let me show you how. Three things will help you have more fun,
and probably take a bigger paycheck home. The first one is the structure of Sales Project
Management. The structure is something we could all use. That doesn’t mean it’s rigid and it crams us
into a particular box. It means it’s a structure that we know what
we’re doing today, and we know what we’ll be doing tomorrow, and they all lead towards
a magnificent goal. That structure makes us happier as we do the
work. It’s like the Seven Dwarfs singing “Hi ho,
hi ho, off to work we go.” They must have been working under Sales Project
Management. The structure also gives you the ability to
do more work with fewer steps. You’re not going like this all day long. You’re making fewer steps, yet you’re getting
better traction and you’re making better mileage. That comes from the structure of sales projects. And the third benefit is that you’ll be able
to go home early once in a while. You set a certain number of things for yourself
to accomplish this day. You accomplished all of them by three o’clock. You have two choices. You can maybe skip out and go play, because
you’re completely caught up, or you can get a head start on tomorrow. The decision is yours, but Sales Project Management
has the structure to allow you to even be able to make that decision. That’s better, isn’t it? I have a free course that will help you see
how sales projects work. You can click the link to sign up for that
course below this video. You can also find the link on the
website. Join me for the adventure and the joy of Sales
Project Management.

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