How to Increase Sales (QUICKLY)

Hey everyone, it’s Jessica with Oberlo,
and today we’ll talk about how you can sell products as quickly as possible, using 3 proven
marketing tactics. Done right, each of these tactics has the
potential to make you sales — fast. Method 1: Promote your products in online
groups and forums. Online group and forums are great places to
engage with customers on a personal level. Plus, 20% of Americans recommend their favorite
products in forums. What’s more, around 33% of marketers choose
to market their brands on forums to reach a bigger audience within a specific niche. Bottom-line? These places present a great opportunity to
get your products out there and in front of the people who will be most interested in
them. They’re also great for testing new products
to see if they resonate with your market. So, how can you use forums and groups to sell
products? Well, you can market your products in an existing
forum or Facebook group in your niche. But remember: The first rule of online marketing
is to never spam people. So, if you choose to promote your product
in an existing forum or Facebook group, go easy on the self-promotion. In these groups, relationships come first,
and sales come later. But, if you want to sell products fast, start
by promoting them in existing Facebook buy-and-sell groups. For best results, you’ll want to focus your
efforts on higher quality buy-and-sell groups. How? First, try to find groups that are active,
and without too much spam. Do some research: How many members are in
the group? How often are people posting, and how much
engagement do the posts get? If the group seems like a good bet, look at
what types of posts perform the best. Then, you can incorporate those winning elements
into your own posts. Also, make sure to read any group rules before
sharing promotional posts to avoid getting banned from the group. This is a strategy that can get you sales
fast, but it’s also a strategy that can work well over time. So, don’t spam the group all at once. Instead, try to build good relationships by
engaging with other people’s posts. One last tip… Once you find groups that work for you, create
a spreadsheet to track your activity and hone in on what works. For more help on how to sell products using
groups and forums, check out the link in the description! How to sell products quickly, Method 2: Facebook
Ads Whoever your target market is, you can almost
guarantee they’re on Facebook. Why? Because Facebook has more than 1.55 billion
monthly active users. And most of those users check their Facebook
page multiple times per day. But that’s not even the best part. Facebook’s true power lies in its ability
to target your ideal customer. People share so many details of their lives
on Facebook that you can create super specific ad campaigns just for them. You can target demographics, interests, and
behaviours. Let me give you a quick example. Say you sell cycling accessories for road
racing enthusiasts. You don’t just have to target men or women
in their 20’s. You could target men between 22 and 27 years
old, who live in California, have a strong interest in road bicycle racing, and particularly
like other cycle brands like Specialized and Trek. This is powerful stuff. To take advantage of it, however, you need
to know exactly who your target customer is. That way, you’ll be able to cut through
the noise and reach them with well-designed Facebook ads. This marketing method can drive immediate
results. Just make sure you set your campaign objective
to Conversions, Store Visits, or Catalog Sales. Now, let’s run through the four key elements
of a winning Facebook ad. The first element, as we’ve mentioned, is
your audience. And, remember, the key is to be specific. The second is your offer. Gary Halbert, one of the best advertisers
in history, said: “Strong copy will not overcome a weak offer
but…in many cases, a strong offer will succeed in spite of weak copy written by marketing
morons.” Bottom-line? People love to buy stuff, but they hate to
be sold to. So, try to set up a truly compelling offer. For instance, ‘15% off dog-themed t-shirts!’
isn’t a bad offer. But it’s not as memorable as, “Every purchase
of this t-shirt feeds 5 shelter dogs for a week!” To get ideas for great offers, check out your
competitors, see what’s working, and then up the ante! Okay… The third element of a great Facebook ad? Compelling copy. Copywriting refers to the type of writing
designed to get people to take some sort of action. This action could be anything from signing
up to your email list to buying your product. Good copywriting focuses on on the benefits
of your product, and not just the features. Let me explain with an example. When the iPod came out, the main feature was
that it could hold 1GB of MP3’s. But at the time, that spec didn’t mean much
to the average customer. So instead, Apple described the iPod as: “1,000
songs in your pocket.” Way more compelling, right? The last make-or-break component of your Facebook
ad? The image. It’s crucial that you get this right. Why? Because images account for 75-90% of Facebook
advertising performance. If possible, include a model using your product. Pictures with human faces are 38% more likely
to receive engagement than photos with no faces. Just make sure the model is relatable and
looks like your target customer. For more tips on how to sell products with
a killer Facebook ad image, we’ve linked to an in-depth guide in the description below. Alright, our last method for selling products
quickly, is Method 3: partner with micro-influencers. Instagram has reached a massive 800 million
active users. What’s more, 70% of Instagram users actually
want to consume content from brands. This is awesome for ecommerce entrepreneurs. So, how do harness the power of Instagram? Well, one way is to partner with micro-influencers. You see, influencers aren’t just celebrities
or famous YouTubers — an influencer is anyone with a relatively large following in a particular
niche. Micro-influencers are a great option if you’re
just starting out for three reasons… First, micro-influencers often have high levels
of engagement. Both HelloSociety and Markerly found that
influencers who have between 1,000 to 100,000 followers have better engagement than influencers
with massive followings. Second, micro-influencers are more accessible. If you reach out to a selection of micro-influencers
in your niche, there’s a good chance you’ll hear back quickly. Larger influencers, on the other hand, will
most likely have personal assistants, or managers you have to get through first. Finally, micro-influencers charge much less
— if anything at all. found that micro-influencers
with 2,000 to 100,000 followers charge, on average, between $137 and $258 per Instagram
post. This is significantly less than many larger
influencers. What’s more, you might not need to pay them
at all… Plenty of micro-influencers are happy to promote
your product if you simply give them the product for free, and provide a discount code they
can give to their audience. You just need to find the right influencers
in your niche. But, this can be tricky. Make sure you do your research before reaching
out to anyone. Try to find accounts with at least a few thousand
followers, and relatively high engagement. If they’ve promoted products before, see
how well those posts did. You can also check the comments of those promotional
posts to see how many people are talking about the product. If an influencer has repeatedly promoted the
same brands, that’s a good sign that the promotions are working. And, one more thing. Before reaching out to an influencer, make
sure you’ve created a compelling offer that’s beneficial to them, and to their audience. Ask yourself, what’s in it for them? For more tips on influencer marketing, watch
our guide on Instagram Influencer marketing. Okay, that bring us to the end of our video on how to sell products fast! Once again, there’s no silver bullet in
marketing. So, whichever method you choose first, you
still need to put in some work! Have you tried any of these methods? Which one do you recommend to new dropshippers? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for watching, and if you liked this
video, be sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell for more. Until next time, learn often, market better
and sell more.

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