How To Make $350 in 8 Minutes | Live Day Trade

7 thoughts on “How To Make $350 in 8 Minutes | Live Day Trade

  1. I’m 18 and I want to make atleast 80 a week or more of stocks and and also practice. I’ve been learning a lot about option trading, but it’s a little nerve recking not having the resources, and trying to trade on Robinhood is just too risky, I am trying to learn seriously how to use Td Ameritrade as it is very confusing. I really like your channel seen like 2 videos already, but is there any recommendation that you could give to a sorta beginner? Any courses, and pls if your course is only for people with a lot of income refer me to another course that can help me. I’m reallllly interested in learning, I heard forex was also a really good trading system any suggestions on that too? Please reply back! Thankyou

  2. Hey Clay! I've been following your videos for a little bit now, and I'm really interested in your trading style. I know you have your own website and all that, I'm just wary of websites that have paid subscriptions and whatnot. Id love to learn more about what you do, but Im struggling to make a decision because I don't want to get scammed. I know this isn't entirely reasonable, and I know you don't have to prove yourself to me, I would just have a much easier time deciding weather or not your classes are worth anything if you could send me a link or post a video (if you haven't already, I'm sure there's one somewhere) that just concretely proves that this strategy works consistently for you and you're profiting reliably. Also, do you have any students that trade the same way you do? I just don't want to subscribe to another furu 😆 thank you!

  3. How were you able to sell so fast? I just got robin-hood and first week made 100+

    I was up on a Spy put tried to sell but it didn’t go and ended with -16 on it. How did you sell instantly basically?

  4. 350 is poor. You obviously make more from your rip off courses than you do with trading.

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