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imagine that you’re a company looking to advertise during the American superbowl one of the best commercial spots of the year that cost about four million dollars to have your advert shown so you probably want to make the most of it well in 2014 budweiser used up 55 of their 60 seconds without showing a single bottle of beer 55 seconds of a sweet story about puppies friendship with a horse followed by an easily missable shot of what must be beer and the branding only the very end so why so many commercials like this surely they should focus on the product rather than some loosely related bit of entertainment well maybe they believe in the power of storytelling so much so that they’re willing to spend ninety percent of their expensive commercial slot to associate their brand with a story of friendship that harks back to the old days when things were simpler. these are ideas that we can connect with on a much deeper level than if they just made a commercial that tried to convince us that they have been tastes better than the other brands so with that in mind it was my turn to make something definitely not a super bowl commercial or any kind of traditional advertising but still a project that was paid for in order to promote something in our case a film festival. so we’ve got our client and we know that they’re looking to spread the word about their festival as the submission deadline is coming up. now it’s very important to know what they’re looking for what they’re trying to get out of this and then also their target audience which in this case is filmmakers who might want to enter a short film festival. so we found out what the client wants from a marketing point of view but thinking back to the puppy story I decided to approach this the same way I would approach any project. instead of asking myself what’s a good idea for a commercial i start with what’s on your mind so for the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about how we romanticize creative careers like it’s just a complete dream world of creative talent and genius collaboration and everyone’s getting paid to do what they love but for me that good stuff is only a tiny tiny fraction of what it’s really like to spend your time writing shooting and editing and so that became the concept what if we could make something that showed what it was really like to make films or creative work at least from my perspective of the people i’ve talked to rather than making something about the festival let’s try and make something that every single person who enters the festival will care about. making films so we’ve got our main concept but like most ideas it starts out pretty murky and nonspecific so I usually like to start by deciding some things that I definitely don’t want to do. For example I didn’t want to sugarcoat filmmaking only showing the fun and easy parts. We’ve all seen those interviews where the actors are saying how much fun they’ve had and how talented everyone is but the truth is for the people who are in charge of the project at least, the pressure is very very high they’ve got a million things to think about and things just keep going wrong the second thing is I don’t want to imply that having better equipment and a larger crew will make everything easier money doesn’t get rid of your problems it just gives you different ones. So what it’s true the bigger productions have more to work with suddenly a lot more is expected of you and the stakes are much higher so I didn’t want to present either low budget or higher budget filmmaking as being a perfect utopia. so we know what we’re trying to say and we have a couple of things to avoid but there are still a million different ways you can make this commercial should we show one moment that sums up our message or follow someone in a montage throughout their entire career or should we focus on multiple people or just one character In the end I decided to follow a bunch of different filmmakers at different points in their career because I kind of feel like that’s what creative careers are like no it’s not just one straight path. So I pitch that concept to the client as a truthful montage of what it’s really like to be a filmmaker and they gave the thumbs up. So i started organizing some shoots and because it’s a commercial project as usual was a little bit of money to go into the production and I decided that it would be most effectively used if it went to the cast the crew and the locations so no money spent on equipment basically but how do you find people and places on a very low budget well I put a casting call On Star now which is a decent place to find actors in london at least they’re found a website where you can find venues to hire for events and stuff it lists all the spaces you can book and their prices this one worked out well for London but there’ll be an alternative for your nearest city and so I started making a big list of all these different moments in the production process. These were based around those Universal filmmaking problems we don’t have enough money and we don’t have enough time and so in the true spirit of that I left all of the organizing until two days before the shoot which meant i was literally giving a bunch of actors the details the night before and so will leave this for now as i’m frantically trying to sort ouy logistics on the train until next week when we talk about the shoot and by the way if you’d like to see the finished product the first link in the description but i’ll see you next week for part two

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  2. Hi everyone, hope you're having amazing day. I want to go in the commercial world as a 16 year old I'm working very hard to step up my game and i have gained lots of knowledge about filmmaking. I have one misconception which i hope some people here can clear it for me. Is 'marketing' same thing as making commercials more specifically do we make commercials in marketing field? I have done very very basic marketing course and some knowledge from you guys will be helpful for me.

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  29. Ok; No. You are talking about branding here. Not story telling. They share attributes but are not even remotely near to be the same thing. Thank you.

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  45. Apple? Apple? Apple? Awwww man…Simon, you and I worked sooo hard on that little bit of branding (apple+bite+"crunch"). What happened?

  46. The Budwiser Company has a brand that normally one can recognize. The Clydesdale Horse. The Budwiser Clydesdales. A rare breed. The breed was developed from Flemish stallions imported to Scotland and crossed with local mares. That being said, budwiser made a wise choice not to show a budwiser bottle. Budwiser's clydesdale commcial represents the company as a whole for when budwiser made and sold the first budwiser bottle. Yes…story telling is crucial. I am behind your video 100%.

  47. One small detail I'd like to point out. Over the decades of Budweiser commercials. They have spent millions with brand recognition with Clydesdale horses. So from the first moment we saw those horses we knew it was a Bud commercial.

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    Thanks for sharing your thought process. It was well thought out (pun intended πŸ˜‰ ) and makes this video a very useful training video. And since I am trying to learn it is especially useful, just like all of your other videos. πŸ™‚

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