How to Make Trades – MT4 Tutorial (Forex Trading Online)

hello welcome to a blackbull markets
video on how to place trades on MT 4 when you first open the trading accounts
on MT4 this should be the provided layout you should see the market watch
window on the left hand side if not you can open up the market watch
window by going to the View tab and select market watch or you can use the
keyboard shortcut ctrl key and the M key in the market watch window green
highlighted currency pairs our view only these pairs are used for references when
trading our CFDs this means trades cannot be placed through them you can bring out all the tradable
symbols by right-clicking the MarketWatch window and select show all these will be highlighted in yellow and
with an apostrophe at the end of the symbol names to open the chart for select symbol you
can click and drag the symbol on to an open chart alternatively you can click and drag a
symbol on to an empty space to open a new window these windows can be edited modified
minimized and maximized you can navigate through the bottom tabs to view all your
open charts to place an order you can double click one of the yellow
highlighted currency pairs or you can select the new order icon in
your standard toolbar type or select the amount of volume you
wish to trade the minimum trading size is 0.01 lot we also provide one click trading a
professional trading service for clients convenience if you wish to do one click
trading open the live chart right click on the chart and select one click
trading or you can use the keyboard shortcut the Alt key and the tiki select cell too short also liked by to
go along and type or select your trading volume
you can view your open trades under the trade tab of your terminal window the
order tab shows the number of your open trade time shows when the trade was
opened type indicates whether you shorted or went long size shows the
volume of the trade symbol shows the abbreviated trade symbol
S / L shows your stop-loss value and T /P shows you take profit value the
second price tab shows the current price level of the symbol Commission shows how
much is deducted from placing the trade the value is determined by the type of
account you have contact your account manager for further details
swap indicates your swap rate in essence the cost of leaving your trade open for
a day the profit tab shows your profit or loss depending on the market
movements for clients convenience the bottom row
shows your total profit or loss it automatically deducts your commission close orders by clicking the cross icon
on the right of your term of the window you can then view your past trading
history under the tab account history for more information visit or contact our friendly support staff if you like this video
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