How To Shrink Your Trading Losses

19 thoughts on “How To Shrink Your Trading Losses

  1. We are picking up the steps your are throwing the smack down Oliver and we thank your for knowing the right things us traders "need" to hear….Appreciate your generosity with your time.

  2. Oliver…so then what's next? How to expand profitable trades after controlling the losers?

  3. Matter of fact. I put a like on Oliver's video even before finishing watching. Because I don't have an opinion not to like the video.

  4. Amazing where you keep showing up. In the middle of Indy Neidel WW2 lectures. Great analogies and spot on fixes. Always welcomed and a pleasure. Thanks

  5. Going through the comments, all I can say I'm so lucky to be your student! I fully understood and practice what you teach and finally I'm seeing some good consistency. Thank you OV

  6. Un predicador del Trading, excelente, mi vida cambió como trader  desde que te conocí.

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