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  1. How to trade the TCG known as Pokémon like a PLAYA!!! Or a PIMP!!!

    STEP 1. Go to your friend or random hobo on the street (your choice) and ask to see their cards then…
    STEP 2. Ask them if they want to trade…
    STEP 3. Pick the card you like…
    STEP 4. See if they like any of your cards…
    STEP 5. Confront them and say ooh you like that card…
    STEP 6. AGREE ON A TRADE( or just shank him 74 times in the chest) (Again your choice)
    STEP 7. ( Make the trade where both leaving with a new card(s)…
    STEP 8. Subcribe to this Youtube account or all your Pokémon are gonna be replaced of a picture of your bootyhole (UNWIPED) And BAD LUCK FOR EVER… DUN DUN DUN

    And this took me forever…

  2. Also make sure they're not fake cards. If not sure then look at the yellow edges and if they are symmetrical, look at the back make sure the blue isn't lighter or a darker shade of blue then the original cards. And if it's not even a real Pokémon that should be obvious lol

  3. I traded a seedot for 7 ultra rares. So, this girl really liked seedot because she said the pokemon was so cute, and she had the most ultra rares so i traded the seedot for 5 secret rare megas and 2 Gx cards. She even said that if i trade her a Pichu she might give me her pokemon binder full with ultra rares, and her brother's full art trainers and Gx cards. What luck!

  4. I gave my old neighbor 10 cards and he gave me one ripped one the next day then they left the city there next day

  5. Example:


    Porkhead: not only you give me your squirtle

    Bob: OKAY


    I’m weird

  6. I traded my legendaries for the Hoenn starters(don't worry the legendaries we're fake)

  7. I'm really a horrible person. I stole my friend's card and never told him. He found out and gotten angry. So I payed him 5 dollars and a rare card… Turns out the rare card was a common. TEAM ROCKET 4 LIFE

  8. I traded a like 6 year olds secret rare ultra ball for goldfish XD

  9. I traded an unknown for a mankey, a poplio, and a triple acceleration energy. I said the unknown would let you destroy the other persons deck with the ability. He actually believed it. And I got good condition cards that were real. Omg the kid got scammed.

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