30 thoughts on “How to Trade Forex Like a Bank

  1. HI Rob, like the explanation in the video interesting concept.
    However, I think for that strategy to work (if held at a week or longer) it would require hedging to protect against large swings against position(s) held if too large. i.e. a to counter trade exit strategy or direct hedging in some other counter-correlated instrument.

  2. How can a strategy work when the millions of traders who create the graphs movements are constantly changing their minds. Note I state traders and not internet marketeers selling concepts. Isn’t forex about making money and not being intrigued by nonsense because of a desire to win

  3. I have been seeing people posting good comments about Mr Frank Robert, i never knew his strategy is good as this, Mr frank has changed the life of so many traders today and i pray that he should keep on doing this good work, through his strategy and guardian i was able to recovered all i lost in the hands of scammers and incompetent account managers, with Mr Frank Robert i can boast of $10k to $13k usd every week with that i always recommend him to my fellows traders.

  4. I think it will work if we don't use laverage. How deep ocean forex i dont know.

  5. This is the best trading video made, ever. Thank you for opening lights!

  6. Shonn Campbell's book is the most eye opening thing I've read on forex in a long time. If I was going to specialize in a currency pair (which is a great idea), I would effectively be specializing in two currencies (e.g., the euro and the dollar): That's why they call it a pair! I'm not sure why I would only want to buy EUR and sell USD because you can make a lot of money buying USD from time to time. It's actually a very popular currency these days.

  7. Another great video Rob! It's worth mentioning that banks can afford to warehouse a falling currency like the euro because they're using very little or no leverage at all. That's something to think about as a retail trader when being tempted to trade large positions with crazy high leverage (200:1+).

  8. I have a friend that trade this strategy he turn $800 in to $7000 in 8 month , but he end up margin out reasons he over leverage, I believe if he keep his leverage small he could still save his account, for me Am to scare too try this .

  9. Rob, I would love to know Conroe dailing code so I can get to you through whatsapp. Your videos are educative. It capable to make one go pro in fx trading.

  10. For all of the guys who are trying this:
    You obviously wanna hold on to a position for as long as possible, however, you still want to have some kind of what I would call "emergency stop loss", just in case…I personally find it best to give up a position as soon as the 100 EMA and the 200 EMA are crossing in the 4h/daily against my direction….since the EMAs are moving very slow anyways it still gives you a lot of room to play, yet you still have a plan to exit when the world is running against you

    Have a nice day!

  11. Now, hold on. For this guys who want to hold negative positions for long time, and they hav an account with leverage, I want to tell you:- good luck guys. You going to loose all account in short time.
    This guy talk about account without leverage at all. In this situation that plausible. But how many people have an account without leverage???

  12. crazy idea….forex doesnt work like stock market ….what if its goes down to 1000pips….no way jose

  13. Terrible advice. Specializing in one thing does not make you an expert and it certainly does not make you profitable. Learning to trade anything with volatility is the goal.

  14. hey Rob can you show your myfxbook results?? Too many people talk the talk..but have nothing to show……just wondering to which category you belong to..

  15. Just remenber, the more you trade the less you get, show me a great trader and show his fortune. Nobody there.

  16. i thought you were going to say play the imitation game with your GPU and let the computer act like a bank in trading lol

  17. quick question. so i understand it however, what if the price doesn't rise to the point you purchased?

  18. Hi rob, to hold trades 5 to 7 days , what time frame do you buy from in order to accumulate inventory.

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