How To Trade Gold Trading Strategy XAUUSD

What’s up everybody it’s Johan Nordstrom
from Trading Walk and in this video we’re going to look at
XAUUSD so the gold chart okay so looking at the daily chart here we can see that we have
a very nice uptrend and before we do anything else I just want to show you
this so if we had my Trend Pulse Pro system you can see that we have some
very very nice signals basically one two three nice buy signals here in pullbacks
in the direction of the trend and then we have some consolidation here
basically this is a pennant so prices consolidating and always when you’re in a
consolidation you always want to expect the breakout to be in the direction of
the previous trend so if we come from an uptrend into consolidation like this
expect the breakout to be to the upside and if you get signals in a consolation
like a pennant you only want to scalp these trades so quick profits if you
traded these short signals you could have made some money on them but the
main signal here is right when we have the breakout you get a buy signal from
Trend Pulse Pro and I mean you see here beautiful buy signal and then you can
add on these buy signals and we have a new move up so very nice signals on the
gold daily chart here now I want to show you the technical analysis and some tips
you can use to become a skilled trader so if we look at a monthly chart here we
can see that we’re in this cup here we had a very strong uptrend from this top
here and this bottom support and resistance levels we also have as I
talked about in a previous video when you have tight constellation and the
breakup of that consolation the last resistance so this right
here is going to act support in the future and you see that this support
is also the beginning of the nice move we had this previous months here we
also have a resistance right here so you see we’re now at the resistance so just
a quick forecast looking at this where my price move now well we made a strong
move up so you might not want to buy here you may be too late so where can
you buy well we have a next support level right here so we might see a move
down here now but we can also continue up and then make a small pullback and
continue this move to maybe this resistance so if we zoom down to daily
chart here and you can see here is the support area we might come down to and
this is the resistance we’re at right now so how could you have traded this
well what I did was I shorted up here because of this resistance line on the
higher time frame now you don’t want to blindly take a short in a strong move
you want some confirmation so basically what I liked about this trade was if we
move down to a 1 hour chart we have a resistance here and a cup and handle
and a cup and handle is a common pattern and basically it’s a continuation
pattern but here’s an important thing always when you have a pattern like
triangle breakout or a cup on handle breakout if these patterns fail you
often get a very nice opportunity to reverse the position the breakout point
was here you had the breakout but immediately price stalled and then it
broke down here made a small pullback but immediately crushed down and then
you had this very very strong move here so imagine if you knew that this was a
cup and handle and you had a breakout but it failed and failed patterns make very
very good trades in the opposite direction so what you can do then is
move down to a even smaller time frame and if we scroll back here to the top
this is the breakout of the cup and handle and is stalled and it
then failed well you can just use Trend Pulse Pro you will see how
easily this is so adding Trend Pulse Pro here we can see that it actually gave
you buy signals before the breakout but immediately when this fail first we have
a trend shift in the trendline it turns from green to red and then actually
before it fails you have your first sell signal and then a second one so just
looking at this trade here basically you go short here and you can place your
stop-loss above the signal and this is a very low-risk trade and like I talked
about in previous videos you want to use your higher time frame to find your take
profit target so looking now again at the one hour chart we can see that this
was our entry level our signal was here in the five minute chart and this is the
cup and handle so where is a logical area to place your take profit well it’s
at the bottom of this pattern so you see here this distance here is your risk and
this is your reward so I mean this is a very very high reward trade and like
just place your orders entry place your stop loss and place your take profit and
just let the trade work for you and you can see here price just crashed down
into that support so basically that’s how you use technical analysis and how
you can use failed chart patterns to find a very very good trades and how you
can use Trend Pulse Pro to find low risk entry points if you enjoyed this video
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  1. Thank you for watching! Do you have any question? Drop a comment below and I'll reply when I can!

  2. Beautiful analysis, will the trendsignal appear immediately or after a while. Can you show a video when it's appearing live?

  3. Thanks for the video. My comment is that you tell us about the history when hindsight is 20/20. But you don’t tell us what you expect now moving forward

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