How to Trade NFP | High Impact Forex News | Non- farm payroll

61 thoughts on “How to Trade NFP | High Impact Forex News | Non- farm payroll

  1. NFP numbers will be greater and it will be a sell of due to not just NFP but market structure on EURUSD ,to most likely the 1.500 key level

  2. Cleveland please whats your name on Instagram. you messaged me some time back encouraging me  but cant find that message any more. and I dint know you had a channel  then. I love your fundamentals ( your approach on how you explain stiff)

  3. Definitely it'll be a sell off on EU I'm already short on this pair after nfp comes out it should smash my TP. Dollar strength for sure!

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  5. Good video Brother. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you deserve more likes and views. Keep it up!

  6. Average hourly earnings has an effect on NFP also I've heard. They can add jobs and be a huge beat but if they are crappy jobs..low earnings we might not see a big move

  7. Economic divergence? No such thing. Don't invent terms to suit your message. If you devastate your account with nfp your risk management is poor.

  8. Is there any way to calculate your TP point from this NFP if it is better then expected ?

  9. Had it be that i knew or come in contact with Mr Frank Robert for the past years of trading i would have gone far beyond where i am now in the Stock trade and Forex/Binary Option, his strategy works like miracle and his ways of trading is extraordinary frabjous, just adhering to his order and instructions on his strategy not laboring myself any more and winning my capital back with 60k dollar monthly, truly he is a fabulous Broker with winning strategy for every trader.

  10. yeah bra.. am really enjoying your lessons. i will like to watch you trading live. bcos i dont know witch time frame must i use when trading news

  11. Your not at a night club, button your shirt, act like a professional.

  12. Oh no! Dang! I was loving the video but then this commercial started to spool up. My internet comes through a straw and spooling is a big problem. Thumbs up for the presentation but thumbs down for the video.

  13. 17:13 " surpassing the predictions…. and yet you still have weakness……selloff EUR/USD ….." hello, you're trading EUR/USD which means yes, the US dollar will go higher, and the Euro will decline, exactly where the market went. You are trading the inverse of the pair because it's EUR/USD not USD/EUR, and you are going by the US economic news/results, which will benefit or penalize the quote currency, in this case the US dollar.

  14. If you are a trader you should be alert about markets news. is there to help you.
    They are publishing most recent market news and analysis. You may be got something extra from this link.

  15. Fuck NFP! You're NLP is even more incredible in your video! LMAO

  16. What if i could give you news events signals, which you must trade 40 seconds before actual news, would you pay me for that? i am not professional but i never missed one news event [email protected]

  17. seems to me that trading on the NFP day is the worst thing to do, volatility is through the roof

  18. it's so much more interesting to hear black people talk about trade of finance.
    good job bro!!! we love you

  19. John Barron always says The moving average indicator is the best indicator to use as it reflects current price in relation to the average price.

  20. Good speaking voice. My first video from your series. Will check out a few more

  21. What is the difference between U3 & U6?
    as we see before everymonth NFP release … how can we understand which one is U3 and which one is U6?
    how it's effect on the market?

  22. Keep, up the Good work bro! our Race need you ,we love you ,and sopport you.

  23. That last example of a sell off and the reporting of 156k opposed to 180k. It was sell less then expected which is why it was a sell off. It isn’t much of a shock.

  24. Bro your NLP expression is as good as your NFP explanation! Holy fuck! Easy with the hands & head bobbing, you already got my attention bc of the subject at hand. Talk about over exaggeration, sheesh!

  25. Great advise on how it’s done but still I need a better idea, more beneficial outcome to get my trade on smooth control. I do need help here

  26. My boy look like a darker Bryson tiller lmao and now you all can’t unsee it

  27. Do you ever place buy and sell stop orders both sides of price before the news releases??

  28. after soo many videos on TA, I'm now looking at the fundamental side of trading. what i've noticed though, is that when good or bad news comes out, it doesn't necessarily move the market in the "right" way.. meaning, retail sales could show higher than the forecast, but somehow the currency still drops. 🙁

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