How To Turn “Not Interested” Into A SALE!!

30 thoughts on “How To Turn “Not Interested” Into A SALE!!

  1. Congratulations Llosa! Great Job! (Sorry, if I butchered it, but I didn't see your name in the comments so I guessed on the spelling) Home Run!

  2. Thanks BC! this is very helpful for my car sales. I get a lot of clients that come into the lot with their guard up.

  3. Wow….just wow. You guys are just crazy good. Need to learn to be awesome real estate agent like you guys.

  4. Don't sell Realestae but I do Sale Banks loans already closed 3 made 45k in Commsions this could apply 🐃🎩

  5. HA EZ I'm here I'm learning and I'm excited to get licensed!! I deliver pizza rn (talk to ppl all the time) within 8 months I'll shake hands on my first deal! HEAR ME!

  6. Hey Bryan any cold calling scripts for terminated properties? @bryancasella

  7. You cut her off but what she was saying was very helpful and you talk wayyy to fast


  9. Hi Bryan and Loida! Love what you both are doing here, I have actually gotten my first listing appointment by calling withdrawn/expired listings. I am also starting to spend a lot of time calling pre-foreclosures. I'm wondering if you have any experience with this, and if so what has been your success with working pre-foreclosures. Thank you in advance 🙂

  10. Buffini, Ferry, Ward, eat your heart out. 20 years practicing, your info is what I'm using..

  11. Damn Loida you fine a hell, Fuck door knocking Whats your webcam site

  12. You’re awesome – but unless I’m just missing it, you have a link to your camera but not the website she mentioned for the event? Lol I’m in so cal – I’d love to know more about upcoming events even if I missed that one… thanks!

  13. Awesome video, super useful info and Loida, love that lipstick on camera for ya.

  14. You know those timeshare presentations where you attend a 2 hour presentation and get free gifts? I work in a call center calling people all day long selling vacation packages to convince people to attend the presentation. I am constantly getting the "I'm not interested" rebuttle as soon as I mention my name and the company I work for.

    It always ends with the person hanging up on me within seconds before I can even say another word to them. Those first five seconds are the most crucial because if you don't have their attention by five seconds you have pretty much lost them. How can I get people to stop hanging up on me and listen to what I have to say? I'm so tired of the "I'm not interested" or "I'm at work/ I'm busy" excuses.

  15. Is there a limit of how many 1031 exchange a client can do?

    So if they have 10 properties can they do a 1031 exchange for all 10 properties or there’s a limit?

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