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MARLON: The winters are really harsh up here in New Hampshire. Plan A is probably throw something at it. MARLON: It is hard working in the snow, the business is booming. We got invited to a dog show in New York City. XAVIER: There is a little bit of extra pressure having Hulk sitting over there just looking at me while I do this tattoo. MARLON: Life is crazy now. MARLON: It is winter time out here, you know, the mountains, we deal with some serious below zero temperatures and you know when it is really that cold outside, you know, the dogs they can’t go outside for an extended period of time. So I just take them on little short blast walks. Just to make sure that they are getting their adequate exercises. LISA: In these sub-zero temperatures, it is run to the kennels, run to the car and get inside as fast as you can because it is so cold. LISA: There is a lot more work involved in winter when we are rotating the dogs. If you leave the buckets outside, they will freeze. So we are constantly filling it up, bringing it back in the house, putting it back outside when we are letting dogs having them. MARLON: I advise you don’t step off the path. The path is just where I have walked the most. MARLON: It’s definitely a **** part of my day in the winter quite literally. MARLON: I came outside and I realised that like, we have like two feet of ice protruding off the house. Then when I actually thought about it for a second, I realised that this is actually seriously dangerous. If this were to come down and the dogs were down there like it just came down on the other side maybe five minutes ago. We would absolutely be going to the vet with some dogs and we don’t want that to happen. So, we have to break this. MARLON: Plan A is probably, probably throw something at it. Plan B is probably throw something at it. And, yeah, I mean Just use ice to break ice. Let’s try that. MARLON: Life is really ramped up and since we really hit this kind of, you know, celebrity status. You know it has really changed the pace that we have to move at. And you know this weekend we got invited to a dog show in New York City. And life is crazy now, to say the least. MARLON: So we are heading down to New York. While we are at the pet event, we have also arranged to meet up with my boy Miguel from Big Dog Chains. He says he’s got a big surprise for us. So can’t wait to see what it is. MARLON: So we have just arrived in New York City, right now at the pop-up event, about to go inside, see some other little dogs and you know bring out the bling. We have been waiting and I am super excited about this. So let’s go and check it out. RICH: It is a pleasure having Hulk here. As soon as he walked through the door, everybody turned their head. It is the biggest dog I have ever seen in my life personally. He fits everything that is New York City; he is big, he is tough. MARLON: It’s interesting. It’s interesting. It’s nice to see a lot of people. Dog etiquette is not per say my personal preference. But I go where I need to go and I enjoy the people, very friendly people, very nice people. Absolutely! But it’s just not per say my thing. MARLON: When a dog is picked up, it’s not a natural thing for a dog. So when Hulk sees that it is why he is wondering, ‘What is this? Why are you carrying the dog around?’ It is just little dogs and bad dog etiquette everywhere. That’s all it is. MIGUEL: Hey! What’s’ up Man?
MARLON: What’s up my man? MIGUEL: You are all right? Yeah! We are in the big city, man. We have got a big surprise for you. I know you have been eagerly awaiting it. Check it out, man. We call it the Midas. It is the biggest gold collar we have ever made. MARLON: Oh, my God! Look at that one there.
MIGUEL: Look at that, man. MARLON: Look at that one there.
MIGUEL: Hulk inspired us to make something bigger, man. It looked a little small on him so we had to go a little bigger, man. Let’s see what it looks like. He can see the difference.
MARLON: Oh, man! MIGUEL: Check that out, man.
MARLON: Oh, man! Look at that. MIGUEL: Look at the difference. MARLON: Oh, I think the chain is amazing. I mean, I think it’s everything that I thought it was going to be and it is perfect for him. So I am blessed. MARLON: For me? Little hectic. But it is fun. It is fun. I am blown away by this chain. So with that, I am happy. MARLON: It is kind of a tradition. Every time I am in New York, I got to come, we got to bring him to Time Square, let him meet his fans, you know. So how can you come to New York and not come to Time Square? So! BRANDEN: You know this huge city everybody expects when he is around to pet him and see him. MARLON: It is incredible to see the reactions to him, you know, everywhere he goes and people always lose their minds, you know, or just taking hundreds of pictures, people are screaming and, you know, sometimes, you know, we have to keep people at bay. But we have the Wall with us who is my main security guard. So, yeah, we bring the big body with us to part the seas. STEVE: I am aware I am pretty much the eyes, to watch them, I got to see everybody, everything that is going on. Not all about the dogs, I keep the family safe as well. You know just make sure everybody is safe and nobody feeds the dog anything, that’s the most important thing. And nobody touches the kids, wife or him. MARLON: We just left New York and before we make it home, I am going to stop off. I want to see my guy, Xavier. I am going to get my chest tattoo finished. MARLON: I stopped off in Connecticut to finish up my tribute to the Hulk. He is taking us to heights that we couldn’t even have dreamed of, you know. So in tribute to him, I have put a giant portrait of him on my chest. Today I think we are going to finish some shading and the lower parts of the tattoo. XAVIER: It is a little bit extra pressure having Hulk sitting over there just looking at me while I do this tattoo, you know. I mean I want him to look as beautiful as possible. So that’s definitely something that I am paying attention to while I am tattooing. MARLON: This dog has changed my life forever. So, you know, to have him on my body is an honour. MARLON: When I finally saw the tattoo all done, I mean I was extremely, extremely impressed. I really had to take a moment to just look at it and we realised that this is, this is, all incredible. MARLON: I got my tattoo finished, super excited about that. Celebrity side of this life is amazing. It is always fun to be out and about to immerse myself in the fans and all the love. But, you know, it is time that we get back to work.

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