Hume City Council: Business Series – Visual Merchandising

[Music plays] Why Visual Merchandising? Visual merchandising is the art and science of presenting the products you sell in the most attractive way possible. This will help generate traffic, create interest and – of course – produce sales. This video series will take you through some simple steps to achieve this with only a small amount of time and effort. Your window is often the first point of contact your customer will have with your shop. Their impression will effect whether or not they enter your shop. So what and how will you communicate with your customers? It’s important to remember the three second rule – the average customer will have just three seconds – to be impacted by your window display. In this 3 seconds you will need to: • Capture your customer’s attention, and motivate them to enter. • Show them what you sell • Stimulate them to come into the store and enquire about the product. When planning your display you need to think about the relationship between your products, props, signage and space. When these elements come together, an effective and stimulating display can be achieved. For more information phone 9205 2200 or visit

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