I Apologize for Talking While You Were Talking – Zion Williamson & OBJ | The Daily Show

Today is the first day
of March Madness. And, for full coverage
in the world of sports, we turn to Roy Wood Jr.
and Ronny Chieng with another edition
of I Apologize for Talking While You Were Talking. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Oh, man! Ronny Chieng,
that’s the wrong ball! I apologize for talking
while you’re talking. Look, March Madness is here,
Ronny. Can you feel the excitement? No one is doing their job today. Everyone is watching basketball. If North Korea wanted
to nuke us right now, this is the time to do it.
No one would even notice. Kim Jong-un from downtown! And, yes, he nuked Downtown! Finally, some parking spaces. Ronny, I know you filled out
your bracket. Only question to ask,
who you got winning this year? Capitalism, Roy. Capitalism wins every year. This whole tournament is just
a bunch of kids working hard for no pay, wearing shoes made
by kids working hard for no pay. Yeah. And speaking of shoes, all eyes are on Duke star
Zion Williamson. Last month, he injured his knee when his sneaker exploded
into a sandal. But, thankfully, he’s back, and he’s got some new kicks. Duke’s Zion Williamson
did not miss a beat, I think it’s fair to say,
when he returned to the court. But all eyes, of course,
were on his sneakers. The nation’s top
college basketball player bounces back in new
and improved shoes. Nike made sure of that. Nike sent their top people
to China, and they came back
with these super sneakers, strong enough to support Zion’s
massive size and superior play. Huh. So the kid busts his shoes and Nike makes him
some new ones on the spot, but when I split my Levi’s, the
guy at the store is all like, “Sir, your body shape
doesn’t support jeans.” It’s disrespectful! Well, to be fair,
they’re not wrong, Roy. You are built like a gummy bear. My question is, why did Zion trust Nike again? If you ask me, he should have
signed with Crocs. I mean, they’re comfortable and they already look
like they’ve exploded. They do, they do. Speaking
of unexpected explosions, Robert Kraft,
he’s the Patriots owner and a man who, ironically,
looks like melted Kraft cheese. Last month, he got busted
in a prostitution sting, but that might not stop him from getting to visit
his biggest fan. Robert Kraft could make
an appearance at the White House before he appears in court
to face solicitation charges. According to Politico, President Trump wants Kraft
to join his players at the White House to celebrate
the Pats’ Super Bowl victory. White House aides,
at least, are concerned that Kraft’s presence
could turn a feel-good photo op into, well, an embarrassing
media spectacle. Okay, now,
some people say it’s wrong -to let an old pervert
into the White House, -Mm-hmm. but since he
already lives there, shouldn’t he be allowed
to invite Robert Kraft? -(laughter, applause)
-Yeah, that’s very true, Chieng. Ronny Chieng, very true.
But honestly, Ronny, there’s no way Trump is going
to disinvite Robert Kraft. If anything, I bet you Trump is
gonna invite the masseuse, too. Talk about a job summit,
am I right? -No? All right.
-Stop it. Stop it. In other NFL news, we got to
talk about the big trade, man. The Giants sent their superstar
wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns, and one Cleveland kid
got so excited, he almost Browned his pants. Giants football fans
are still coming to grips with losing star wide receiver
Odell Beckham Jr. Take a look at how fans
in Cleveland are reacting. We got Odell! We got Odell! That is 17-year-old
Robert Stewart. He is running
through the streets of suburban Shaker Heights,
and, of course, while Stewart was
obviously excited, some neighbors weren’t sure
what was going on, so they called 911. We got OBJ. I was so excited,
I couldn’t help myself. Okay, look, I love this.
I love this kid. He’s running through the
neighborhood: “We got Odell! Odell is coming!
Odell is coming!” He’s like
a football Paul Revere. -It’s great.
-I know. I wonder if this kid does this for all
Cleveland sports, though. Because those LeBron years
must have been exhausting. “We lost LeBron!” “We got LeBron back!” “Oh, we lost LeBron again!” Honestly, it’s just nice
to see a 911 call go well. That shows how excited
everyone is. ‘Cause that lady called
the cops, she called the cops. “Uh, uh, there-there’s
a black man screaming, ‘We got Odell,'” and then
the 911 operator’s like, “Wait, what, we got Odell? Oh, we got Odell!
We got Odell! We got Odell!” Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng,

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  1. 3:46 The police called on black kid and they didnt kill him. im so happy πŸ˜­πŸ™

  2. The white house means nothing anymore. It's as important as a crack house with those losers in it

  3. Robert Kraft being described as an "unexpected explosion" nearly killed me with laughter

  4. That's one brave black kid …. or one that doesn't watch the news lol

  5. Odell is going to get injured in his first game and browns fans will have another reason to cry. Having Odell will make no difference to Cleveland it will just ruin Odell's chance to make the hall of fan some day. Sorry Odell you just have really pissed off the Giants front office for them to trade your annoying ass to Cleveland.!

  6. Kraft and trump have something in common. Birds of a feather flocks together.

  7. I won't lie. I've been said that(1:42) exact thing by Levi's people and it pisses me off

  8. They are freaking hilarious but they look so uncomfortable in their outfits πŸ˜‚

  9. American police gets called for every little bullshit. Do you also call the police when your babies realise a fart for the first time then cry?

  10. As America, shouldn't we yell at everyone to raise their wages, have more strict children labor laws, and crack down on tax havens?

  11. "Sir, your body type isn't built for jeans."
    Nonsense. Look at jeans. Look how sturdy they are.
    Furthermore, consider how they can be tailored. You want Roy to wear jeans, tailor them to his body type.
    Personally, though, I recommend cargo pants instead. Maybe it's just a personal thing, but I rather like cargo pants.

  12. Omg at 1:08 he sounds like Dave Chappelle so much when he says β€œHe’s back!”

  13. "Trump wants Kraft at WH despite prostitution bust."
    What do you folks mean by "despite?" Doesn't getting busted for prostitution play right into Trump's wheelhouse?

  14. "We got Odell! We got Odell!"
    My god. 😳 I don't think I've ever been that excited.

  15. Nasty capitalism without conscience mandingos white euro rapists Asian slaves humanity and globalization

  16. I just almost choked. Trump, Our President, is friends with the Asian women that Robert Kraft is accused of soliciting and paying for a blow job franchise. Robert happens to be the 70 plus year old Owner of the Patriots, who r National Champs. Those r Trump friends, let him invite who he wants. Kraft did not take the Plea Deal, and his presence is business.

  17. these 2 could be the next abbot n costello…for the new generation….i love america

  18. These two are hilarious together. I don't even care about sports but they could tell me all about it and I'd be interested πŸ˜‚

  19. Damn another fucking cop caller. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ thankfully he is still alive. This bitch inside her house calling cops on somebody outside not bothering her at all. Ugh

  20. Hey y'all would like take a few and see how f'd up this shit is
    (Apologise for my language)

  21. (Inside Oval Office)

    Kraft: "Hey, Donnie Boy, can I get another Happy Ending near the curtains?"

    Toadstool: "C'mon, Rob, what kinda place do u think this is? I'm still asking Mick to clean off stains from Bill … Just kidding, as long as Melanie agrees it's cool."

    FLOTUS45: "READ MY JACKET. I don't really care, do u?"

    Kellyanne: "Shit! George is rage tweeting again, Boss. Don't worry, I got ur back coz MAGA vows over Marriage vows."

  22. I don't like basketball, or any sort of sport that includes physical activity, so put me out of your list of "everyone" lol

  23. β€œA bunch of kids working hard for no pay wearing shoes made by kids working hard for no pay”

  24. The nuking of downtown for more parking spaces sounds bad until it's Friday night and your looking for parking while your friends have already ordered nak'd wings for the table @ 123 Shot Burger. Then you wish for those nukes

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  27. We can talk so mich trash about Trump, but he's still President!

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  29. There has been a lot of haters commenting on Twitter because of the AT&T/DirecTV information that was put out by whomever runs this YouTube channel. Keep up the good work on informing the blind so they can see TRUTH. We support the staff who works for the Daily show…and the under appreciated staff/management who gives us context on this YouTube channel.

    Also get yo damn camerman off the drugs please… look like a dam music video up in here with the moving forward and back constantly xD

  31. Got Chinese sneakers that exploded into sandals on the same day, the store told me they were 1000 step sneakers.

  32. 4:10 white people calling the police for every fucking thing…"uh there's a black guy excited about football….send someone quick!"

    why dont you pussies stop calling the police on black people exisiting for once in your fucking lives??

  33. Is the cameraman drunk or first time using DJI Ronin M or is this some sort of an American sports TV joke?

  34. How is "built like a Gummy Bear" an insult? People love gummy bears.

  35. Of course Kraft was invited to the White House. Like attracts like.

  36. Isn't it a sad say in America when we have to hope that the black kid doesn't get shot by police. That's how normalized this shit is.

  37. Robert Craft a peace of crap endorse atleast half a million in human trafficking a year and people will still support him smh

  38. 1:52 "you are built like a gummy bear"….ok…now change Roy for female presenter and lets see how well that goes down. fat-shaming men is acceptable,..apparently.

  39. I’m not gonna lie, the kid running through the streets flailing his arms was me at 12 years old when Obama became the first black president! We had an election party with the only other liberals in our neighborhood and as soon as he won I barreled out into the street, knocking over their eldest son as he came out of the bathroom, running up and down the road yelling and screaming that Obama won while our other neighbors houses were silent. I was so happy that I didn’t care if our neighbors saw a black kid acting all crazy!

  40. Yet no one called the cops on the white kids who set Lebron's jersey on fire. Racists.

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