YO Oh dude is it is it gated? Its gated Yo guys We found a back way in This, this is an umbrella Umbrella Um-brella Umbrella. Ok Close enough. Ok so when it rains you know You know when it rains you put this over your head You see this button? You press that to Button? You press that to open it and then you just… yeah. You just like You press it here? You press it then it opens up and you put it over your head when it rains *laughing* No good Oh god bro. This not for rain this is for What?! I told Emilio. Look at this Umbrella Yea umbrella You know? Yea For the rain Oh ok cool Oh ok cool You want to press the button What? You know what it is Yea, I do Savage You take it easy Yo Jake You know its uh, bad luck to open an umbrella inside Right? Yeah I mean Thats definitely not good luck Get up get up get up Oh no not the water *music* water water You want to go back to Spain Ahhh You want to go back to Spain Your going back to Spain Good night Jake Paulers Ah you guys love it when I say that cause at night time and what do we what to do I don’t know telus come on look really try yourself over Olivia okay Justin me the house for six were pudding we r who now with justin bieber’s how not for samples are close to help up for sale haha no then I top top no up top but okay it took me 45 minutes of stalking he’s currently Elizabeth yeah going to be inside while we’re doing it it’s his residence okay what I’m coming oh they’re coming and boiler time Justin Bieber’s house up the sails yeah so guys when I put the kardashians house up for sale Google their address four seconds later I had the address Justin Beaver’s house let me tell you was the hardest address to find it’s not anywhere the only clue that I had was that it was in Toluca Lake California which is like 30 minutes from us right now the rest of it I literally i feel like a fangirl i had to watch youtube videos about his house look at the surroundings and then I figured out where he lived so okay guys so this is the google image i’m on google maps right now and i had to find this house i’m not going to show you guys the details just for his privacy but this is his house being renovated right when it was first starting being built notice the pool the pool house and this is the main house and then this is the yard i’ll show you guys pictures right now to reference to you guys see that this is actual house okay so as you’ll see this is a pool the house this is it from the pool house the yard with the palm trees the pool house pool main house back to google maps pool pool house palm trees main house we’ll go guys are gonna give away chessboard chessboard we go back your chess pieces mmm chess pieces wow I didn’t even realize that one good job Casey’s Sherlock Holmes guys we still don’t know if this is a gated community or not and we’re just gonna have to see what we’re gonna get ourselves into right now and like always these kids might get deported if we get caught I know men’s have it that’s their only vocabulary but it’s fine because their bodies are learning to only this cruise next great Drake snacks or they want to do drink necks I’m down you make sure you guys are subscribe to that one let’s go mmm perfect for sale by owner Justin Bieber yo should get like letters and like spell out something fun oh my gosh what oh my god okay all right fine you know what you’re right he won’t know that that happened until you watch the vlog tomorrow I could f initely make it to the top secrecy oh my gosh it’s so cool climb I made it I made it mom dip dip Justin Bieber’s house is up for sale now Justin Bieber houses for sale now also like and subscribe here at j collar i love you and also our purchase now for sale thank you home depot emigrate a two-day this workers like did you get permission to use that phone you know I’m like yeah we were just like yeah it she’s like okay you know any good realtor ah yeah you do because I’m selling my friends house form but I really don’t want to do it you know I mean for sale by owner just then your handwriting is impeccable thank you is he feeling nervous a son let me tell you well okay let’s go I mono vamanos vamanos we’re about to make a 20-minute drive to his house report and news articles have said that his house is like armed with bodyguards and that whenever like paparazzi comes there they just like chase them away whatever it might be so I think this was gonna be a lot sketchier than the Kardashians also life update Tessa’s back in LA lots of tanker in the morning what else is going on I’m eating chips right now this aardvark starts shooting soon Martinez twins also won the team ten member of the month congratulations guys me you know what this means no no God ok let’s do no oh dude it is engaging it’s okay should we play a key role to play pool your eyes like people are each going over all the time look like anyone’s head to key we found a back way in we’re like 700 feet away it’s still pretty early though it’s like only ten o’clock so they’re probably not on high alert yet case busting out the drone and we’re going to like fly it up and over and like scattered out for a security guard vs look it’s so bright we’re not stuff at all right now we’re blowing our cover cuz let’s do so loudly takes up car go go go it’s gotta warm up one not working well gosh we suck we could never be a Navy SEAL there we go we’re live oh so loud it filled up our game yes you can hear it so easily you have to go so much higher do you see anything there’s a few streets to see you they build arrows on you right now those on the truck so the drone literally can’t see anything at all I guess we’re never going yeah Alec they’re right there where’s the drone go viewers house down there was a gate it’s like sectioned off oh my gosh right there this light is his crib you ready I usually go back to Spain no no just leaving my trunk on so in case we need to get them fast right quiet there’s a girl I n go ahead there’s a girl tippy-toe in this association look out that describin yeah y’all have a security hard to secure God oh boy you know if you have a security guard learning to see their full factor again oh my god the guys are on it you guys go get it oh my god yo this security guard was loose in you right there justin bieber if you’re watching this you’re a security guard sucks bro fire him right now you literally took like 45 seconds to do anything just like yo we’re like yo whose only result dude you do that was such a madhouse she pretends to take a photo jump over your message I don’t have a license plate though bro that’s the funniest thing he goes running out on the street to take a picture oops ooh dude so I’m gonna call the cops I figured at least one of these houses that we were going to do it just have like a security are but not like undercover sitting in a truck just chill in there in that security guards defense he easily could have thought that I was Justin Bieber like he was on his phone he looks up it’s dark outside I’m wearing like all black which Justin does and add a glimpse I could look like Justin Bieber so like that’s what we came to the conclusion of like why he wasn’t like chasing us down right away we owe that was the thing we saw Justin Beaver’s house Jake the realtor here you know if you guys are looking for someone to sell your house I you know the perfect guy to do it just hit me up and guys if this video gets two hundred fifty thousand likes will do Drake this week so smash that like button right now watching us was we killed it bro ah Drake we’re coming we found Justin Bieber’s address where it was nowhere to be found on the Internet we got into a gated community through a back entrance we beat Justin Bieber security and we put the sign up in his yard and we got away that was so sick well guys I’m like I’m just so happy to in tomorrow’s vlog I’m going to call the realtor that’s in charge of that whole entire area and try to buy the house so make sure you guys are subscribed to see that cool and I also want to give a shout-out guys to the five biggest merch buyers of the team 10 and Jake Palmer so thank you guys so much here are their names I love you guys thank you so much for the support Radha al cine Meru Beck al-sabah ask mimi g tina sickly and all kenneth thank you guys so much for supporting us and getting our merch on you know I might shout out some of you guys out if you guys buy some cheap 10 marks and today’s notification shout-out goes to alejandra true guys if you want a notification shout out all you have to do is turn on my notifications and comment when you are done Kate Emilio evil eye we killed it guys we kill this race houses next smash that like button and we’ll do it and I will see you tomorrow because it’s everyday bra p

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