okay good morning jake paulers today is the Martinez twins birthday let’s go destroy their face so the question is do we sing happy birthday in Spanish (I don’t know how to do that) English English happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Martinez twins Happy birthday to you Oh guys follow brooke_soccer_vb on insta alweys plug doing enter now like and subscribe to our for certifications if you want to brooke es muy guapo something later though okay okay be ready we have stuff to do but I’m serious about the giveaway guys I let’s do some stuff oh my god oh no what’s up guys um eight people in my car right now how many should be new cars so basically we’re trying to do trick shots right now I have to sneak everyone into this court we all have to go in my car which is the source of sanity if understand why I am seeing no blood dude in a truck early morning singing some YMCA and girls recurring but it would be dunk we had some girls laps up there’s nothing no one can do it let’s see if we can get in through security laughing cremated – there’s a hole all right good morning Jake Pollard’s we finally got to the court we made it past security it is a good morning here in Los Angeles I hope you guys are smiling I hope your debit on the mater’s I hope you’re working hard baby because that’s all we know how to do we got chances cane and then legendary shots what’s poppin baby oh you going oh baby and then we got juggling Josh over here some bands already a 700 and guys it’s about to be super super lit this court is a I’m feeling good I got my Jake Palmer John always plug and let’s do some trick shots and juggling stuff and just do some dope stuff with our lifes Wham you’ve got my merch on so that’s cool all right time for my player card watch this the whole song so this is the three throw juggle double combo trickshot thingamajiggy I like it yeah yeah yeah that he makes the shot then my boy juggles it and now it’s my turn Odell Moneyball this is called the ring around the rosy posy mozi shot I got this whoa I like this money it shot did the double juggle trouble waffle cafe run applause well excuse me sir this is my friend we’re doing the trick shot video he needs it back stop being a jerk get out you do not know about this is the calls to Jake might die shot but what the shit birthdate what I lay down here sweet mother of Jesus what did I sign up for sharp right hello sharp yeah what is the shot actually lay down and I’ll walk over you and then you make sure sorry mom like I said I’ll buy you a car one day from this stupid day yeah I’m ready he’s going to be honest he’s really nice I don’t want to look Wow three mother Jesus okay oh wow oh are you Jake Palmer I just called hey hey this is going to take polar shot it’s kind of weak but it’s not man you have to go to school no I’m cool you really don’t have to just get a camera dude next shot is called the juggle dish this is the double bridge double drop juggle flop do it just do it here this here this I got you yep juggling Josh oh this is called the ski tree wet Willie nature teacher mother nature shot oh yeah oh we’re not getting excited we’re not gonna excite it I was that was not a good okay all right I was gonna get hype alrighty guys we killed those trick shots legendary shots juggling Josh I will see you guys later boom just us now so uh let’s do some stuff we’re all gonna jump up on three and creamy a really cool change we’re gonna go a little more right wall ready three two one oh we are that’s an outrage we don’t know can do we gotta move what how did you get in here I was just weighing your for you guys you’re in here what I will do jigs Roomba what are you doing brother swirly Wow since you only go to Disney schools yeah we have to give you a freshman beatdown what all the things that happens a real freshman in real life I was a real freshman for the first semester no you aren’t you get a beat on – you must whirly or come on Eva don’t make out already but go fan out of leg I got a leg oh I get them in the toilet it tastes oh my gosh keep the fights out of your job I don’t know a few Tony he’s swinging ah hahaha Adam boom bad was that mean just give him an extra pot Oh Bravo can I have like a longer pop time system yeah already popped egg you maybe give him a second one too this is your way okay thanks guys it was worth it is worth it was fun right all right in ten assemble oh my god baby from you did you just happen during the transport Oh sometimes things go wrong in these transportation things we got one jumping what happens if we jump twice try it bro alright ready ready three two oh wait and I seen something ugly merch oh no my boys have March you literally two months ago yet yo subscribe oh my god and oh my fucking gosh look at this oh my god the pool is the lagoon is no longer look how it this is insane I had a bet with Chad that if he cleaned the whole entire pool that I would get foam blocks for it I never thought I was just standing in this ever again well now I have to get foam black we’re going to fill this whole entire thing so that’s what would take callers now it’s time to give the Martinez twins their kids no happy birthday guys we got you American colors is your gift guys happy birthday to only to be happy birthday – hola como estas muy bien so little air machito’s puta puta hold up bro make a wish yeah yes made it taken when I was their age I was twice the height in places rich are you good I opened it when your guests open your eyes like this is from everyone on team 10 bono anyway oh and hurry up – because my batteries only have 5% everyone’s going to be able to tell them apart hmm oh oh okay yeah Oh a Muller spade easy yeah and there’s even lang for Ohio in there like you can learn how to live in Ohio a gig a piece of steak Oh progress already yo but wait what is this new March go guys the last birthday present per usual if you’re on team ten baby everyone go subscribe to their channel Martina three link in the description let’s do it let’s do bring get them a hundred thousand followers in one day light go now the best part about that your birthday’s coming up wait wait which is really the same Channel just yeah yeah you’re gonna be 18 one day yes you are Oh Erica yeah we should be the family Oh Oh what do you think Oakley he has no comment I don’t know okay longer and be in the picture I’m like this and blogs are basically my I wasn’t even that bad no I’m still closing oh okay guys so we’re on a mission right based off of this title you’re like yo you’re selling the Dolan twins warehouse something right done that’s my son oh very much self-explanatory to it than let’s do it all this light but you’re still throwing shade honey all this carpet but our relationship is still rough all these people here in this but still no one to talk to all the things I did for you but you still took me for granted granite is logs good morning Jake Palmer bye I love you do you want to I love you you know what well not all new same Martinez twins I need you all this bleach but you still did me dirty on a grub spider don’t sign we’re gonna solve it don’t work wins warehouse what do you think they’re going to be sleeping with the fishes yeah is it weird because it’s our first time like reuniting it’s kind of weird like it could have been more weird if you brought like the Martinez ones with you or something that’d have been a lot more the twins don’t like twins and I love the Dolan twins hopefully they’ll love me that’s Duffy the door damnit I hear your voices the lights are on three down Oh hello Oh Kanna thank God oh that’s more you what are you doing here Oh Jake Jake guys why don’t you just ring the doorbell there’s a doorbell Jake guys Jake I missed you too you’ve been I think I I really got a new phone so I couldn’t text to bring it here guys open your DM u DM me yeah oh my god just like the good old days how about a good old don’t win sandwich oh it’s no one love you ah well now there’s just six dudes in a warehouse never any girls guys what does it mean go back your teenager fun that was a fun day right it was I missed you guys listen to you okay well we’re gonna go okay this is nice yours really doorbell don’t sneak in anymore yeah yeah I mean you could those come form okay Jake polish make sure you like and subscribe check out this new fireworks that’s always poppin baby and I’ll see you tomorrow because it is ro peace or have to tell you the Peace Park it’s on this yeah this is the peace thing every day bro be a my cool no Jake Pollard’s what pop and check out this new March who that marches hot new items of merchandise limited time click the link make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis and you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake vol 2 which you guys can subscribe to right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 check it see you guys tomorrow


  1. who saw the twins name and clicked it if you came for the twins here you go 13:13

  2. Pretty bold of jake Paul to make a video with the Dolan twins AND the Martinez twins. Bromie omies are quaking at the rudeness. Myself included. 😂

  3. 14:20 Grayson my mate I don’t think you’re meant to be there

  4. No one is here for jake Paul. I’m only here for the twins. No offense but jake is really annoying.

  5. WE can all agree that ain't nobody come for crusty jake Paul we all came for the Dolan twins :>

  6. 13:03 the time when the Dolan Twins are ACTUALLY a part of the video…

    your welcome.

    love a fellow bromieomie xx

  7. I'm pretty sure that was Ethan dolan was with them watching grayson 14:43

  8. 14:43 did anyone else see that ethan was there xD
    2019 anyone?

  9. Jake is great guys i dont understand why you would only watch this for the twins. Like look at all of Jake's vids and the music he makes! Subscribe to him you guys. He's great!

  10. In the beginning when I first see this video… what I say is “What have you done now Jake Paul?!” LOL

  11. who else got sad when they put the flashbacks in bc jake used to be so innocent

  12. I swear this camera man at 5:11 crated the shake on tik Tok

    like if you only came for the twins
    2019 anyone?

  13. You are litterly so annoying like why do you do that they are better people them you are

  14. Ok but…..why is nobody talking about how the Martinez twins were in the same bed…….😶😶😂😂

  15. In 14:20 u can see Grayson next to jake and on 14:45 u can see Ethan next to jake

  16. 14:46 Ethan Dolan is right there and then I few moments later he acts surprised that someone was in their warehouse

  17. Hi jake I love your YouTube channels I watch it all the time I think this is going to be funny

  18. When you realize this was posted in 2017 and you are here 2 years later in 2019

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