5 thoughts on “Ideas Are Scary GE Commercial

  1. I don't blame most of the people in this commercial. If I saw a distended, bipedal German Shepard with no mouth or nose and a look of fake pity in its eyes, the kind a particularly evil animal uses to lure you in before it kills you, I would break out that compound bow that everybody totally has.

  2. I love this ad! It truly speaks to how differences are rejected by most ….but, when welcomed by the few —– they flourish and create a positive impact on our lives and world! Bravo!!

  3. Always loved that slogan "We bring good things to life" as GE dumped 1.5 million pounds of PCBs into the Hudson River. Not to mention the near destruction of the Housitonic River. Fuck GE!

  4. I can’t help bu think of how the first few notes of the background music for this commercial sounds a lot like a song from Wicked, and I can’t help but wonder if that was on purpose.

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