If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

– Let me ask you something. How important is it for
you to feel connected? No, not to your friends and family. I mean to people you
don’t really know or like across the Internet. If the answer is “very,” perhaps I can interest
you in this pocket box. Introducing the iHorton BS, what number are we on? 8 (laughs). It’s functionally the same as the BS7, but I gave it some barely
noticeable upgrades and put a different metal case on it, so now it costs $850 (chuckles). Rose gold, we made that one up. – But I got my iHorton BS7
just a couple months ago, and it’s working fine. – Oh, jeez. One second. (phone beeps) Just sent out an update. – Oh, okay. Yeah, it’s bad now. – Glad to hear it. See, I can use anti-piracy
laws to force updates on you that make your pocket
box objectively worse. Oh, and if you want to sell it or give it to a family member, I can also “lock” your pocket box so it has no second life value. Even though it’s yours. And I will. I guarantee it. – Wait, this doesn’t make any sense. It says my memory is already full, but I basically just got it. – That’s because pocket box comes with a handful of stock
apps you’ll never use and which are impossible to delete. Oh, and if you don’t
update them regularly, they can cause the whole
thing to freeze up. That’s called built-in obsolescence and it comes with every
box, free of charge. That’s my promise to you. Now before I forget, I legally need to say that your pocket box may not be safe to keep in your pocket. Something about waves
or exploding batteries. I don’t have to be more specific than that thanks to the neat little phrase, “Caveat Emptor” or “buyer beware.” It basically says we don’t
have to tell the truth, because you should assume
pocket box companies are going to lie a little
right out of the gates. Anyway, the BS8 is twice as fast, weighs negative pounds, and can repair your
relationship with your father. Kind of trust me. Yes sir, you may be thinking to yourself, where are these little gifts
from the heavens created? Heaven? Close, warehouses. We find it’s actually easier and cheaper to have workers make them for pennies and we put nets around the factory so they can’t kill themselves
in the middle of their shift. So you see, Heaven has
nothing to do with it. Enjoying your new iHorton, son? – Yeah, I mean, it’s got a
bunch of obvious design flaws and my bill just went up for some reason, but I don’t know. How do I look? – Grand! And that’s exactly why you need one. I’m not really selling you progress. I’m selling you the feeling of owning something new and cool. And can you really put a price on that? – Well, I paid it in installments, so it’s actually more. – I can. That price is eight
hundred and fifty dollars. Which is a lot. I agree, but if I charge you less, you don’t seem to want to buy it. You seem to prefer things
that are overpriced and it’s frankly, weird. The IHorton BS8. Sorry, BS8S now. It also takes phone calls, but you won’t answer them. Okay, I’ve been Roger.

100 thoughts on “If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (iPhone, Android)

  1. I went to Wal-MART got mine for 75$ $50 a month and I'm more than satisfied.

  2. I been preaching abt that memory thing years now no matter how I try to have the most memory fone the life still cut short by system apps

  3. LMAO, my goodness he's freaking right too. "I could charge you less but you won't buy it, you'll think it's junk so" .

  4. Although he was talking about iPhones. Everything, except the suicide nets around Apple's Foxconn, applies to all handphones.

  5. Recently stumbled on this channel, loving the sense of humour😂😂

  6. You didn't say anything about collecting your data and selling it to ad companies which advertise on the same device

  7. "It also takes phone calls, but you won't answer them"
    Am I the only one that answered calls from unknown numbers? I can't be- why do so many people not answer phone calls? Like- yeah 70% of the time it's like scam likely but 30% it could be a prank call, a wrong number call which can be entertaining, or an emergency ;-;

  8. That's why I use Huawei phone, $250 with same hardware specs as $1000 iPhone, and far larger 4000mha battery instead of 2750mha. Updates can be disabled without affecting functionality, and all stock apps can be uninstalled. Yes, even the app store can be uninstalled. I don't recommend doing it, but still. No wonder our government, in cahoots with corporate fat cats, banned Huawei.

  9. And don't forget that when you buy apple products you're supporting slave labor and genocide too…bonus!

  10. Was he suppose to be funny because I couldn't get it out lol not even a chuckle.

  11. THIS GUY IS GREAT! It seems that the real enemies and parasites of society are corporations, politicians and religious ministers.

  12. I hate them phones. I like the old fashioned phones before stupid "smart phones" came along. I miss my landline for my home. I hate having just a cell.

  13. Call me cheap but I shop around for the best deal im not trying to impress anyone with expensive unnecessary luxuries..there but if u love to show off n be something ur not by all means.ohh n btw they stole my phone not long ago..they probably sold it for crack I'm sure..

  14. Comes loaded with apps you’ll never need or use. That’s not pocket box. That’s every Android phone.

  15. True…
    It is always better to remain well behind the trending trends….
    …. Can save you lots of money

  16. I see a lot of comments, but no confessions lol.I wonder how many of you have that expensive phone ??🙊😂

  17. haha not true, my samsung s7 is different from s6 cause is water resistant ip64 (tested by me in pool) and is larger. From s9 to s7 is not a big difference, only a bit faster cpu and larger screen. Samsung made real updates in s phones until s7. Maybe the s10 that folds will be a huge upgrade.

  18. what? who has ever heard of exploding Li-Ion battery ?! =)) it never happened… no battery ever ever exploded in our history

  19. About 200 to 300$ is what you should pay for a phone
    As progress continues even lower end phones will be good enough for your needs
    Thats probably gonna be a fact forever, at least until phones stop being a thing that is

  20. The 2.2k dislikes are from iHorton BS7 and below users…. Or probably just a bunch of mad iHorton users

  21. Otherwise known as the Steve Jobs Business Plan since the inception of Apple.

  22. I’m still using my iPhone 6s from when it was considered popular 😂

    I refuse to pay more for the same experience

  23. What I think when I see every 2 sec. People constantly in their smartphones 😅😓 harsh truth

  24. Like when he says " I'm not really selling you progress" society is digressing because of them socially and morally

  25. Didn’t even mention the fact that these things are slippery AF and one drop can crack and shatter the damn thing,

  26. I swear he right, every 2 years u have 2 get a new phone cuz it stops working automatically😒

  27. society pisses me off, not the corporate people that this guy is making fun of, but the fucking idiots who fall for marketing schemes its pathetic how poorly people can think for themself

  28. My new revvl. Works perfectly. Free with t mobile. No contract
    50 bucks a month. Unlimited everything. So dope!

  29. I've had the same phone for 3 years now and it has a removable battery so it last longer the 1 year "hint built in batter phones don't last at all" talk about scam and my phone was only 250.00 at the time verses my phone that lasted 1 year with built in batter was 750.00.

  30. U all now this yet u still buy the crap and yes u to can be TRACKED LOGGED AND SPIED ON and u paid someone shit loads o cash for the privilege.

  31. This is so funny because the truth and people are paying more and more money every new phone

  32. I got a Sony Ultra 2 Xl last year unlock at bestbuy 275.00 out the door. Use mint mobile 15.00 a month and can call mexico and Canada unlimited + 3 gigs of 4g Ltd. I we are saving using 3 phones vrs tmobile 1400.00 a year. Using same network. Yes I look real cool with 1400.00 dollars in savings. 😉

  33. I mean, the pocket thing isn’t a problem for girls cuz we have to use our HANDS.

  34. Mobile devices are supposed to be nothing more than a portable computer. They aren't supposed to come with any bloatware or contracts. All I want is a computer that fits in my pocket, without any strings attached.

  35. I by my phone 100 $ and it has 125 GB 4.5 g internet it can't brake and it can download any game for free even psp and play station 4 games and i have this phone for 1 years and u can watch any movie cartoon tv show for free
    Were did i by this amazing phone in Georgia nit state Georgia country Georgia🇬🇪

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