100 thoughts on “If Condom Commercials Were Honest

  1. how many babies I’ve stopped by putting on the condom!! Hahaha I do shoot cum in it. It’s awesome! haha

  2. I'm going to walk into walmart and ask the floor associate where I can find the bags for my dick 😂

  3. I was expecting it to be … MORE FUN … i guess?
    like… idk . this is just EXACTLY what condoms are about. you put your dick in a bag and shoot sperm.
    also… should totally talk MORE ABOUT the BAG MIGHT BROKE… and thus it wont work

  4. Why does he always say "I'm Roger btw"? Is that him being cynical that as long as he's a white guy in a suit and says his name, we're going to believe him?

  5. for keeping diseases off your penis – ADDITION: and in case if you already have one, helps them stay on your penis and not get into someone else's vagina. 😂

  6. The last time I bought condoms I took them to the cashier and she said "Would you like a bag Sir?" I replied "Nah, She's not that ugly."

  7. I thought he's going to say something about the fact that they are literally selling products that will kill they future potential customers……

  8. Cracked channel is fucked up.. if yall gonna continue this channel to flourish roger horton could do some videos..to keep up..and if horton is retired please tell him that lots of people need him badly..majority of people are still subscribed for roger..please channel admin please have us a clear statement of channels plan and about roger more importantly thank you

  9. "They're also good for keeping diseases off your penis" 😆

  10. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I clicked as soon as I read the title
    And so did you

  11. And if you made the mistake to not using our condom do not worry !

    Because your girlfriend, wife, sex friend or whatever can always go in a Planned Parenthood center to get her free or really cheap abortion !

  12. Yup .. Throw in the trash .. the DNA …. your throwing out ….. !!!! Fof Flat Out Funny

  13. Were those Billions of dollars that these condom companies spent, were also spent on keeping my beloved Roger mum?

    Where is the reveal of their scam???

  14. Also seve you from child support and alimony and getting trap by single mothers

  15. They dont keep diseases off your penis. The bacteria soaks in right near the base where the condom aint at and youll STILL be leaking in the morning 😋

  16. Why pay for condoms when you can use your local supermarket plastic shopping bags ?

    Its affordable, its durable and you wash it to re-use it again !

    Im Average Guy
    And thank you for reading my comment.

  17. I'm the type who hates ads so much. Bane of my existence. The seconds often feel like minutes when it comes to skipping the ads on YouTube. But if more ads were like this, I would never skip them. Succinct and to the point. No frills.

  18. I ❤THESE!!! Roger Horton, I'd like to shake your hand (then punch you on the throat, just kidding), we NEED to hear this & doing it with laughter helps to stick to the skull & fertilize the brain. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  19. Yep. It’s this simple.
    You don’t need to pull apart a foetus with a pick, and you don’t need to literally kill a baby during a late term abortion.
    Just use contraceptives, works most of the time!

  20. But, like… Can you further explain? Are you saying I put my penis in the bag? That´s an amazing technology!

  21. Didn't crack it. The truth is rubber doesn't protect you from deseases. It is proven by research but hidden from the public. So guys who like hookers. ……

  22. He forgot to mention how they rob you of the sensation of actually being inside of a vagina. You're basically having sex with the bag.

  23. One of the shortest of Roger's words of wisdom videos. Right to the point.

  24. Who needs antidepressants or drugs with this hilarious shit to get you cracking up without a doubt every time.

  25. If you use a condom, you are literally having sex with everything God destroyed during the global flood which means you've committed bestiality, necrophilia, homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. etc.

    Use Horton condoms. Because fucking dead dinosaurs and fallen angel vampire hybrids is better than having children.

  26. "dickbag" could make for a Pretty good Insult………..like "shut up you dickbag"………

  27. To be honest, yes. Sex feels better without the condom BUT using one of those bags turn me on. Why? Because I associate them with having sex in a safe way, as simple as that.

    So, yeah. Of course I am going to stick my dick into those bags 😛

    PS: I always see dumb teenagers or young adults blowing on the condom as if it were a balloon and playing with it. Seriously? You just ruined one of those and you will never be able to use it if air gets inside!

  28. Guys ,dont trust women when they tell u they have an iud in, now I'm stuck , use a fucking condom and make sure she didnt pierce it

  29. Awesome! I am glad they didn’t make fun of it. Condoms may be the only honest thing in this dishonest world!

  30. Oh….I thought they were so f^gots didn't get poop on their dick.

  31. There's a pill for that there's doctors for that there is no need for a condo many more people have to be more responsible

  32. Rodger you trip me out again and as usual. A bag for Your Penis. Thing also about condoms is that women get protected more in terms of bodily fluids exchanged. A man wears a condom he still gets plenty of stuff on him that the girl could very well likely have diseases and then your screwed as the man in that case. Worst thing in coming off but stick with ladies you should be with and minimize that… 😆

  33. There is no sarcasm or other false info given to the companies company. This is a one off vid , no parody in it

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