If Microaggressions Happened to White People | Decoded | MTV News

– So, you’re not good at golf? But you’re white. (upbeat music) – People of color have to deal with racial microaggressions every single day. So microaggressions are those little unintentional insults that basically see people of color as stereotypes, which got me thinking, what if white people had to deal with racial microaggressions? – So like where are you from? – No, no, like where are you really from? – Why don’t you have an accent? Like a, like a Swedish accent. – You know your English
is really, really good. It’s like I can’t even tell you have an accent or anything. – I don’t have an accent. – No that’s what I’m saying. – You don’t speak Gaelic? – You don’t speak German? – Can you say a curse word in European? – Hi, hi, (mumbles), like what
does that even mean? (laughs) – Hey Connor, um… You know about Nascar stuff right? Can you take a look at this? – Can you teach me how to line dance? – You play the banjo? – Do you act entitled in the supermarket? – Love white food, no real flavor to it. Never an upset tummy. – You’re so exotic. – How do you get your hair like that? I love how it’s so limp. – Ew why does it feel like that? Oh my god, so it just does that? – You know, you are really
pretty for a white girl. – Your eyes are so round! Like this! – You know who you look like? Kenny Chesney. – Zach Braff. – Emma Stone. – Rachel Maddow. – My friend Chad, maybe you
know him, ’cause he’s white too. – No, Emma Watson. – Not Macklemore. What’s the other guy? – No, is it Emma Thompson? – It’s C-H-A-D, like Chad? – One of the Emmas, you look like an Emma. – You know who you look like? I bet you hear this all the time. Jeffrey Dahmer? – How does it feel to be the
token white guy in the office? – Hey Connor, can we get a
white perspective on this? – I love everything about white culture. You guys are like so fun. – What do you mean you
don’t listen to Creed? You’re white. – You’ve never tried meth. But you’re white. – You don’t act like
a normal white person. – You’re not really white though. – You’re not really white. – (scoffs) I’m whiter than you are. – So did all your ancestors own slaves? – No but of course he wishes
that he could still own slaves, that’s a part of his culture! – Bryce, back me up on this one. The thing you have to understand about white culture is that white people are– – No, I went to an
historically white college, so I know about white culture, okay. – I backpacked in Europe. – So can you see how ridiculous this was? I know, story of my life. If you’ve ever experienced
microaggressions because of your race, gender,
sexuality, or body type, go ahead and vent about
it in the comments. – Can you teach me how to like take a really popular rap song and like make it a ukelele song? It’s so cool, I think it’s
so cool how you guys do that. (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “If Microaggressions Happened to White People | Decoded | MTV News

  1. I AM GOING TO WAKE UP AND HUNT FOR SOMETHING TO BE OFFENDED OF!!!! cut the crap and grow the F up you winey sniveling wimps.

  2. Racial Stereotype #1 – all white people ask questions like that. White racism is the ONLY acceptable form of racism today according to the PC world. How about we just be humans.

  3. Yeah…not the same affect. And some white people im sure can pick up on the microagressions against minorities but most of those ppl are probably not the ones who do it. White ppl who hit POC with microagressions would probably not watch this video but if they did they’d be like “OMGGURD liek why is everybody so PC? I can’t even talk now it’s so unfair! They R tramplin’ all over my rights and whatnot”. hopefully I’m wrong and this clip actually gets someone who did this is the past to rethink before they do this in the future. I just think it’s more preaching to the choir but I guess that’s ok too. It’s nice when ppl recognize the issue even if that’s all that happens.

  4. The Venn Diagram of people who tell POC to just "learn to take a joke" when it comes to racial humour and people who get irrationally pissed off at videos like this is a circle.

  5. Microaggressions are just you getting butthurt over nonexistent issues. Get over yourself.

  6. i went to an majority white school and had people touching my hair and asking me "is it real" or "is it cheap" all the time and being shocked that i was in AP class cause they expected me to be dumb just cause im black or they would say things like "your so well spoken" . shits annoying

  7. I’m white and I find this funny. Imagine if this really did happen to us on a day to day basis, it’s crazy!

  8. If you were offended by this, you’re part of the problem. And just because micro-aggressions happen to you and you don’t feel a way about it, doesn’t mean you have the right to tell people their feelings are invalid. I’ve been dealing for micro-aggressions for years. All the way from white people asking to touch my hair to having a white girl whisper the n-word to me because she thought saying it quietly with “a” at the end was okay🤦🏾‍♀️. Keep on and we’ll decline all your Wakandan passports when it get that ish built.

  9. MTV you really suck, you fuel racism by trying to fight it. I honestly can’t even fathom how this is justified as appropriate… and im not one of your white predators, I speak as a minority. Smh

  10. Honestly, it wouldn't bother me if, for example, someone was surprised I didn't play golf despite being white. If that's what is meant by "microaggression," I'm not impressed. Another example: Lots of people mistake me for being of Irish descent (I'm not), and yet, it doesn't bother me! Don't we all have bigger fish to fry?

  11. If you're racist and you know it leave a racist comment about how oppressed white people are down below 👏 👏

  12. Isn't this video a microaggression against whites? Isn't suggestion that whites are always doing microaggressions a microaggression? LOL

  13. I prefer to focus on real agression- like when im working my register at dollar tree- a gun is waved and people get robbed. Yalll just bitchin'

  14. 10k white ppl mad at the things they say to POC being said to them lmfaoooo

  15. A girl in my school assumed that I smoked weed and drank because I was black , like tf😤😒

  16. “Where are you really from?” The next person say this to me I will punch them in face

  17. All the time. SJW thought and speech patrol is very microaggressive and toxic.

  18. When someone, who's not a POC explains how racism feels, works… to me, a woman of color.

    I'm like "you don't say? I didn't know that!" 🙄

    These happen cooooonstanly. That's why they're microagressions. It's like there's a script. It's fascinating.

  19. tbh I'd be kinda flattered by half the stuff they're saying… not that it's realistic, but if someone said I looked like Emma Watson or that my hair was different I would laugh and thank them

  20. That’s hilarious. Literally none of those things would bother me even slightly if someone said to me. Is telling someone they look like Emma Watson seen as insulting? I have been the sole white guy in a large group of all black people many times. I have heard plenty of similar comments, all of which I took as genuine curiosity about someone from a different background. I got TONS of “Why do white people…?” questions, all of which I was happy to answer. I found some of them ignorant and some of them fascinating, but I never felt insulted by any of them.

  21. I mean some of these actually happen to me as a white guy 😂, especially living in China

  22. My English is really good? Thanks for noticing, I spent many years in school trying to perfect it.

  23. I'm pist that the video says IF white people had to deal with microaggressions

  24. And apparently according to SJWs, doing this is racist unless the person is white

  25. In a country with majority being one race, they'll ask people of other races such questions out of curiosity. White people who go to China or India will get asked the same stuff cuz they'll be curious.

  26. How are they going to play this off like they ain’t paying everyone. To act

  27. Yeah, I have experienced it as an Asian. guess what liberal: I don't even care.

  28. It is EXTREMELY offensive to tell someone else they look like someone else.

  29. im in 8th grade and we had a presentation about this…………they showed us this video. oh my goddd

  30. "You know you're tall for a girl right?But i mean that's a good thing"

  31. Yeah, I would literally not be offended by any of this. Maybe YOU need to grow some thicker skin.

  32. I miss the days of real music played on mtv; what it literally fucking stands for… MTV 🙁

  33. Can someone explain to me why it’s aggressive to say “I love [insert race] food? No real flavour can do it?”?!?!?!

  34. if you have to call it a microaggression, maybe it's not worth getting upset about.

  35. People frequently ask me where am I from because I DO have an accent.

    I'm Polish and I'm happy to reply that I come from Poland.
    Never perceived that as an insult…

  36. I wouldn't call it a microaggressions. I call it nitpicking. They complain about how I talk; what music I listen to; my cleanliness standards; the food I cook; my views on physical health; my scent; my inspection standards; ask me to interpret regulations. Call me…Siri. Siri has retired. No more questions.

  37. It happens to me ALL. THE. TIME! I always ALWAYS throw it back at them calmy by asking them the same question back.

  38. She forgot to wipe her hand on her pants after she touched his hair 😒 lol! Otherwise, this video is perfect.

  39. If this happened to me I would laugh because I don't take myself too seriously.

  40. 2:08 So can you see how RIDICULOUS this is?

    I sure can! MTV abandoning music for SJW posturing is one of the most absurd things in television

  41. white people don't ask black people from America if they speak swahili..they are too stupid to ever learn another language.

  42. These people can get taken out please. Garbage humans with no value

  43. "Your eyes are so round" 😂😂 that one got me. Wish I could like and dislike both.

  44. Normal and well-adjusted people are capable of handling little jokes and snide comments about themselves WITHOUT becoming a goddamn emotional cripple.

  45. To all the white people saying in the comments you wouldn't be offended, that's because you're still in charge of society. But for people of colour, it's literally adding insult to injury.

  46. I'm new to this whole microaggression thing, but isn't the implication that white people don't deal with microaggressions a microaggression itself??

  47. “Can you say a curse word in European” Is speaking English in a primarily English speaking country. That’s not insulting, that’s stupidity to a hilarious degree.

  48. I have people ask where I’m really from all the time. I was born and raised in the Northwest, but I speak like I’m from the East coast due to my parents being New Yorkers. It’s not something that’s specific to minorities, and it’s not an insult either.

  49. Funny when this happens to white people it's not considered microaggressions, that's the stupdiest part of this whole argument.

  50. Whites are shat on on a daily basis in the mainstream culture. Wake up

  51. I like how they group all white people together. If you have a foreign-sounding name and you're white, people will ask you where you're from. People ask me all the time. I don't get insulted, I just tell them.

  52. can someone please explain what 0:54 "act entitled in the supermarket" means? LOL wtf?

  53. Never once have I heard a white person in the u.s ask a black person where they are from lol. Racism exists just not these bogus examples lol

  54. African Americans are the most racist hateful aggressive people in USA today. Anyone who lives there knows this fact. MTV is complete utter propaganda and anti white trash.

  55. How to not commit a microaggression:
    Make sure you never cross paths with anyone again. Stick to your pets since they're probably more rational than most people, or should I say victims , that you'll ever meet.

  56. Microagressions are damaging. Please stop pretending that they aren't. It's not an, "SJW" thing, it's a not being hurtful thing

  57. maybe the only "Microaggression" i sometimes have is when people talk to me in spanish like if i dont understand english. rather telling "understand" they would rather say "comprende"

  58. White people deal with macroaggressions. Cause black people are not afraid to be racist to whites, showcasing how privileged black people are.

  59. Bruh I literally have heard these exact some of these exact “micro aggressions”. I would bet there are more micro aggression towards whites than minority’s because there is more lenience with racism towards white people.

  60. This is such a joke 😂 it’s almost the direct opposite I’ve heard so many of these nobody says stuff like this to African Americans


  62. You're using English words to speak to us? Like, you just assumed that we all know English? I'm feeling pretty assaulted by that, quite honestly…

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