If You Do This You’ll Lose Sales

– If you are doing this you are losing money, and
you are losing sales. One of the greatest dumb mistakes that I made when I was getting started. I was a marketing consultant,
and I was offering my service. And I would use a strategy
like a discovery call, a strategy session, right,
I was offering this. So the potential client would get on the phone with me for an hour. And I would try to close
that sale for them to hire me as a consultant within
that period of time. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It could be a discovery call, it could be a strategy session, it could be a free consultation, it could be a breakthrough session. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter, it’s a closing call, right? And I would get on the phone, right, spend an hour trying
to impress the client. Showing him or her everything that I know, and how smart I am, and impress them. And I would talk most of
the time, and guess what, I wouldn’t close, I would not close. Because a confused mind always says no. A confused prospect always says no. But more than that, an
overwhelmed prospect also says no. When you try to educate too
much during the closing call you might think, well, I’m
just trying to add value. That’s what I was thinking too. I want to add as much value as I could within that one hour period. So by the end, of course,
they would hire me because they could see how
much value I’m giving them. I’m giving them my best strategies. I’m giving them my best ideas. Now, definitely, it’s a
no-brainer to hire me. No, that’s not how it works. When you overwhelm your
prospect here’s what happens. First of all, he or she is thinking, wow, this is a lot of work. I don’t know if I want to do this. I don’t know if I’m ready for
this, this is too much, right? Number two is they are
thinking, well, you know what, you’ve already given me a
lot, thank you very much. Let me just take what you’ve given me, and let me just go implement on my own. Let me try these things out. And if I do find good results
I will get back to you. And guess what, they never do,
they don’t get back to you. Comment below if you know
what I’m talking about. It doesn’t happen, so the
fact you might be thinking, well, you know what, if I
add value they will hire me. It doesn’t work that way,
instead, what should you do? Close first, close today, educate later. Close the sale today, educate later. After they have committed financially. After you’ve closed the
sale, then you can educate. When you educate too early you’re actually doing them a huge disservice. What am I talking about? You know and I know it, you are not gonna solve their problems, whatever problem they
might have in one hour. It is egotistical to think that you can solve any major
problem in one hour. I don’t care who you are,
I don’t care what you do. You will need them if you
want to help them long-term. You want to solve their
problems long-term. It takes a little bit of time. So don’t try to solve all
their problems in one hour. What we’re trying to do within that one hour is to
establish expectations, how you and I are gonna work together. What are the terms, what
are the investments, right? What is their commitment level? You want to establish all those things. And you want to talk a little
bit about their pain point. Because when there’s no
pain, there is no sale. No pain, no sale, so within that one hour you shouldn’t talk too much. You shouldn’t try to
educate too, too much. Let them talk, you close that
sale, they sign the deal. Now they are committed financially. Then you can do the education you want, all the education that you want. But it comes after you make that sale. Don’t make the mistake that I made. It cost me so much money. Once I switched my
approach, instead of trying to impress them within that one hour, all I do is I focus on their pain points. And I talk about exactly how
we’re gonna do business, right? I talk about the terms, I
establish the expectations. And I’d sometimes tell them upfront, you know what Mr. Prospect, we’re not gonna solve
your problem in one hour. No one could solve your
problem in one hour. What I want to do is take the time, and kind of talk a little bit how you and I are gonna work together
in the next three months, six months, one year, or two years, right? Are you comfortable making
that kind of commitment? If not, tell me right now,
we’re not gonna move forward because we’re not gonna work together. But if you are committed
to solve this problem, and you want to work together
long-term, then let’s talk. These are the terms, and here’s how we’re gonna work together. Once I switched that approach, boom, my consultant business just took off. Now I’m not closing 1
out of 20, 1 out of 30, I’m closing 1 out of 5,
you know, 1 out of 3. And I was charging more
money, isn’t that amazing? So, remember, close the sale
today, educate tomorrow. If you have any other
questions about closing, about sales, comment below, let me know. I can take those topics if
what you’re suggesting is good. I will take those questions,
I will make a future video based on what you share with me. If this is the first time you’re watching my video, click on the playlist. Watch my other closing and sales videos. Because chances are one of your questions that you might have I’ve already answered a lot of those in my other videos. So, go ahead, keep making it rain.

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  1. What is the biggest sales problem you’re facing
    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video
    and solve that problem for you.

  2. Yo I think Dan Lok got my attention again when he shot that money out ( I was reading everyone’s comments ) lol good way to keep the viewers to not lose sight

  3. Thanks BOSS! I’m currently struggling through a slump, I’m taking in so much new information from different sources , that I might be overloading myself with training and YES educating my clients before closing😓

  4. Tire kickers are the worst people to sell to, so you will never close them at all. Majority of the people out there are cheap. I need to connect to better people. Dan you're the ultimate closer. Thank you for the video!

  5. We have a mexican store in Slovenia and we are sellings handmade leather Brand bags from MEXICO. We were explaining them the product that they actually loved but is true what you say they were living the store saturated with information. I wish I could know this long ago. But all this is a learning process.

  6. I have a funny situation, I can sell my services quite easily but I can't sell things online. I have 2 cars sitting on website, wife's quite cheap and reliable Honda and my 10yo Range Rover. Have no idea what I'm doing wrong but it was 4 month without a single call.
    What's the key to sell online?

  7. But wouldn’t Point 1 – “This is a lot of work”, work in favour of services where the we are doing all the work and clients don’t have to do the work? When they think this is a lot of work, then they see why they are paying a lot isn’t it?
    I think this is one of the basis that many people do this talk to their prospect.
    I know of an agency that deliberately goes through a long questionnaire with their prospects as a staging to make them think that this is A LOT of work!
    Pleases enlighten on this, Dan.

  8. Sale佢時唔好教太多野比佢,講出重點,試下佢想要乜,溝通中掘個氹比佢踩入去,跟手做closing。

  9. Dan this is 100% great advice. There's no such thing as 'free' value. If you are trying to give your value freely you won't be respected because intrinsically humans know that nothing of value is free, and nothing free is of value.

  10. I struggle because when I approach prospects they immediately say no, maybe it's where I'm from but when I say "good morning, I've got this product that you might be interested in at a great price and works great" they say I don't have time to talk to you or I'm already getting this from people I know etc… and if I talk more then they just get upset. I don't know how to close when they have decided "no" before I even walk in or pick up the phone. Please help me

  11. yes Sifu
    Close first, Serve later
    Thank you Sifu for making it out clear and clean and fair
    I myself made the same mistake at the beginings

  12. I guess in that close appointment you ask them questions about their weaknesses and their expectations, but how do you move forward? I mean, there is a point when you know their problems, how do you make a plan in just one hour showing them how are you going to help them?

  13. i absolutely agree, if we give more info more than necessary we lose business.

  14. How can I present my prices in front of my clients, and how is it going to be more likely to buy for them?

  15. What about client's asking for product samples? How are you going to get them committed before they see the product?

  16. I'm 19 and i just got into an mlm and my problem is how to get to people to invite them for atleast this 1hour talk

  17. The Man with the Golden Gun – shooting $100 bills vs. bullets….I'll take that gun for sure! Awesome video – with humor!

  18. Dan where can I get that money gun? Temporarily I'll use monopoly money but my transition to the real cash will be soon.

  19. Hello Sir, I am doing start up last month which I made an Android Application Product for Offline Shop.

    The Application can provide useful information about stock, payment report , receipt printing and staff monitoring.

    And I always give 7 days trial and 30 days free use , if they feel that our product is useful for them they can start to pay us on the 2nd month, that is when I start get money, the problem is after they start 7 days trial and I follow up with them, they always say " Sorry I forgot to try it" , " Sorry I need more time to think", sorry this and sorry that.

    Can you give me any advice for solving my issue?

    Best Regards Leo

  20. Who tf is this Asain dude. My guy looks paid. Sounds legit. I close 20 – 30% consistently . Local SMMA . Im going to try this when im blowing a sale might increase that metric.

  21. What about bridal shop ? We give a hour half I need your help lol I wTch you a hour a day

  22. I sell certification training. How do I discuss business without educating the prospects? How can I get the payment directly?

  23. How to get a Dan's love react on my comment ? 😋🇮🇳

  24. Hi my name is suresh . I m working as an technical sales engineer.
    My problem is
    1) My opportunity tells he will enroll by tomorrow but when i callback tomorrow they tell " I will let you know " .
    2) If we convince them to buy a product , while an hour conversation is not enough to sell them in online.
    3) Can you guide me for doing a greater sale by conversation.

  25. hi sir dan. i really inspired to you. you motivate me a lot. you are very clear to speak and easy to understand. my biggest challenge today is gettting traffic. facebook ads always banned my ads.

  26. Dan lok add to a dan lok video? I see this is a win win situation

  27. Wow thank you
    Just enough information to be informative but not overwhelming
    Thank you so much

  28. Every lead i wont close by using your method. I feel that I have saved my time from disinterested prospects

  29. That mistake I was doing , I was add so much value the just get to much be before I was taking about money the start excuses

  30. I will take your suggestions. In 2 weeks, i will tell you if i close a big ticket. Thank you Dan.

  31. I know that first hand. I sat with a couple explaining life insurance products for over an hour. The wife said, "Thank you for the information, I'll see what our union has and get back to you." They never got back to me nor was I going to close them if they called me back for intentionally wasting my time.
    I do tend to over educate, that's why I enrolled in the HTC program.

  32. You’r Machine is die words my mind so can’t understand what are you saying. 😔

  33. I agree I would get customers to buy a motorcycle bring them to the counter where the owner of the shop was…ready to buy " lets make this happen !"
    Bring them to the owner he started spewing AKL the other motorcycles out there and why this was better . and wouldnt shut up.
    I said again they want this motorcycle tgey are ready to buy it….he said well lets go look at it. Dragged the people outside..where the owner agreed it was a nice motorcycle…started the motorcycle and took off like a bat out of hell ….
    The buyers looked at me ? Where is he going…? Idont know I said. The owner came back sliding to a stop and got off the bike declaring its a good bike….
    The buyers said thank you but they were going to look at a few other shop!
    Killing my sale !

  34. “Close today, educate later” so true!!! I used to talk like a professor thinking I was helping them but at the end it was usually “I’ll get back to you” . I wasted so much time. I’m much better now but still I need to streamline my approach ! Need to close faster and I need to listen more!

  35. Dan,
    If I know inside that my Product is not the best, will not add value or meet client expectations and the Management knows it but says "we know it, we can't invest till we get revenues coming, we hired you to sell since you are the expert". Selling it reduces your morale and confidence and you don't really have the ammo, except your confidence, which becomes a negative point if you want to approach the same client in the future, maybe from a different Organisation.
    How would you handle this and suggest the sales person.

  36. I’ve made the same mistake many times. I was telling too much about value in the first interaction. Guess what? ‘We will call you later’ 🎯

    Apart from decreasing my value in the eyes of prospect it make me look cheap, because I was sharing my solutions for free. Without a proper diagnosis.

    Love your gun 🔫😁

  37. Thank you sir. ..my question is should we do business with girls and women???

  38. Takeaway is to be a good listener, to establish expectations
    Close the Sale and Educate after.

  39. It’s a really good point! I’m so happy to find this episode just starting my business! Thanks a lot Dan!

  40. Thank you, you are right. I am facing this problem. Now I will try to get out of this.

  41. Hi Dan,
    Did you go and get a course to learn how to close when you’re just starting out? If so, what were your strategies to find the right closing mentor. I think it’s easy to mistaken mentors that are experienced and not practicing and experience and practiced, but no longer practicing. How do you go about selecting someone that teaches real practical things

  42. Ive dealt with this all the time. I would give to much info and they didn't need me. Ive learned over time to stop, Plus your videos have sharpened my skills.

  43. It would be funny to watch Dan collecting all the money back and put it back into the money gun again. Thank you for the awesome lesson.

  44. if you try to impress the client, you set yourself in a low status position. that's not what you want. keep control and close.

  45. How would you go about qualifying a client and identifying the need or pain points, generally speaking? I know it probably varies from industry to industry (financial advisor).

  46. How could this apply to a service? I own a mobile detailing business and have more interactions on social media via messenger and my business page on Facebook than I do by calls. How could I use your methods to close with 90% of my interest prospects?

  47. Dan, what is exactly your area of expertise and how did you built your first effective offer to market?

  48. Not gonna lie, my cash gun would be fully loaded with 1$ bills not Benjamins

  49. Hey Dan , how to close a deal when you work for a training organization? Where your products are professional courses likes Oracle , PMP

  50. Hey Dan , how to close a deal when you work for a training organization? Where your products are professional courses likes Oracle , PMP

  51. What does come in closing process before we educate them if it is creating of value so what does it mean and what is deferences between creation of value and education after close..??

  52. I made this mistake soo many times when I started in the insurance business! You’re so right Dan! The key is to keep your presentation short and simple, and close the sale right away! If you’re totally convinced that’s the best for your client, close it, and educate later. Brilliant. Regards from Canada.

  53. Dan you are a real blessing to the world.
    No one else provides more down to earth insights than you do. And for free! I am now about to watch the 4th day of the free-trauining and I know this one wil end up with a call for action to subcribe to one of your paid courses.

  54. Yes. Always. Callbacks does not work most of the time. How to close NOW? Aside from "what would it take for you to do business with me today?"

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